Life Lessons at Later Years

After seventy and odd years of long life, I have realized certain facts to be understood and rules to be followed openly or preferably discreetly.

  • Always remember with every passing year, one is getting older whether one likes it or not.
  • The aging may not show any instantaneous impact on the mind or health but the slow and discreet entry of the changes could be or should be sensed by everyone.
  • Remember one will not get the same respect or recognition after a certain age. Even if you have not realized it, others in society will, definitely will, make you realize it.
  • Try always to maintain a distance in all relationships. In fact, it should start once you start identifying yourself as an individual with the position of an adult. One should not condescend too much to appease the elders or please the youngsters. Try to behave your age and position.
  • Being social is different from being too talkative or mindlessly boisterous.
  • Practice how to spend your leisure hours preferably alone enjoying your own company or books or some hobbies which do not involve others. Avoid being with a gang of friends or family members but only with a few whom you think have understood you well. I know it is very subjective and the selection and decision are purely one’s own.
  • Don’t expect everyone including your children or friends will come for your help at difficult times. Only a few; even they may have their limits and reservations.
  • Empathy is a great, good quality, but if it crosses certain limits same may prove to be counterproductive.
  • What one requires on aging are good health and wealth. If they are absent, life is bound to be miserable depending on the levels that you possess the two mentioned.
  • Avoid dependence as much as possible. With aging, at one stage one needs others’ help. See to it that it is minimal and thank them profusely for their kindness.
  • Maintain a discreet distance from all around you. If you cross that the results may be damaging at least mentally. This is valid at all ages.
  • As days pass on learn to be indifferent to things happening around you. Neither you can change the people nor the society, however, intelligent you are or your ideas are.
  • If you know all these and also follow half of them, you consider yourself to be intelligent and fortunate.

Some I haven’t and so I know their value.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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