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Never Step in Water Not Knowing its Depth!

Are humans, being superior to lesser beings, living really
Independent, free life better than birds and squirrels ever?
All living beings living in harmony with Nature live better
Than humans who live civilized life mock at modern world!

All living in Nature live a simple and happy life sans much
Complication and worries faced by people with problems of
Pollution, violence, disease and deaths unprecedented in
World history needing all to think over developments made!

After living sophisticated city life expanding urbanization,
All are seeking farm houses in Nature to get relaxation,
Peace of mind and sense of fulfilment so as to rejuvenate
Human spirit that has lost joy of paradise in artificial life!

Flying high in sophistication sans knowing ground reality,
Land us in woes of ocean as philosopher falls in flood
Sans knowing how to swim to reach the shore unlike the
Fisherman who reaches shore as he knows how to swim sure!

Respect and Honour Nature by Conservation of its Resources!

Not only romantic personalities but also intellectuals
And spiritualists have done greatest service to humanity
Getting inspiration and ideas from pastoral atmosphere
No one has to fail to realize and deny on any ground!

Romantic poets like Wordsworth and Coleridge, messiahs
Like Moses, Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha and Lord Krishna,
Scientists and philosophers nobody can fail to remember
What they have discovered in Nature and expressed to all!

They are all Nature mystics of various dimensions noble
In nature, high in mind, loving by heart and inspiring
By divine spirit have incorporated indelible ideas and
Messages of truths that still inspires and guides all!

Nature is source and destiny for all and knowing this
Grand nature of Nature our main duty is to respect it
With gratitude and honour it by preserving it by all
Means of conservation and recycling its resources...!

Lose Not Earth, A Blessing in Disguise Ever!

Source and destiny of everyone lies in Nature only ever;
If we preserve natural resources and protect our health,
We can surely prolong the time of destiny longer sure;
Exploitation of natural resources and pollution deny all!

Best thing is to live according to Nature to live longer
And that is the way we can save our Earth from destruction;
Our Earth is like a oasis in the desert of the Universe
As long as we try to discover another planet with life!

Another living planet like Earth is like finding a pin
Fallen in the desert sand impossible to find it easily;
If we do that, it will be a great miracle happening in
The Universe with innumerable Stars twinkling sans stop!

A bird in hand is a blessing in disguise and is worth
Ever two in the bush we don't know anything about sure!

The Beginning and End of Nature!

No one can live a permanent life in this world;
World is only a temporary abode for the soul in
Human body to realize the values of pleasure
And pain and follow non attachment towards them
For up grading soul to attain birthless total
Liberation as that is the purpose of life ever
Designed by Nature as destiny in the source itself!
In Nature, the permanent home of soul or spirit

is the Universal Spiritual Energy from where
Soul comes to world to live in the body of
Human to feel effects of pain and pleasure for
Aspiring for enjoying permanent bliss in the

Permanent abode of Universal Spiritual state of
Energy being the beginning and end of Nature!

Time in Romance Compensates All in Nature Ever!

Romance in Nature is love in paradise like for youths;
Youths enjoy fun time far away from crowds and tasks;
Tasks one has to do are time consuming like job in life;
Life needs both work and entertainment to keep up spirit!

Spirit of enthusiasm lies in love, beauty and joy ever;
Ever one cannot be happy or sorrowful as it's changing;
Changing colours of Nature at twilight times is beautiful;
Beautiful changes in Nature and Art are sure enjoyable!

Enjoyable things in Nature is romantic aspects of life;
Life is not just eat, work and love only it's fulfilment;
Fulfilment only gives satisfaction and peace after bliss;
Bliss one enjoys when mind communes with Nature finally!

Finally loneliness in life is inevitable to face in world;
World is not eternal but Nature is as it's source and end!

Can Man Live Sans Nature Anywhere Ever?

Notions about Nature never seem to change for many;
Nature is not just plants, animals, hills, rivers,
Seas and sky, but everything from world to Universe!
Nature covers all, life, world, planets and Universe!

Knowledge of life, world, Nature and Universe gives
Strong conviction, confidence and courage to go ahead
On any venture with ambition formed out of that idea
And vision to achieve intellectual greatness, spirit!

Attaining high spiritual status is necessary to enjoy
Lasting bliss in Nature if mysticism is experienced
With it and not destroying natural resources for greedy
Material progress paving the way for total destruction!

Being part of Nature, can man excel and survive sans
Nature and live sans it ever in the world or anywhere?

Man’s Acts should Cooperate with Acts of Nature for Good!

Beautiful and amazing creations of Nature all have to appreciate
But never annihilate for the well being of all living beings sure;
Construction and destruction are natural process going on ever
For renewal and renovation of all for the promotion of evolution!

If the chain of natural activity is broken by acts of humans,
Every natural order of works is affected leading to set right
Natural process with drastic measures by it, which will ever
Affect the living beings till normalization takes place sure!

Man's acts should go hand in hand with natural acts everywhere;
That is the way the destiny of all can be extended with the
Maintenance of recycling of natural resources sans destruction
But only construction or creation to make world paradise ever!

Our experience so far is enough for all to understand sure the
Condition of our world and prevention is better than cure ever!

Rains Will Inundate the Whole World One Day!

For every rain there is floods inundating houses and bridges;
These are all not ordinary occurrences happening nowadays;
This is sure indication of climate change due to destruction
Of natural resources and creation of concrete jungles....!

Desilting and dredging of canals and dry river beds are 
For harvesting of rain waters for storing them for long use
In utilizing them for agricultural irrigation works and
For supplying drinking water to drought hit areas sure!

Mistakes made already in changing the map of the world and
Destruction of forests and exploitation of natural resources
Have made it easy for rain waters to pass in towns and villages
Submerging residential quarters and destroying crops in fields!

For every action, there is reaction in Nature everywhere in
The world and who knows rains from seas will inundate world!

A Big High Price Medicine Business Next!

World wide spread of Corona viral disease is increasing
Grave yards for burying dead bodies of men deep under
The ground to stop its infection to others further sure;
But the unabated Corona death cases are increasing much!

Death announcements in world news are endlessly going on
Like cricket run scores of batsmen or like election
Votes scored by candidates both winning and losing sure;
This Corona game of deaths is going on nonstop everyday!

In the economic game of world players, many nations have
Made fouls in the play in increasing pollution leading
To climate change and letting lose in the grip over all

Kinds of diseases making Corona a latest world famous one!

Due to this, finding medicine for Corona also, there is
Big competition leading to a high price big business...!

Cherish Best Way of Human Life as Culture in Nature!

Romantic love is beautiful dream and in real life ever
To enjoy in Natural surrounding we cherish in heart like
Paradise can be called as Brindavan, where Radha& Krishna
Dance in bliss by divine music of Lord Krishna in peace!

Instead of turning whole world so, how have greedy leaders
Made it to face all disasters both natural and by disease;
Human society suffers from all kinds of difficulties and
Endless pain in concrete jungles in the name of modernity!

Developments and civilized way of life are needed, but
Not at the cost of humanity, Nature and culture that are
Ever uplifting human spirit which is not possible by economic
Progress only as that is boosting only material wealth..!

Social progress of natural life is real joy, satisfaction
And pride but not just material progress of economy only;
We want progress of civilization and culture, technology
And life in harmony with Nature as best way of human life!



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