To Err is (Wo)Man

Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The WILL slap ROCKed the Oscar hall and with it the whole of Hollywood during the recent Oscar award ceremony. Will Smith proved with a slap that chivalry is not dead in Hollywood and for that matter anywhere else, although the slap is known as bitch slap, (no offence to the canine family), particularly in South America, indicating an insult to wives who get slapped often and husbands take pride in announcing themselves as wife beaters.

The whole episode talks about chivalry as Will defended his wife Jada Pinkett who was subject to a crude joke about being bald. It hurts a woman who goes without a Crowning Glory. Alopecia, which is losing your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, is no joke as was made by Rock. Alopecia, which is not curable at all, breaks a woman's spirit. For no fault of her, she goes bald and a woman suffers pain day and night, twenty-four by seven which is emotional anguish that makes a person lose confidence slowly and makes him or her shun away from public appearance. It is a devastating experience for a woman. Will proved he was there for his woman not only on sunny days but on rainy days as well.

But being chivalrous publicly, that too in a star-studded galaxy proved very costly for Will. He was trolled, and trolled heavily, vulgarly, with obscene memes on social media to such an extent that he had to apologize publicly for his display of flash and flare of anger. Now he resigned from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (or the Academy) which is the body behind the Oscars.

So far, so good. What is surprising is that Jada Pinkett Smith didn't defend her husband's action in the hall. If there is any equivalent of chivalry for male species, Jada didn't pick it. Both the males, Will and Rock, were at the receiving end in one way or another.

Men and women are not made of different organic materials. Do men take the unwanted risk to prove and sustain their macho image? It is a Man's world, they say. If yes, then is it a myth or reality?

Define a gender in whatever way, most people believe a clear line exists that separates men from women. The fact is man is that section of the society who has testosterone which gives him the urge for coitus which helps the unending process of continuing the human species. The only difference is the separation of Testosterone from Estrogen. It amounts to a physical separation at the most. On a characteristic level, one wouldn’t separate humankind into such genders. It is quite possible for a human to have a man's physical appearance but at the same time have more feminine characteristics from within, and yes, vice versa. And so it indeed is cruelty to be restricted in a framework of man and woman behavior and expression. You have to act Manly although deep inside, you do not want to. A lot of people would not go by this definition of gender-based on Testosterone and Estrogen and hence their idea of a man is:

Men should like blue. Not Pink. Men can't cry over things. Men need to be able to hold emotions. Men are drunkards. Men can do whatever they want because they are men. A man should bend down on his knee holding a rose in his hand and propose a woman in a relationship. Men are always chasing women. Men don’t like emotional bondage. Men are possible rapists. Men only have to lift heavy bags after shopping. It is men, who have to repair a broken car, change a light bulb, fix a leakage, pay the bills, buy a cell phone for their better half, and fix a TV. According to societal norms and culture, it is a man who has to earn the bread. He is the first one who is conscripted.

People (read women) assume that just because males have testicles, their lives must be a lot easier. No. The most difficult component is that a man must demonstrate that his manhood is becoming stiff from a flaccid condition and can spill semen.

So, what's all the fuss about? Testicles didn’t develop so it became a woman's Labia majora. The clitoris develops and becomes the penis. Truth is, men and women are made out of the same organic substance. They are experiencing the same feelings and emotions. Men cry as well, but they keep quiet about it because they don't want others to think they're weak. Men are more likely to be lonely than women because men receive less attention. Don't believe it? Take a look for yourself. Create your tinder account in the name of a lady, your message box will be full within an hour.

Even if a woman likes a man, she may never communicate with him because she is intimidated, she may appear chilly in front of him. When a man speaks to a female and she appears to be uncomfortable, it indicates that the man is creepy. Most men don't know how to tell the difference or read these types of subtle cues, and women assume he is an idiot. Because they don't get enough attention from others, many men suffer from loneliness and despair. Men, too, require a great deal of attention. Men suffer from depression and loneliness regularly. You're expected to be on your toes and to go above and beyond to help the fairer sex, even when it's not required, or worse when someone is taking absolute advantage of you.

Men, just like women, wish to feel wanted. Men also want support. They want to hear that you’ll be there with them no matter how long it takes. Men love it if they can make you laugh. Men still, want to know that you choose them every day over every other. Men also worry about rejection. Men also suffer from andropause, the equivalent of menopause. Men are not inhuman and are also able to reciprocate love and affection. They are also in “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

In the Oscar episode, if there is any equivalent of chivalry for male species, Rock picked it up. Although he was publicly humiliated at the hands of Will, Chris Rock will not be pressing charges against Will Smith following their onstage altercation at the Oscars, the Los Angeles Police Department said.


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