Sources of Happiness

During this current age where depression, anxiety, anger, lack of tolerance and much more related symptoms are very common among people, I always think of happiness. I think that happiness is a feeling rather than a thing that we need to borrow or to snatch it from some other person. Feelings depend on the sensitivity of a person so they vary from one individual to another. If there are shops which sell happiness then it must be one of the most expensive product of this century.

In spite of frustration and negative approach we need to find out the sources of happiness and to rise the sense of its feeling in us. Good relationships, helping poor and needy people, belief in religion, visiting attractive places, money, purposeful life, positive thoughts are the sources of happiness. I analyzed that all these factors contribute in giving happiness to many people belonging to different castes, religions and races.

Money as a source of happiness is controversial among many people as a lot of people who are rich are not happy. I read that with rising economy and living standards in UK, people are sacrificing their relationships and mental peace. Now I would like to elaborate my point. In developed countries money became a part of their life rather than a need. I have seen many poor people who got happiness by getting money because money is their need. Helping poor and needy people or poor relatives gives us internal satisfaction of being a good human and this in turn gives us happiness.

The strong and close relationship with family people and friends also provide us happiness. Our mental development in childhood play a major role in our psychic development. It is how a child learns from his family members, most probably from his parents the sense of happiness. I observed that some people don't get happy by little success because of their childhood development during which they didn't learn to feel happiness.

To believe in GOD also provide us mental happiness. I observed that people attached with their religion seems to be more happy than others as religion makes our life purposeful. The way you think also effects your happiness level. Positive thinking always produces hope and satisfaction which enhance happiness in us.

If you are still not so much happy then you must be lacking many of above habits. The happiness is waiting to enter in your life but if you try to give you life, a positive change which are described above.


More by :  M. Adnan Farooq

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