Can Sexual Harassment be Curtailed?

Sex is said to be interesting natural activity of all living beings on the earth; and so, it is a great fun liked by many much more than violence or terrorism. Scientifically also it is said that sex is a biological necessity for all plants, animals and human beings in nature. For the perpetuation of species nature itself seems to be encouraging sex in all living beings. So, the survival of species including human beings are all due to and by sex only. But sex abuses, sexual perversions and sexual harassments can be said as abnormalities or aberrations in nature, which have to be psychologically dealt with and managed in the society.

Sex Knowledge

Living in harmony with nature or observing the activities of many manifestations of nature no one can fail to know anything about sex. For others already there are a lot of books or movies to give that knowledge. Also, it has gone to the extent that whether sex education is necessary or not for the youths studying in the educational institutions is being discussed by the university authorities. On analysis, it seems it is necessary to introduce sex education for the students in order to help them avoid pitfalls at the young age and also to prevent deadly disease like AIDS catching them unaware.

Unity in Sex

The multiple magazines available in the book market and the market newspapers sold in the paper stands write acres of pornographic articles, reports about the political adventures of some personalities, the nude scenes of movies, gang rapes of women and the murders after rapes. Reading sexy novels, books and pornographic magazines, youths roam about the streets of metropolitan cities and cosmopolitan towns like Romeos and Juliets. Even the foreigners who visit the Asian countries come in couples like gypsies, enjoy visiting historical sites, temples, beaches, read about Kamasutra, take videos of natural scenes, places of paradise and go home to write books about the romance in the earthly paradise they have visited and enjoyed in the years to come. Indeed there is world unity in sex only but diversity in everything except corruption.

Sexual Problem

There is an endless and indecisive discussion going on as to who could be responsible for the sexual problem between man and woman. In spite of this one should not forget the fact that as far as sexuality is concerned there is no difference between animals and human beings because the process of sexuality is the same for both. The progress of sexuality of man has not yet changed even after millions of years of evolution in nature. So, though man is capable of laughing, speaking, reading, writing and thinking as far as sexuality is concerned man is still an animal in this world. Only by rationality man is capable of restraining sexual urge. Otherwise, man is bound to indulge in sexual harassments with the innocent victims whenever the opportunity is available.

Sex and Disease

It is ascertained that those who don't have difficult work to do, don't have much work and don't have to do creative work are indulging in sexual hunt in the public and private working organizations for fun to kill boredom. If they are exposed to their relatives and family members, the sexual victims can get relief from such sexual harassers. Many to overcome boredom or monotony of job seek for sexual fun through some facilitators. Hence prostitution has become a flourishing profession in many parts of the world. Prostitutes, who are in need of more funds to meet out the expenses and solve the problems of their families cannot discord the job abruptly and settle themselves in better jobs.

By this sort of transactions many are affected by diseases curable and non-curable and so spread disease like AIDS that cause great concern to the hygiene in the society. Many innocent people are also caught unaware of by such diseases that demoralize them and even to the extent of death never even imagined by them before in the modern world today. Western type of modernization is the main cause for this type of sorry state of affairs in the society today. Sex may be a fun in the west but it is the cheap form of entertainment for the people in the east that has resulted in the population explosion making it difficult to solve the problems of poverty and diseases here.

Sex is Everything

Not even a single advertisement in the TV channels is shown without the sex appeal. The sexy dress, the sexy make up, the sexy dialogues and the sexy dances of the personalities brain wash the audience beyond recovery. It seems even in the fashion parade show of ladies prominence is given to the expression of sexual beauty rather than the display of beauty in the dress designs. Many of the fashionable dress designs introduced, if worn by the public many would be described as lunatics.

Even in the pop song sessions the sexual appeal is much more exposed than the talent of the singers; and it is doubtful whether pop song singers are famous for their sexual beauty or skill in musical songs. Likewise since sex is prominent in everything even rubbish and trash things are appreciated very much by the society believed to be very much longing for sexual bliss. Life is not sex only; but since it is given so much importance in publicities that sex is believed to be the be all and the end all of life.

Sexual Harassment

The focus of advertisements is mainly on the sexual beauty of women. So, women are vulnerable to sexual harassment by opportunist frauds and antisocial elements in the public places like cinema theatres, in trains and buses. Hence women should be careful in the dresses they wear and their social behaviour also should not provoke sexual feelings to the opposite sex. So, the dress and their behaviour only could serve as chastity belt for the women folks to protect themselves from the sexual harassments that might be inflicted upon them by uncontrollable rascals.

Also, handsome guys working in the organizations dominated by women folks are often affected by sexual bickering by the fair sex. That is why sex can be called as double edged blade that has to be handled by either of them in such a way that it does not harm her or him by disgrace or dishonour in the respected circles of the human society. Therefore women have to use chastity belts and men have to keep their swords inside the sheaths so that they can play their roles in a beautiful and mature manner appreciated by the family people in the society.

Whether it is men or women both have to be careful in their talks, dress and behaviours in order to maintain the modesty of women and self-respect of men in the society. Love, beauty and truth are very important and are appreciated by all. But sexual appeal, lust and falsity harm the morality of the society, dignity of humankind and breed diseases leading to ugliness and death. Sex is the beginning of human bliss leading to intellectual enlightenment by maturity and to spiritual bliss finally in the all pervading spirit of nature, which is the beginning point of everything and the ultimate reality everyone has to realize by knowledge, experience and wisdom.    


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