Nature is the Invincible Mother of All Mothers Ever!

Nature is Beginning and End for All!

Search analysis on end point or final stage of life leads to the inference that natural energy functioning as soul or spirit in body becomes absolute only in union with the eternal source of the universal spiritual energy ever...! Realization of ultimate reality and truth can be realized by devotional meditation leading to mystical union with Nature as the final stage of human life as per the human culture with other stages as knowledge, life and bliss!

Nature is the beginning and end for all living beings. Realizing this vital fact, to lead a complete life in full satisfaction and fulfilment, all should live in harmony with Nature sans fail preserving it forever..! Nature is mother, friend, philosopher and guide and all should respect its love and reciprocate it for safe life!

Sustenance of Life in Nature!

From seeds come leaves to grow into plants, trees, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits from the Earth’s soil, rain and energized by Sun rays. From leaves worms and insects come by mutation and develop into planktons, shrimps, fish, reptiles in water of sea and crawl out as beasts!

Thereafter from animals birds and higher animals are evolved leading to the birth of monkeys and humans with the evolution continuing in mind and spirit of all to superhuman stage to evolve into divines sure as a natural process needing to be realized and live in harmony with it!

This process of life in Nature has to be maintained sans disturbance by Scientific and technological developments for the growth of all economic pursuits conserving natural resources sans exploitation and pollution disturbing natural seasonal changes in cycle every year ever! Failing to do so by contrary genetic modification sans realization long, Earth and all living beings have to face doom’s day sooner or later sure!

Man is Part of Nature!

Man is part of Nature like all living beings on the Earth and cannot live departed from Nature by technology alone! Nature has given warnings by tremors, volcanic eruptions, storms, droughts and heaviest rains to show man's inability!

With his technological and money power, man cannot survive against natural disasters caused by climate change due to pollution, deforestation, contamination of rivers and seas. Due to that, new viral diseases are affecting world unaware!

By those disasters, Nature is giving warning message to all that live in harmony with Nature or else prepare to meet death at the time of natural disasters now and then. Deforestation and neglect of agricultural need to be ended! Any kind of economic development at the cost of Nature, life and culture will lead only to destruction of world and men!

Realize Doom’s Day is not Far Off!

Universal Spiritual Energy activates everything everywhere that unrealized ones oppose only to lose one's valuableness. Nature is the grandest manifestation everywhere including the Earth by that incomparable Power has to be used wisely!

Harnessing of Nature for bad purpose leads to destruction only to man unimaginable like the Corona virus rocking the Earth everywhere with no counter possible by man with the only option of keeping big distance till it disappears...!

Somehow even if this colossal crisis is overcome with extreme care by isolation of all in the world, selfish way of dealing with Nature man should not dream ever let alone imagining and planning as he has done in past affected by greatest shock! Even after punishment, if man does not correct himself ever respecting Nature, doom's day of whole system is sure to follow!

Law of the Natural World!

End is there for everything as it has a beginning of new one. As rebirth of humans, there is regeneration for plants in the world. That's the way improvements are made by evolution everywhere; span of life ends, when mission is over, though long or short!

As long as beginning is there, there will be end also for all; for, all are not independent, perfect and complete sure here. Unless a thing can neither be created nor destroyed there's end. Energy is permanent but matter is temporary in the Universe sure!

Spirit holds together both matter and energy as long as it's sound. Human, animal and plants survive as long as they are healthy. Due to lack of long health, many die away due to diseases here. Cleanliness and stamina keep all have immunity to fight against virus! Survival of the fittest is common law in Nature that holds good whether one is animal or human or plant in this natural world!

Only Nature Covers Complete Knowledge Sure!

It's known the all pervading energy in Nature can neither be created nor destroyed everywhere sure. Energy creates matter and from matter energy is out in the Space which is four dimensional with Time!

Nature covers not only science, but also philosophy, Arts and literature as living scientific art ever. Philosophy says the ultimate truth is Universal Spiritual Energy and that religion calls as God...!

Love and beauty of Nature inspire those aspects of feeling to guys and girls kindling creative arts and romantic literature to spread human feelings to all apart from motherly love and friendship sure! Poetically speaking it is Nature that spiritually binds ever Matter and Energy for life to flourish everywhere!

Nature is a Lover of Perfection!

Lover of perfection, Nature always strives for improvisation in its performance on various activities of creativity in the Universe along with destruction of things for renewal of old worn out matters to newly evolved forms for efficiency!

Useful or wasteful, Nature does the same activity for all towards perfection whether that is weeds on lakes or shrubs on land or coral reefs in the bottom od seas or reeds that are growing in the lagoons along the shores of world ever!

All things started by Nature never dies out once and for all, but again and again reappears or regenerates only for making stronger matters for growth and perfection possible forever. This act of sustenance is for improvement and success sure! Survival, sustenance and success are the motive Nature follows and teaches to all to follow to make failures as successes!

Blessed are the Followers of Nature Ever!

Followers of the dictates of Nature at world crisis times are placed on track with evolution and well of in life. But those ignoring Nature settled in the comforts of So called developments and civilization suffer to death!

In the times of disaster, Nature gives time to think over the drawbacks of man's indulgences in the exploitations of natural resources and progress made by science & technology leading to pollution and climate change causing havocs...!

To balance itself, Nature takes drastic measures in the forms of hottest days and heaviest rains out of horrible storms at anytime and also by way of new deadly diseases making all to change way of life for better survival! Blessed are the followers of Nature in line with evolution going on unlike defaulters who sure to meet with tragedy!

Priority of World to Set right Abnormality of Nature

Just industries and business are not enough for making total economic development of a nation unless agriculture, agro-Industries and fishing industry too are paid with equal attention by developing infrastructures necessary!

Scientific and technological activities sans bothering about pollution of air and contamination of rivers have brought in diseases and no pure water for drinking and irrigation purposes needing to be corrected as priority!

Technology should be utilized to divert wastefully water of rivers falling into seas to drought prone areas and deserts to make them fertile areas for agriculture and Promotion of agro-industries there to export products!

If heavily populated world countries take such steps, surely hunger, poverty and unemployment problems can very well be solved along with set-righting abnormal Activities of Nature leading to big disasters ever!

Respect the Power of Nature Ever!

Nature is boundless, free, wild and powerful ever everywhere. Force of wind, water, fire and energy of Space has to be used, utilized and harnessed for constructive but never for any destructive purposes in the world to save mankind forever!

Just a flash of lightning has thousands of volt power to burn even a green coconut tree or banyan tree in no minutes. Like the storm has the power to pluck and throw away the complete zinck sheet cover of roof of any long building!

Sea or ocean water at typhoon times is capable of immersing whole town or country anywhere in the world sure instantly. Also, likewise the volcanic fire can destroy whole town by lava curry and all running or standing into ash statues!

Not only directly but also indirectly through agents of Nature like locusts can come as huge clouds and eat away whole farm in places like Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya unless man is careful conserving natural resources ever!

Save the World Living According to Nature’s Will!

World happenings turn many to the thoughts of how the world will come to an end for quite a time. Will the world end by fire or water or wind or land or by what? Correct guess is waste to find! For, saving the world and mankind are what needed more than the correct guess by intuition about how the world will come to an end as solving problem is wiser than finding correct guess about the end!

Simple solution will be to keep the world clean and free from air pollution and contamination of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans to maintain temperature of world to usual condition for normal life to go on! For every action, there is reaction in Nature ever. To have good reaction, let us live according to it!

What a Beautiful Living art Nature Is!

What a beautiful living art Nature is just after Spring, when all green plants, trees, colourful flowers and delicious fruits keep eyes cool and body, mind, heart and soul refreshed and renovated to go ahead zealous!

Despite hot Sunlight tortures and dries plants, animals and men, vapourized sea water rises high to sky as clouds only to fall as convectional rain that cools down land, irrigates agricultural fields and eases Sun's domination!

Like a good physician, Nature relieves pain of all by pleasure of offering medicine like fruit and coconut juices to overcome exhaustion caused by hottest Sun and after rain music of free birds entertain all sure! The living art of Nature ever creates beautiful scenes and joyful atmosphere for the survival of humans long!

Nothing Can Stop Evolution of Nature of its Alternative Course!

By natural selection man is evolved from green algae, from a single cell to a complicated cells formation. But if man meddles with Nature's course of action like destroying forest and natural resources, he is in soup!

By his pollution of environment and contamination of rivers, lakes, canals, seas and oceans, marine life is endangered along with animals on the Earth becoming Via media for deadly diseases man cannot cope with!

That leaves Nature no choice but to opt for better evolution by putting an end to man's dominative acts over men, animals, plants and marine lives everywhere. When this is so, how can man escape the checks of Nature? At least realizing the greater plan of Nature, man has to respect Nature and go according to its course for good!

Mother of All Mothers Nature is Invincible ever!

Can anyone have the heart to harm one helping in many ways? No human cultured or civilized or otherwise will do that. It is the same with Nature, a living scientific art ever. Nature is not a lifeless art, but a living scientific art!

No son or daughter has a heart to harm a loving mother who has taught love in the world with many benefits to the loved ones from the birth to death in the big human society that follows a culture based on experience long!

Nature is the mother of all mothers of plants, animals, fish, birds and humans in the world sustaining all lives ever and has made this world a living planet in the whole Universe being the paradise of the Universe of many Stars!

Mothers of all living beings may be harmed and even killed. But mother of all mothers Nature is invincible by any force! The happenings of the world by man and the reactions to them by Nature clearly reveal the all time truth very well ever!

Without Nature Mankind is Nowhere in the World!

Without Nature mankind is nowhere in the world sure. But not realizing this fundamental fact, man is meddling with natural process not bothering about the consequences that has led to climate change and spread of deadly disease!

People are dying in huge numbers not only due to disease but also due to curfew, lockdown of all works to counter the spread of deadly Corona virus, jobless migrant men are stranded everywhere and dying for water and food now!

To overcome this abnormal situation, humanitarian support and cooperation of all are needed at this hour to avoid further spread of disease by wearing face mask, maintaining social and physical distancing and washing hands often...! Based on the consequences being faced by all now, all should realize and resolve to respect and conserve Nature for good!

Wisdom of Man Lies in Best Utilization of Nature ever!

The living scientific art Nature is the beginning and end for all;
Nature is the life, science and art in the world sure forever;
Nature is the mother, friend, philosopher and guide for everyone;
Nature is the source or origin and destiny or end of all beings!

Nature is the foundation, building, world and the Universe and
Is ever activating whether it is creation or preservation or
Perpetuation or protection or destruction or destiny or end
Without any doubt for all living beings and plants forever!

Meddling with Nature is just like a child playing with fire only;
For all constructive works, preservation of natural resources
And living in harmony with it are the best way for better life,

Promotion of evolution, but destruction is destruction of life!

Both for construction and destruction by man, Nature is there,
But wisdom of man lies in the best utilization of Nature ever!

Nature the Bridge between Earth and Universe!

Between the Universe and the Earth Nature is the best bridge! Nature is all and is most beautiful on the Earth more than anywhere else in the whole of the Universe sure perhaps. Such a beautiful bridge will break, if it's not preserved!

Preservation of Earth by recycling all natural resources though exploited for food, fuel and raw materials so that natural disasters is bearable unlike disasters formidable we witness due to climate change by pollution and all sure!

For every action, there is reaction in Nature we all know. Our actions should be cooperative rather than competitive with Nature for the protection of Earth, the best beautiful Nature bridge between the Earth and the Universe forever! For, Earth is the Only heavenly paradise of Nature in the whole of the wonderful Universe with twinkling Stars nice!

Rains Will Inundate the Whole World One Day!

For every rain, there is a flood inundating houses and bridges. These are all not ordinary occurrences happening nowadays. This is sure indication of climate change due to destruction of natural resources and creation of concrete jungles....!

Desilting and dredging of canals and dry river beds are for harvesting of rain waters for storing them for long use in utilizing them for agricultural irrigation works and for supplying drinking water to drought hit areas sure!

Mistakes made already in changing the map of the world and destruction of forests and exploitation of natural resources have made it easy for rain waters to pass in towns and villages submerging residential quarters and destroying crops in fields!

For every action, there is reaction in Nature everywhere in the world and who knows rains from seas will inundate world!

Man’s Acts should Cooperate with Acts of Nature for Good!

Beautiful and amazing creations of Nature all have to appreciate but never annihilate for the well being of all living beings sure. Construction and destruction are natural process going on ever for renewal and renovation of all for the promotion of evolution!

If the chain of natural activity is broken by acts of humans, every natural order of works is affected leading to set right natural process with drastic measures by it, which will ever affect the living beings till normalization takes place sure!

Man's acts should go hand in hand with natural acts everywhere. That is the way the destiny of all can be extended with the maintenance of recycling of natural resources sans destruction but only construction or creation to make world a paradise ever! Our experience so far is enough for all to understand sure the condition of our world and prevention is better than cure ever!


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