The world with all its materialism and magnetizing elements is pulling us downward. The desire to have more and more cannot fill every inch of the unfulfilled core of the wants. Despite the best score in this world everyone still has something that is incomplete It is the lingering longing of the missing and unattained factor that makes one feel all the more lonely and incomplete. Every human being is lonely.

One has two choices here, to go out to seek the endless desert of worldly achievements or go within to meet the infinite Lord of Greenland. We don’t search happiness in the right direction to reach the real destination that we crave to attain. Once we realize the mission to be attained, and also are aware of the path that would lead to the destination, we can with inspiring and non tiring efforts transform the lingering loneliness into permanent longing. But for this journey to be complete, we have to take this step and the next and next ceaselessly with full attention and alertness.

Temporarily forget about the right or wrong, when the attention is focused, we focus on something to cling to, as we are enjoying, say some food, but at a stage we feel we are no more enjoying it. The food is the same, but appetite changes. Even with T.V. which we watch so addictively, still have to shut it off voluntarily, for we know we have to. So even that joy of eating or watching is not permanent. None of our contacts or any relations with the material world are stable. We are so engrossed and entangled with our own thoughts that we have very less time even for relations that we develop and the social involvements around us. We initially pursue with zest the entertainment, develop relationships but it is followed by short lived joy. The outside glitter and glow attracts us temporarily and deviates our thoughts by captivating the attention.

We want to make everything work right according to our perception and desire. But it doesn’t work our way. Destiny has master plans. We cannot deny, that we have to be the best parents, friends, the very best spouses but not at the cost of breaking relationship with the true master. This is time consuming relation too, but it needs, sincerity, punctuality and dedication, and to fulfill the promise made to self and to the Lord, to unite with him to merge as a drop in an ocean. For this we have to undo the external woven fibers, attached threads and reunite the bonds inside.

Our own mind can be betrayed, forget the fact that we have to leave one day….still we lose interest in the ones we love deeply. Our mind lingers on, for yet another new relation, and we never appreciate what we have and get. The want for what we really don’t need is our problem. The more we get the more want. We are afraid of confronting. In fact we have knowingly shut ourselves off from the true knowledge. Longing is expression of the soul. We have to accept that we are alone.

None can save us but we ourselves, Only when we turn ourselves to the master, we fall in the circumference of companionship. We realize that nothing is in our hands. “Life is Simple”, we have to turn ourselves to him and work hard to allow that to happen. We are not ready to face the reality. We are afraid to be still, to look within with clear eyes. Being used to the chaos of the outside world we are rather afraid of loneliness which is really the foremost factor that helps this task on this path of self realization and god realization. Loneliness, if handled properly is transformed into longing which is the true expression of the soul. This human truth is so precious that if only now we can build our relationship with the master and allow master to control out lives.

We love some in our lives, but did we have control when they entered our life or left us. Do we have choices to choose relations, friends, parents? Every relation breeds to develop, so is it with every relation even with the master. Longing is expression of the soul. It is the soul’s cry for what is missing from ages. The master enters our life when he chooses us. “He sees us not as we are, but as we would be”. He would not accept us for what we are, but for his Grace, He looks at our mind and sees our desire to be with him. We become conscious of the quality of our thoughts. We realize to find the truth is He, the master, who is a savior. We are walking in this world with broken hearts, and open wounds. He transforms loneliness in longing. He is our true friend who takes care of everything in this world and in the world beyond. With this unconditional surrender and faith, let us ride on the wings of loneliness with intensifying longing to be in the true positive direction to reach the destination that the soul seeks.


More by :  Devi Nangrani

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