Life View through my Spectacles

Everyone has his/her own definition of life. According to me Life is like a River, always flowing. Whether it is good region or bad region, whether it is the best patch or the worst patch it always goes on. Life is same, whether there are sorrows, joys, births, deaths, successes, failures it always goes on. 

Now someone will say that if this is so then what is the difference between time and life? Time also goes on no matter what comes. Yes time and life go hand in hand. You miss time, you miss something from life. But in life some time is meant only for passing, some time is meant only for missing, some time is meant only for doing nothing. But the major difference between time and life is that time is never ending as if it defines infinity whereas life has to end somewhere. Like I said it is river. As river has to meet ocean somewhere so does life. Our life has to achieve something somewhere; contribute something and end its existence by submitting itself to the greatest reservoir not yet known to living life.

But before coming to an end let’s talk about the flow. River has some starting point; we are born. River starts flowing; we start living. River on its path gives water to travelers, nearby residents, washes the sins of people; we learn, contribute for the betterment of world. River has its tributaries; we have attachments. River flows through ups and downs but never stops; so does our life. (Some people consider their life useless without any reason and are crushed down by ups &downs and fall prey to suicide. Their river drains before reaching Ultimate Goal). River gets flooded and with time it returns to its normal bed but it costs great damage nearby. This is so true in us, too. We often are flooded by emotions, attachments and think negatively which affects the lives of our close people. By the time we recover, we have had lost something unknown. Passing through many regions, while coming to an end it searches for the ocean; having experienced much, we search for the ‘ultimate truth’. Eventually river submits itself to ocean; we submit ourselves to (no one knows) through death.

Having said that life is river and time defines infinity let’s think- Are we using our precious time preciously? Have we understood our life properly? Or is our river being contaminated? River cannot clean itself but we can prevent our life from being contaminated. Let’s not let us ruin ourselves. Let’s understand what it is all about and make this world a better place to live in.


More by :  Swapnil Kawale

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