A Profound Question & a Blithe Answer!

One of my friends today asked me a rather profound question ‘What is Life?’ In fact, every philosopher, every scientist, every thinker, every intelligent man tries to give his/her own interpretations tirelessly on this word. But, I gave a very simple definition of ‘life’ that came to my mind. ‘It is the period between your birth and death’. But, that friend was not convinced and said ‘What you said may be technically or politically correct. But, I am asking something more than that’.

Something more?

This raised a lot of questions in my mind; because no two lives are similar or identical. Each is destined to live or lead a life which had been invariably blessed or cursed on him/her. However, we have a lot of well wishers, positive thinkers, motivators, philosophers, spiritual persons, kith and kin, friends who have immense and amazing capacity to make us think, accept and believe that we ‘can’ and we ‘should’ change our lives if we ‘wish’ and ‘work’ for a better living.

Again, is it true in all the cases? I am afraid not.

When one is successful he/she is celebrated. Those who failed irrespective of their capabilities are analyzed for their misdemeanors. The successful lots are praised and turn a role model for many again irrespective of their intelligence or abilities.

Instead of dissecting one’s life it is better to accept their lives as it is and stay ahead. There is no guarantee that you will achieve something; it is just to keep you away from depression. God or Destiny, (if there is one), is not kind to all. He/It has his own preferences and priorities.

Ultimately, if one’s life is not a celebration, try one’s best to turn it not to make it into a curse or hell. And, ultimately, ‘try (I say only try) to be thankful for small mercies’. Isn’t it the popular axiom?


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Comment Thank you Mr. Rao.

You have mentioned that FB or Twitter carry more views of the public. I am in FB. My postings are invariably commented a bit long. None have the patience to read text nowadays. Many of the postings will be inane or hate comments.Mostly sharing from some other posts, motivational slogans or selfies

G Swaminmathan
26-May-2019 11:52 AM

Comment I too wonder about the lack of comments on posts at boloji. Where are all the people? Some one wrote a book saying Indians are argumentative. Let us hear people talk it out. I answer myself may be they are on other social media, Facebook, twitter etc. One Dr.Gaurang Bhatt used to complain on boloji why so few commenting on the blogs. The comment section opened up on the Game of Throne. I may have some thing more to say there. Thanks.

P. Rao
24-May-2019 15:22 PM

Comment Thanks a lot Mr. Rao for your encouraging comments as usual. More than the number of hits one can see, a positive or even a negative comment on the writeup provides the writer to muse over his writing. Your words of appreciation are always elixir to me..Thanks again for commenting on two posts..Thanks also for your good wishes!

G Swaminmathan
22-May-2019 21:13 PM

Comment Mr. Swaminathan: Your observations in this post on life are worth noting. Thanks for that.

I want to add that I immensely enjoyed reading your next article, The Indian Game of Throne. It did not have comment section so I take liberty to comment here. With good wishes.

P. Rao
22-May-2019 04:05 AM

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