How to Change the Status of the World

Status of the World

There is variety in all forms of living beings in Nature. Human beings are no exception in this regard. There are a lot of differences as far as races, colors, languages, cultures, classes and castes are concerned. There are a lot of variations in the levels of intelligence, intellect, imagination, wisdom, sentiment, emotion and experience among various types of men in the world. But all living beings live on the same Earth under the same Sky sharing the air, water and food available everywhere. Also, all the people eat, love, live and die in the similar fashion.  


There are differences of opinion in politics and religions just as there are criticisms in literature and social life. Domination of the strong over the weak is a common thing in the jungle. Differences of opinion on every matter are a common thing in any democracy. The views of the majority of the people are accepted in democracy. So, in general though truth may be defeated in the beginning, it meets with success after a long time in the end. Like animals, man was taking revenges over his enemies in the ancient time. But the wary nature of man has not yet changed by evolution even after thousands of years on the Earth. Though technologically advanced, man has not yet politically, religiously, culturally and socially developed in the world. Even in the modern times man takes revenges on his enemies using sophisticated weapons of and on in the wars of the world. So, though materially man has advanced, he has not yet humanistically developed himself in the world, which is the problem, it seem, everyone has to pay utmost attention to solve for the common good of all in the world today.


Modern world moves fast. Without speed nothing can be achieved in time not only in the work but also in the life of the world. Competition in sports develops the talents of the players. Competition in business improves the quality of the goods. The winner consoles the defeated partly by the hand shake of friendship wishing all the best for the next competition. This is the healthy attitude of a good sportsman. Taking everything in a sportive manner is the healthy aspect of any human activity in the world. But on the contrary, defeating the opponent in sports or war in a humiliating way out of jealously, hatred, malice or revenge taking attitude shows only unhealthy state of mind and is certainly inhuman, barbaric, savage-like and madness, which cannot be ignored or tolerated for a long time. That is why wars are common not only in the ancient times but also in the modern times, which have to be curbed by all the people of the world.

Show of Power

To complete the unfinished business in war after a long time or taking revenge after a humiliating defeat and both do not show a sound state of mind, that too in the modern world today by the technologically, economically and politically developed nations or by the fanatically religious minded nations after scientific developments are accepted all over the world. The politically motivated technocratic Super Power President of America and the religiously motivated military despot of Iraq or Iran don’t care for the vital aspects of their religions like Love [Christianity] and Peace [Islam]. Nor they seem to bother about the consequences of a war such as economic and civilian losses to their nations and the world as well.

Even though they don’t have support for their causes overwhelmingly by other nations of the world, they eagerly wait for an opportunity to fight in a war in order to give vent to their feelings of hatred, malice, vindictiveness and wrath. Really these kinds of machine-beast-men and inhuman despots are ever the biggest threats to world peace and developments; otherwise, the world would have become a paradise or heaven long ago. Winning in the war game by the show of power is their only motive in life but not achieving peace, love and brotherhood [as shown by King Ashoka the Great of India in history] by cooperation and coordination in some mutually broad minded world projects for the well being of humanity, which would be as beautiful and joyful as the paradise in Nature or as perfect as Art, the utmost best expression of human endeavor in the whole of the world.

Religion and Politics

All religions preach about peace, love and brotherhood. Politically all nations of the world accept the policies of peace, friendship, unity in diversity, socio-economic developments, social justice, equality of men and women, freedom, human rights, democracy and the formation of a new federal world order of nations by the promotion of globalization of economy, politics, culture, technology and society. In spite of disputes, violence, wars and terrorism every nation actually longs for world peace and unity.

But the ego and the inertia of nations/individuals are the impediments on the way that blocks the efforts towards achieving the cherished goal or dream of the creation of One Human World. Most significantly the hurdles now blocking the progress of the world towards prosperity are 1. the protectionism of the developed countries of their own interests only and 2. the terrorism of the religiously fundamentalist nations.

Economically and militarily developed nations, to maintain their status quo dominate over the lesser developed and developing nations as far as their trade and weapons programs are concerned by not giving enough room for improving themselves on a par with their developments. They exploit the nations with royal treatment by selling to them at profitable rates old military weapons and obsolete technologies required by them. This practice of the developed nations should first change before they earn displeasure from the nations of the world.

Then, the half baked rich religious bigots, to satisfy their egos, remove from power authorities against them and dispose of their supporters too with the support of the people by their religious ideas using terrorism as the instrument of their policy. In this way international terrorism has developed to such an extreme extent that it has become very easy for them to take advantage of the nations against the developed countries by using the religious card towards a major religious world war in the near future, which has to be stopped at any cost by the international community for the well being of the human world.

Science and Religion

The present day wars between nations though look to be a fight between modernity and orthodoxy, are actually a fight between religions, science and religion and rationality and dogmatism. People of Africa, Middle East, West and Central Asia due to ignorance, poverty and disease are affected by wars and misrules; and so, suffer very much in the world today.

Different religions are different paths to reach the one and the same God, who is Universal, immanent and transcendental in nature and is the all pervading absolutely conscious existential bliss, which cannot be known by mind and rationality but can be realized only by spiritual means or mystical contemplation.

But people are exploited in the name of religion, especially by blind faith, superstitions and taboos, which can be cleared only by education, scientific enquiry and intellectual thoughts. So, science and religion are not two separate subjects but are interrelated and interdependent aspects of the whole knowledge necessary for the search of divinity in Nature and salvation of man.

In spite of carrying out religious persecutions on philosophers and scientists, science has exposed superstitious beliefs of religion. But politics side-tracking religion rules mankind today, though science has come to the centre in the modern world. However science cannot be ignored even in the pursuit of God thinking that it is concerned only with matter. Science can also become divine provided philosophy links religion and science in the search of the Whole Truth, the Ultimate Reality or the Universal Spirit like the physicist-philosopher Albert Einstein, the religious mystic Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and the literary naturist mystic William Wordsworth did in Nature.

The search of the fields may be different, but the goal of the search is the same. For that, what is needed for man to know the truth is the combination of human spirit and scientific temper by proper education, discipline and training; then only by the truth of which man can live a divine life in this world itself. It is certainly possible and true as said even by John Milton in his Paradise Lost that heaven and hell are in the mind of man that only makes heaven a hell and hell a heaven in this world. 


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