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True Colour of Reliable Friend in the World!

Only friend is the one reliable to confide important matters for discussion and finding appropriate solution to problems needed to take vital decision both for life and work in the world full of fakes that make even noble matters as farce!  Great purpose of one's mission will be made a matter of fun by bullying persons out of jealousy, envy and hatred as they support some other person of their choice to be appreciated in this competitive world making good as bad and bad as good!

But truth and good are ever great and surmount against all oppositions in any walk of life taking sometime in the course of life sans showing the true one in the right colour and the silly in the true colour to the world for realization!  Love of reliable friends only ever encourage and support one against all adverse situations and circumstances in life!

Friendship only Can Provide All to All in One World!

Love of friendship is ageless and greatest property of all in the world one possesses by fortune or fate in life sure.  Such a love is universal love resembles as the international culture being adopted by many world nations as men do ever!  Rivalry, competition and enmity disappear if all nations and men follow such a wonderful human culture, world will become heaven of lasting peace and paradise for prosperity and also.  Progress of all as friends share all in life out of love sure!

Then friendship is a great paradise of long grassland with full of flower and fruit trees and plants on both sides of smooth flowing river enriching farming to provide food for all, all industries and fishing industries making wealthy all!  Food, clothing, shelter, job and social progress by friendship only can be provided for all humans in one world of paradise!

 Great Friendship and Its Benefit Fulfilling Ever!

Timely advice, criticism for correction, helpfulness and usefulness are the hall mark of a great friend who never betrays one as an  opportunist to enjoy benefit, status and grand life in the world!  Friendly love is a greatest compensation one enjoys in world life, even if one never knows about love in family, relative circles and in the neighbourhood of one's habitat anywhere in this world sure!  Such kind of friendship cherishes in best deeds rather than in time only sans caring nation, world and Universal Spirit for
enlightenment and fulfilment of higher status of spirit ever!

High quality of friendship is always for harmonious development of heart, mind and soul but never for physical enjoyment only in this world of illusion as nothing is permanent here including freedom!  Freedom and liberty are the aim, aspiration anf goal of great friendship that cherishes to attain permanent state of peace!

Who are Really the Best Friends in the World?

Authors, writers, Poets, critics and novelists are friends of
Humanity showing right direction to progress in life and work;
Inspiration of great authors through their books by best thoughts,
New ideas and plan of action help all achieve their high dreams!

Poetry book is the life blood of a master spirit says Milton;
Poetry involves whole soul into activity says S T Coleridge;
Poetry is magic produced by the wand of talent says Kipling;
Wordsworth: Poetry is spontaneous expression of best of knowledge!

For all living beings sans physical friends, book knowledge of
Such great Poets and authors are true friends, philosophers and
Guides ever inspiring by love and guiding by best ideas sure
To achieve all things of life in the world to live noble life!

There cannot be best friends one can have in world life rather
Than Poets and authors of great geniuses and talents in the world!

History of Friendship Repeats Forever in the World!

Opportunists in the guise of friends betray and kill one
When the fortune changes direction in the game of life;
But the emotional friend takes revenge for the demised
And the sentimental one suicides unable to bear tragedy!

Even if the law gets deceived, Dharma takes revenge sure;
When injustice prevails God Himself takes an incarnation
As a friend to help the deceived so as to establish justice;
This is the story of great epics in the East or West ever!

Whether it is history or literature or life, they reflect
Each other bringing the great role of friends anywhere to
Show friendship in indispensable in the life of the world
For justice, goodness, truth and love to sustain humanity!

The stories of literature and realities of the world high
Light ever vital role of friendship in world love life!

Friendship Makes the World Heaven and Paradise Here!

Friendship of world leaders brings closer nations to promote
World peace necessary for cherishing international culture of
Friendship for making love sustain in human society everywhere
So that a warless one world of paradise can be created sure!

Value of friendship then only known by all for making love
Rule hearts of men and nations of world reminding the great
Purpose of UNO will be realized with proper sense that is
Lacking since long needing revival for the well being of all!

This international culture of friendship is the best thing
That can make the world really a heaven sans conflicts, wars
And unwanted terrorism making the world a hell and a horrible
Nightmare nobody wants to prolong sans end in human society!

As Poet Milton says Heaven and Hell are nowhere but it's in
The mind that makes heaven a hell and hell a heaven sure!
Only by international culture of friendship all cobwebs of
Mess can cleared for making heaven and paradise exist here!

A Trust Worthy Friend is More Than An Army!

Friend's love and care may be next only to mother's in world life;
Parents and relatives may love or not, a friend in deed ever sure;
Home and education are all within a frame work of home and book;
But education continues in Nature later with friends to enlighten!

Such great friends are God given gift and the smile of fortune
In the life of one born to achieve something great in the world;
For, more than all - parents and teachers, only a friend knows
The true colour and in and out to inspire one to aspire great!

That's why friends and friendships are given importance not only
In literature but also in religious or moral stories in the world
To encourage all not to lose heart, if one is alone or orphan or
Neglected as nothing in joint-family life to realize one's worth!

Whether one has brother or not or support or not, one does not
Fear to face even an army,  if one has a trust worthy friend….!

Friendship Helps One Shine in Life!

Just books and family movement alone cannot enlighten and improve one's ability, capability and capacity in a general way unless one is exposed to the circle of friends outside giving chance to know how far one has developed to deal maters!  Not only through books but also through friendly interactions one gets real general knowledge, improvement of common sense and development of presence of mind to deal with life problems making one successfully express one's personality in the world!

By that way with aspiring friends it is possible to develop one's talent in arts, poetry and sports to get the opportunity to make use of one's knowledge in a creative and inventive way to achieve one's cherished dream and special social status!  Benefits of friendship are many more, if it is utilized in a constructive way along with educational knowledge to shine in life!

Friends are like Sports Fans to Progress in the World!

Young friends are like sports fans enthusiastic to do all
Things of their interests like free birds flying anywhere
With fresh thoughts, words and deeds to fulfil all desires
Following the policy of learning by doing in all ventures!

Due to education and interested in developments to excel
In all walks of life wish to see changes by reforms to
Face with boldness in the competitive world feeling the
Society sticking to old norms need to be reformed sure!

They love freedom in education, selection of jobs and
The life they wish to live in the world respecting
Friendship with all people of the world cherishing the
Principles and policies of UNO with positive progress!

Friends' exploration of all matters make them discuss
All from self to space to know ultimate reality and end!

Two Sides of the Same Coin!

Friends of great skills can do miracles in the world sure;
What they need is freedom and opportunity in proper channels
With guidance by experts for humanity to prosper and progress;
Lacking such supports, many turn to wrong directions in life!

Due to lack of opportunities and chances to show their skills,
Many do so many jobs of no interest and leave the world sans
Proper reception and recognition in their proper fields ever;
For such friends, Thomas Gray's Church yard Elegy is solace!

Not only in history but also in literature artists and great
Scientists turned war lords are well known to remember here;
Knowing this, human society should support to artists like
The great Leo Tolstoy noted for his epic, War and Peace ever!

Naxalites, Maoists and terrorists are due to poverty have
Become villains of society doing only harms rather than good
And great works of art or inventive works of great benefits
To world human society to live in peace, love and prosperity!

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