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Let Literacy and Education Open Eye to See Reality for Good!

Just economic development by technology and strengthening of military power only increase rivalry, hatred and sense of domination whether natural resources exploited for greed or development, the progress of world does not lead to peace! Literacy and education need to be provided having those points in view so that morality, discipline, friendship and love unite all classes of people as one humanity to pave the way for sure peace, prosperity, progress, unity!

Knowledge by world class education can enlighten all where the world has deviated from peace and progress and bring all to see reality as it is to put an end to hunger, poverty, unemployment and save world and humanity from sure disaster! The international literacy day makes mind to think over real problem of world humanity and how to make correction for good!

Fulfilment of Natural life Possible by Love Only!

By force of politics, religion, community and all one can't ever think, speak and work to live natural life to absolute. According to one's nature only, one can live emotional or intellectual or spiritual life for harmonious human growth! That is how natural way of living possible by love and is how all have to live to have full growth of heart, mind
and soul to achieve absolute state as ultimate point of reality to be one with the Universal Spirit source and end!

Loving way of doing things is like the bird that naturally flies to live a life of fulfilment in Nature all are born for in the world to know, realize and fulfil in human life as all are unique in creation to go ahead for liberation! Liberation of soul to have union with Universal Spirit is possible by natural love in thoughts, words and deeds sure!

Natural Human Love only leads to Progress and Liberation!

Natural love only kindles inspiration, interest, devotion, dedication, ambition, strong will and all to do greatest deeds by all anywhere sure. Such zealous act of love is exposed in creative works of art and also, in inventive works of science and technology for the progress of humanity! Parents, friends and education by government should encourage such acts of all from the childhood onwards leading to great artists, Poets and philosophers and scientists, who only can inspire and lead world people in the right direction for promoting peace, prosperity and progress ever!

Such love is selfless natural desire based on dreams of divine nature that has to lead the human world to divinity but not military force or right political ideology or religious belief dividing the unity of world humanity aspiring for harmonious development of heart, mind and soul! Natural human love of great, best and noble desire cherished by dreams of highest divine nature can lead all to eternal liberation in life sure!

Non-Attached Love in Action for Perfection Will Give Real Reward!

Ambitious opportunists do anything in the world to get the profitable benefit only self reserving seats in Hell. But with true love even if you happen to offer poisonous things to Lord, He will reserve in advance seat in Heaven! Both poison and ambrosia are one and the same for Lord. In the same way, the one who is not attached to anything in the world believing all the hardships, difficulties, mishaps and bitterest life as illusion will be blissful!

Non-attached love is the best way to realize eternal joy at last in the other world of heaven, where only one can enjoy bliss real and which is the ultimate reality that only can give total liberation from all bondages surely! All things done sans like or hatred aiming perfection and beauty only sans any expectation will be rewarded real...!

When Will Illusion of One’s Life Become A Reality?

Dreaming of humanity to live love life in one world is grandest one. What we apparently believe as reality is illusion in the world and what we actually believe as illusion in the other world is reality and that we realize only when our spirit leaves the body at the end! Except love and truth, nothing is everlasting and reliable as spirit. The worthy things we do truly with love make our mark in the world, which only speak our name and fame immortalizing us in hearts of all and by books, arts and records of achievements glorify us forever!

People enjoying all benefits as fruits of our labour rendered in the world and retired to the other world eternally remember ever by paying tributes in glorious words that only bring peace to souls for all the pains born while doing the best things with love here! Worthy works done by love in the world making a mark of one's Self prevent one's life becoming an illusion by demise and make a reality!

Terrorist Pandemic too Can Be Eradicated by Joint Action!

Nineteen years have gone away after the terrorist plane attacks on New York's twin towers of trade centre as a scar on map of the world making it impossible to forget and forgive it ever. That heinous attack is still considered as worst cowardly act! The extreme religious bigots turning into terrorists are like the Corona epidemic carelessly let out by China to spread to all over the world affecting world economy world history never recorded as precedent to make humanity prepared to face!

After the World Wars, Gorilla wars came into vogue in Vietnam and then now, this terrorist war has come into play like the epidemic requiring joint action by all nations of the world to research and find out a vaccine that can put an end to it soon! If unity is maintained in this venture of finding medicine to cure Corona, terrorism too can be eradicated by joint action!

But Never Stop Dream Of A Better Tomorrow For Humanity!

After World Wars, Cold war, gorilla war, war on terrorism and now war against Corona pandemic is going on all the world. Natural resources are exploited at the cost of forests and villages are shrinking due to urbanization for economic progress! But by doing so, social development is left with to deal with diseases and their dreams of developed social life are in doldrums and their dreams 0f living life in harmony with the Nature never seem to pick up at all as world itself is in danger!

Yes, tremors, earthquakes, storms, rains, floods and pollution are wrecking havoc in unimaginable proportions in such a way that the world undergoes the situation of Hell making people forget about making the world into paradise or Heaven forever! But dream of a better tomorrow and the ideas developing to realize it needs to be carried on to make a suitable change soon!

For Love Life, Art, Nature and Culture are A Must!

Like Art neglected, Nature and Culture too are kept in the back devoting full time to developments by science and technology promoting modernity in favour of Civilization in the world and that has brought in mechanical life in lieu of love life! Love life is culturally natural life with the blend of romance making human life really enjoyable both in city and village. Due to westernization in the name of civilization in the modern world, the natural touch of human life has become business now!

Starting from education, everything in the world runs as business needing reforms now and then according to the change of situation. Natural disasters and pandemic disease have again making everyone's mind in the direction of Art, Nature and Culture for better life! Whatever developments all may aspire for, unless the basic ground is strong and steady, no development of civilization can boast itself!

Dream of Love Life can be Realized Not by Science But by Culture!

Dream of love life is eternally possible, even if span of life is short by passing it to the chosen loved ones to pass it on culturally to beloved and fellow humans to generation after so on and realize in life to live a life of paradise and heaven sure! Love is eternal as music, Nature, Poetry and stories of literature for posterity to know and follow in human culture to live better. But instead of doing so, some try for eternity of life by science by transforming human body to state of energy to be one with soul!

If scientifically and invisibly man is transformed into a spirit being, some aspire to achieve eternal state of life to live in love ever not knowing and realizing the truth that as long as the destiny of soul lasts that miracle may be possible to do so! invisibility of mystics has been achieved by transforming body to ionic state to do miracles in past but only for a short time. But natural destiny of man cannot be changed by science and only
culturally dream of love life can be passed on and realized ever!

Recovery from Social Mess to Real Progress is Priority Now!

Machine life is not the vision of humanity in modern world. human life leading to divine life is the aspiration of all. But forgetting culture, by civilization man is in turmoil caught by new disease killing lives unprecedented in history! Urbanization for technological developments at the cost of health and social progress blindly world has been made into hell by pollution of air, water, environment and all making climate change wrecking havoc by storms, floods and all now!

Recovering from all cobwebs of social mess due to false civilization to survival and sustenance of human life seems to be the priority to set-right the disorder to order for all to go on the right path of progress to revive love life! Just dream is not enough but checks often need to be made to go ahead in the higher level of progress to achieve all!



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