The Necessity of Ambition

Some ambition is essential for everyone to live well in life. Without ambition life will be boring, monotonous and uninteresting in the world. So, ambition is a necessity for survival, sustenance and success in the life of the world. May be ambition drives some mad, but it helps some to achieve success in their goals or rather ambition helps one achieve perfection in life. Therefore what kind of ambition is necessary is the thing one has to see depending upon one's heredity and environment or nature and nurture to do best and beautiful things in the world rather than make it hell for everyone to live. Why? 

Ambition is the driving force in life, despite no facility, no help and no aid to make great achievements possible in the world. Here living is not enough; something has to be achieved to make one's life interesting or make interesting things, worthy things, best things and noble things known to the world. Then only the feeling that life will not be worth living in the world today full of violence, wars and terrorism or the materialistic world, where there is no room for human values, does not arise.

What kind of Ambition is Necessary?

Danger to the peace and security of the human world lies in the unchecked activities of the ambitionists going by their desires or imaginations but not by their reasonable thoughts, knowledge, best interests, good nature and so on. There are persons with ambition for materialistic developments only. There are people having ambition for intellectual development. Also there are men having ambition for spiritual development. So, ambition for integrated development or all round development can make one a complete human being, which is the aim of human culture desirable and necessary for the well being of the world. 

But ambition based on one-sidedness, selfishness or extremist desire or imagination is abnormal, unnatural and undesirable for human society in the world. Therefore ambition is necessary, but good ambition only can give satisfaction, peace and happiness in life; otherwise, undesirable ambition can lead one only to madness and utter failure, which would be harmful to the healthy functioning of the society anywhere in the world whether it is in the realm of politics or science, religion or philosophy, business or economy and technology or industry.

Healthy Human Ambition Needed

Now economic development is the main aim for all the nations of the world. Economic development without social thought has given much importance only to materialism in the world today. It is wrongly believed that the security of man lies in wealth and physical strength only leaving aside the intellectual and spiritual aspects of human life in the world. So, nations with such men rely upon economic and military strength only which have triggered so much suspicion, competition and hatred leading to domination, violence and wars often that peace, security and development of other nations are ever threatened in the world.

That is the main crisis, peace loving nations are finding it hard to overcome in the world not only in the past but also in the present and perhaps in the future as well. This sorry state of affairs of the world is caused by the rivalry between the capitalist and socialist ambitionists only. So, not only for the individuals but also for the nations healthy human ambition is absolutely necessary so that real peace, prosperity and progress can be achieved for everyone in the world. 

One Human World Ambition

The ambition of the peace loving intellectuals from time immemorial is the creation of One Human World of love, friendship, justice, individual liberty and rights without minding the differences of color, creed, class, race, religion, region and language. This kind of one human world though look to be an ideal society or Utopia, can be formed by unity in diversity governed by the principles of democracy having common laws for the whole world, one language for communication purpose and a common security force for the protection of the people.

In the education of the children as well as in higher education there will be common curriculum for all covering all the subjects like religion, philosophy, arts, literature, science, technology, commerce, agriculture, industries, management and information technology. Students can select course of study in education of their own choice. After education individuals can do the jobs they like anywhere in the world and live as they desire as there will be one world democratic government ruling the people.

There will be free exchange of ideas as far as medicine, science and technology are concerned. Innovative ideas and entrepreneurial activities of individuals in arts and science will be given preference and encouraged everywhere. In all the fields of human endeavor individuals with broad mind and excellent ideas would be given opportunities to experiment and discover new truths in various fields and invent or create new things good, beneficial and useful for the society. Developments in all fields will be based on the joint ventures of brilliant individuals. Benefits of human endeavor will be shared by all and everything will be provided to everyone. By providing food, cloth, shelter, education and employment to everyone social justice will be achieved in this kind of world society. 

Globalization towards One World Government

Certainly globalization of economy of nations is a positive trend towards the formation of a new world order in the due course of time, though there is opposition from the World Social Forum on the ground that it is helping the rich entrepreneurs but not the small scale industrialists and poor agriculturalists who are in large numbers. By corrective measures the internal problems can be solved as time passes on by the individual nations with the global ambition in their minds. Another positive trend is the formation of world unions like the European Union, African Union, Association of South East Asian Nations and the group of eight advanced countries of the world, G-8 addressing world problems in their agenda and taking positive steps to solve them by joint ventures.

In the due course of time there is no doubt that these international unions will lead to the formation of One World Union which would be the final step towards the creation of One World Government as is being dreamt by many futuristic intellectuals yesterday, today and tomorrow. Globalization of economy is just one item in the world agenda. Perhaps as time passes on globalization of education, culture, society and politics could also be included in the world list boosted by the international economic development and thereby the creation of One Human World will be materialized according to the dream or ambition of peace loving, futuristic individuals of the world. 

Over all Vision Necessary 

With this kind of thinking by everyone accompanied by the cooperation and coordinated actions with world ambition in mind many world dreams can be made realities encouraged by positive ideas and sincere efforts from all quarters of the world. So, to implement such a broad idea, each individual should have some broad and good ambition with the vision of future world in mind instead of confining their thoughts only on their nation or their individual self only. As the formation of one bright future human world is not going to take a long time, every sincere individual is not needed to suffer for the drudgery or the monotony of life today. With an appropriate ambition based on experience, knowledge and vision, one can overcome the hardships of life in the world. But ambition based on one-sidedness, selfishness and imaginary desires would be harmful to the society and contrary to the dream of the future world. 

From experience, reading and observation we gain knowledge. As time goes on experience, knowledge and conviction give us wisdom, which is necessary to decide about matters. Above all, vision of the over all matters, everything concerning one's nature, world, nature and Universal Spirit as a whole is necessary so that what is the purpose of one's life, what one is interested and capable and how can do things in order to fulfill the mission of one's life in the world can become clear to one. Then the ambition of one would be accomplishing that mission or achieving that in the world, which would make everything interesting in life and would make one achieve all matters according to one's plan with complete success. That is the way everyone has to live in the world and achieve something remarkable according to one's full capacity in some field like art, literature, information technology, agriculture, politics and so on not only for the present world but also for the future of mankind.      


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Comment Dear friend Pugazhendhi,

Sure, it is the way final for mankind! Thanks for your opinion!

22-Feb-2014 12:38 PM

Comment An excellent article. One world is the need of the hour. But it is centuries away as we see it today. Hope this ambition is fulfilled.

22-Feb-2014 04:31 AM

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sujana neupane
17-Nov-2011 08:02 AM

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