Cultivating Creativity

I wonder why nature is so beautiful. Great artists, poets, spiritual persons and many other outstanding people are devotees of nature. Rabindranath Tagore used to live in a boat house for writing poems and contemplation while J. Krishnamurti used to have a walk every time and has talked a lot about natural beauty. Artists prefer staying close to nature.

The question remains, why all these people love nature so much? The answer is quite simple. All these people are peaks of creativity and in nature, creative forces are always functional. A bud blossoming into flower, birds roaming over the earth, river flowing down. These are all creative forces. A man is most human when he creates. Even if we talk in spiritual sense, meditation gives rise to creativity. The more enhanced a person spiritually is, the more creative he is.

It is rather a duty of all the societies to give rise to creative persons. If one looks around, there are many creative people but the sad part is, normally no one takes efforts to cultivate creativity in young from childhood. Ustad Zakir Hussain was cultivated; this seed of creativity was sown since he was in womb of his mother. If we look around, almost all of the laymen around us do not know what it is to be creative. They do not know what importance creativity carries, they are unaware of the bliss of creativity. It is very difficult to expect that they will cultivate this creativity in the younger generation.

To actualize all the dreams which we carry; of a developed India, of blossomed humanity etc. it is very essential that all of us take efforts to achieve creativity, to propel it in younger generation. It is joy of creativity which takes human beings above lust, greed, jealousy etc. Here are some basic ways of being creative:

Worship Nature

Nature is the goddess of creativity. All the creative instincts are born out of nature. The hugeness of nature, its harmony, the melodies in nature strike the trigger of creativity. In nature, everything grows blossoms. Things are created, destroyed and again created. This reminds us of our real nature- to blossom further. Friedrich Nietzsche says, “Man is a bridge between divine and devil. He has to progress towards the divine, always”. Nature reminds man of this journey.

Worship Your Nature

This might sound strange, but every person has individual nature. In course of life, from the birth of the person, it goes on being suppressed. Mind of all the persons is conditioned and he is made away from his true nature. A painter by nature might be working as a clerk.  If we go a step further, a person might like to leave alone. But, the society not understanding and respecting his nature, starts claiming that he is abnormal.  It can be nature of a person to be alone and he should be allowed to be so. If we worship the nature of everyone around us, then only there is hope of creativity waking up.

Think Beyond Money

This is the hardest point to digest. We agree or not, but all of us have made money our prime motive of living and working. Creativity is not a servant of money and it may not necessarily produce money. So, a person who cares about creativity has to think beyond money. While choosing the flow of life, if one comes at a point where he has to choose between money and creativity, creativity should be the choice. It does not mean that you will be without money for entire life. You will earn a bit late or a bit less but the joy coming out of the creativity will take you above everything.

Tap, When they are Young

A younger mind is less conditioned and more authentic and genuine than older one. If we just go around and look into our schools and homes, very sad picture is seen. Creativity is perhaps the most neglected value. I would rather say, children are creative but they are not allowed to be so by the teachers, parents and exam pattern. If we observe children, they think on the ideas which we overlook. In the due course, marks and grades become more important. In later parts, high paying job becomes the first priority. Many methods have been invented to wake up the creativity in the children, to blossom it positively but the sad part is, our education makers, teachers, curriculum designers are not aware of it.

At least Give Everything a Try

Everyman should test everything in life, he should try everything. Every child should be introduced to everything from math to dance, from poems to music and from psychology to meditation. When we taste everything, we suddenly come to know what appeals us the best.

If we try out all these things on ourselves, our children, students, the conditionings will fall away and everyone will be creative, everyone will enjoy whatever he does and the joy coming out of this creativity will reduce anger, greed, jealousy and will help in building up a real humanity.
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