Friendship and Culture for World Unity

Love is a life-long willing entanglement of hearts. It is a natural concern for other beings. It may be a genuine concern of a mother for her child, a lover for his love, a friend for his friend and a leader for the mankind. Friendship is a particular name for the relationship between man and man, woman and woman, man and woman and so on. It is a chosen entanglement on agreeable terms among like minded persons. It is considered to be another form of love. The deep friendship is what we call as intimacy. Of course, lastly, if two persons are known to each other, they are considered to be acquaintances. So, these are the relationships we come across in our life.

Friendship of Personalities

Along with the themes like love, ambition, jealousy and so on, the great genius Shakespeare has dealt with friendship also giving due importance to it in his plays like Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. Charles Dickens has also given a prominent place for it in his novels like The Pickwick Papers, The Great Expectations and Our Mutual Friend.  The list of such authors on friendship grows endlessly. Because of friendship many authors have earned name and fame such as Addison and Steele, Swift and Pope, Coleridge and Wordsworth and T.S. Eliot and Pound. Friendship has brought immortal fame for them and generation after generation people's esteem for these authors is scarcely diminishing in the world.

Value of Friendship in Literature

Not only English literature but all the language literatures of the world have given an esteemed place for friendship, because its benefit is invaluable to mankind. In the great Hindu Epic, Mahabharata, the divine poet, Vyasa has depicted a wonderful picture on friendship not only between man and man (Karna and Duryodhana) but also between God and Man (Lord Krishna and Arjuna). The love and respect of the people for God has increased more mainly due to this aspect of life in this single epic than in any other religious literatures of the world. This is the highest place any literature can give to friendship.

Needs and Deeds of Friendship

The value of friendship is estimated from the balance between the needs and the deeds of men. The needs of men are fulfilled by deeds. The deeds are performed by means of good ideas. But who is there to give ideas to one? There comes friendship into play and naturally it becomes a necessity for anyone. After getting an idea, one has to plan one's action, proceed and finish it well. So, one is in need of encouragement, support, assistance, cooperation, defense and so on. These are some of the needs of men to perform a deed. One gets honor only from the deed one does. The deed may be becoming a professional, becoming a leader, achieving fruition in love, regaining lost honor, fulfilling a vow and so on. These deeds constitute the vicissitude of man. A friend alone can interpret well the validity of a deed before it is performed and guide a person in the proper direction.


Who can be a friend? One, who is materially, morally and intellectually developed, can become a good friend to a person. A friendship having such friends can do achievements in any field of life and has the capacity to sustain itself for a longer period. Further more such a friendship rather lives more in deed than in time. Of the three qualities of a good friend, morality is most important. The other two qualities are not a difficult matter to be developed as the friendship proceeds on a deed. The reason is that if a person is morally developed, he is reliable to his friend due to his integrity of character, the vital aspect of any man. The integrity of character is a perfect collaboration of thoughts, words and deeds. This quality denotes the nobility of a person. For a noble person, emotional, intellectual and spiritual developments are not at all a struggle in life. They are the actual pursuit of his life. Hence perfection in these matters is the aim he could aspire at.


Just like love friendship also starts at first sight or chat. The general behavior, manners, decency and kindness bring persons closer at first. The mutual understanding takes place as time passes on, when each one observes each other's real activities. Some dissolve friendship when it stops fetching benefits. The former one proceeds on mutual trust and confidence whereas the latter one goes on exploitation. In friendship both benefits and losses are shared equally; otherwise, it is not at all called as a friendship. The mutual sharing of both good and bad or joy and sorrow are not an obligation, but are a voluntary performance. In some extreme cases, a friend sacrifices his own life for the sake of another with pleasure. This sort of friendship is a rare thing in the world. In the modern world, friendship is developing a world culture, because it blossoms among peoples of different countries irrespective of their class, creed and color. Apparently culture and friendship look to be two different things, yet culture develops upon friendship and friendship cherishes on culture.

Now Order of World Culture through Friendship

After the two World Wars, old order changed to new order, science and technology developed and educational institutions spread far and wide to develop the mind of the people in all fields of knowledge. The new order is a blend or combination or mixture of ideas, ideals and ideologies in the society. Taking the ideal love and friendship as the basis the love and friendship of the present day society cannot be analyzed. Therefore, the old order cannot be applicable to the present generation. But under the new order there is much scope for different peoples, irrespective of their geographical position to mingle together and develop a world culture by means of friendship.

Importance of Culture

Culture has various meanings to various persons and various countries. It is a study of perfection. It is knowing the best of everything and propagating such knowledge to the posterity. It is seeing the things as they really are and making truth prevail over everything. It is doing good to others, loving the neighbors, correcting the mistakes of others, clearing the confusion and reducing the miseries of mankind. It brings peace of mind and helps mankind to achieve spiritual perfection. In short, it refines mind, behavior and activities of men. Culture is taught to the people through classics, painting, music, dance, drama and literature. It is disseminated to all people through art. Every country has an independent culture of its own. These cultures put together into a single whole form the world culture.

Science provides the necessary aids to spread culture of a country to various parts of the world by means of Cinema, TV, CD, Internet connections, etc. These scientific gadgets help people easily understand other countries' life and activities, etiquettes and interests and aim and nature. This knowledge provides the necessary back ground for any person or persons to go to any other country or countries to do most beneficial and good deeds for one's own country and other countries. This is the aim of friendship through world culture. The expression of cultural ideas may be differing from place to place, but the central idea of all the cultures is concerned with human nature only. The internal harmony of the people depends upon the world harmony. Through the world culture by fulfilling the external needs of the people, the world harmony can be achieved.

One World

Due to the friendship between nations the benefits to the people are many. Many authors like S. Radhakrishnan, Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley have written much about the world community, the world government and the modern utopia to bring about the world harmony. They all have supported the view that education, friendship and culture are essential and very important for a good life. It is clear to note that for a good life people are in need of good education, friends, love, good health, sufficient income, congenial society and favorable government. How can world culture fulfill these needs of the people?

These needs are the reasonable ones for any individual and are the common need of all the people. A world organization has the capacity to solve this general problem. We have United Nations Organization (UNO), through which these needs could be fulfilled. It is the joint venture of all the nations on the basis of friendship.

The United Nations Organization has to intensify cultural programs to bring yet closer the nations that are members in it. By diverting the attention of the nations towards the world culture, the thought of war, hatred, fear and competition can be thwarted. In the name of friendship all the nations should be involved in responsible creative activities with a view to solve totally the problems like poverty, disease and ignorance. It should arrange educational programs to give training to all the citizens of the world in Agriculture and Industries, should develop the particular talents of the individuals in Science and Arts and utilize them in the creative direction. This could be the aim of the world culture through friendship in the modern age.

The concept of friendship that it is a chosen entanglement on agreeable terms among like minded individuals or nations holds good since time immemorial. From the individuals to the nations this concept is of much use. If an organization is able to perform the duties of a friendship well irrespective of like mindedness, then the world will certainly become a cultured and civilized one. The more the world organization like the UNO improves the world culture the more developments will take place upon friendship and make the world a better place to live.    


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