Sound of Music

Music is melody, Music is tune, Music is rhythm and Music is also Harmony. Music is that power which has a tremendous strength to unite and coalesce. This belief was reaffirmed among all the people who were the pleased invitees to the concert of Austrian oldest boys choir that is the St. Florian Boys Choir founded in 1071 Ad.

The choir programme coincided with the 75th Anniversary of the Salt Satyagarh and therefore, as a tribute to the Father of our Nation they sung his favorite hymns Vaishnav Vatan and Raghupati Raghav. The audience revered with joy and pride and applauded with a standing ovation. Every one of us, present in the audience had a feeling of immense appreciation for the Austrian Embassy who were so thoughtful to invite the Boys Choir to India. Moreover, the greatest appreciation was for the boys aged 10-14 years who so beautifully sang the hymns and the songs. 

Music, as I stated earlier, is a great uniting force and has an enormous power to being harmony in the world. Music is the medium that acts a good leveler whether its between nations, or between individuals. In the past there have been so many instances that the West has connected with India on the basis of music.

In the present century, we have the most modern systems of communications and connections because of which the world seems to be a smaller place. But, having said that, the present century is also witnessing unprecedented numbers of disturbances and disintegrations. In this air of disillusionment, Music is that device that can harmonize, that can sensitize and that can bring world unity and world peace. It has the strength to bring so much peace to our world and that too in the most innocent of ways. Music is that instrument that can make our lives more melodious, more friendly, more cordial and can bring an end to several discords, disagreements and disturbances. Gandhiji, once said ' Music exercises great influence on us' Harmonious music has the power to soothe the anguish of the soul.'  


More by :  Sonali Malhotra Sehgal

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