The Status and Remedy

for the Precarious World Today!

Promotion of World Peace Need of the Hour!

World is divided on the bases of race, religion, culture, colour, economy and ideology needing good education to put an end to them for the appreciation of non-violence, peace, prosperity and progress of humankind everywhere! Peace loving, non-violent and unity loving modern and developed nations are vulnerable to bomb blasts, wars, and aggressive attacks by religious terrorist nations and militarily ruling countries of the world since long!

Such non-violent countries unless defeated and controlled by developed countries powerful in all respects cannot be tamed and brought in line with peace and progress of the modern world being supported by majority of humankind ever! Quality education, discipline and democracy are the best training needed for such violent nations to promote peace!

Nothing is Permanent in this Precarious World!

Nothing is permanent in this precarious world of no permanent existence for anyone forever and ever! There is no guarantee too even for saying exact expiry date for anyone whoever one is in the world! When this is so, what is the use of striving for Power or Award or supremacy or luxury or anything? No one can have position permanent and live for ever dominating all or carry all laurels with one!

Whether individual or nation, wars or domination over others cannot make one great or all worship as God, for, for all, when end comes, no one can retain power or carry wealth along with one sure! When this world itself is not permanent here sure, there is no point in boasting about one's valour!

Earth is Our Common Abode to Live in Love!

Earth is the greatest boon Nature has gifted to humans to enjoy a life of paradise rather than a polluted life! Pollution caused by so called economic development has man turned this rare heaven into hell to suffer and die! Instead of using religion and politics for the better, man has been utilizing them only to perpetuate battles; Israel-Palestine conflicts, North and South Korean dispute and Indo-Pak and Chinese disputes are in vain!

The apparently looking serious threats to world peace is actually made to go on in protracted manner only for asserting their imaginary pride, power and cock-sure mind can be solved and settled by sports, not by wars! Earth is our common abode to live in love rather than in hatred on the basis of religion, race, politics, etc.!

None can Rely on Anything in the Precarious World!

Long drought is still persisting in some places sure; but cloud bursting rain and floods are carrying away houses, vehicles and all things in some other places besides tremor here and there occurring sans fail! Pollution, climate change and new diseases are now affecting the whole world nations sans fail sure! As a fresult, social contacts by works, trades, entertainment, worship and functions are stopped!

Economic growth made so far has been pushed back to many years back now Making all feel they are all done on a wrong basis and nothing is done solidly and permanently to boast human advancement, progress! Every attempt of development to progress seems to be only temporary and vulnerable to collapse by any of the natural disasters we have seen and know in world. In this precarious status, noth8ing we can rely on..!

Neglect of Arts and Literature Turns Progress and Civilization a Farce!

World literature flourishes only if sponsored by all nations. Nobel prize, Pulitzer and Booker prizes are praise worthy. Awards given to honorable authors are incentives for the growth of literature that fosters love in life, sense of beauty and grandeur of human culture enhancing human value. But due to scientific development and economic progress have ignored the significance of Nature by neglecting the conservation of ecology along with arts, literature and declining the care for morality by the negligence of the rich human culture of past overshadowed by civilization promoted by fast material world of modernity in all ways. With the absence of morality and discipline new diseases have made inroads into all nations turning the whole world into a precarious one and progress and civilization a farce!

From Woes of Life to Woes of Ocean!

Woes of world life were once compared to ocean due to its formidable and insurmountable nature driven so by poverty. Now ocean itself has become a colossal woe due to the melting down of the eternally deep frozen polar ice!

Along with air pollution, water pollution of rivers ever joining seas and oceans to the level of contamination is affecting marine life; and the climate change is making the seas and ocean heated up triggering depression sure!

Cyclonic storms of seas and hurricanes of oceans bring heaviest rains flooding not only certain parts of nations but also complete nations too in Europe and South America accompanied by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes too..!

Due to rising levels of oceans, the twenty five percent Of Landmass dwindling down further is increasing ocean percentage. But the huge amount of ocean water can't be used for drinking besides the non-usable rivers due to contamination ever..!

Hell is Sure!

Gathering and worshipping in temples, mosques and churches are not allowed due to Corona pandemic for moths together. This seems God himself does not like human worshippers in His abode due to their indiscipline and immorality in life! In all walks of life, malfunctions have become common due to corruption, illegal way of enjoying benefits and profits. People at the cost of natural resources and Nature as a whole rely on science and economic efforts believing to be progress!

Nature returns what we offer good or bad to us in the same way as if paying us in the same coin for all our deeds for or against Nature in the world not knowing that God ever knows our pulse through Nature, His greatest manifestation! Unless all correct way of living in the world in accordance to Nature and maintain discipline and morality, Hell is sure!

Be Alert and Careful to Save Paradise of Earth to Disappear as Dream!

The incredible placement of Earth in the Solar system of ours with atmosphere covering it as belt is protecting ice, water, landmass, living beings, vegetations, hills, clouds, mist and all as in a dream facilitating life to go as of now long! If anything goes wrong in Nature and Earth is pushed closer to Sun, atmosphere will disappear, ice and water melt and dry up, vegetation and all living beings die away forever like the dream disappears in the morning after a night sleep!

Fortunately such thing is not happening so far making man to know this precarious position of Earth whenever some natural disaster occurs here and there to realize that his exploitation of natural resources will bring bad end later! A world level Corona virus disease as pandemic is kindling such dangerous incidence of future in the mind to be alert!

Change Yardstick System to Measure Progress of Humankind!

In the modern material world, money based way of life in the name of economic progress is the indicator of the overall development of humankind everywhere sure! The coming of Corona pandemic all over the world has led to clamping of curfew, lockdown of all businesses and social distancing for want of medicine is a check!

Corona has put a great check on money system of men. After a few months, relaxation has caused increase of prices of all items making honorable people beggars! Moneyless migrant employees in millions sans money in hand are begging for food, transportation to their homes and a place of shelter though no fault of theirs! The system of measuring the progress of humankind has to be changed to a new standard of yardstick sans money!

The Nature of Incorrigible Hardliners!

Hardnuts cannot realize, understand and know truth for sure unless things are explained from A to Z and proved by science; for, they cannot acquire advanced knowledge by reading books because they don’t believe them due to lack of understanding!

Extremists and communists don't realize that all Stars and Planets are functioning activated by Universal Spirit, God! This is due to the fact that they don't accept a thing called soul or spirit is keeping body and energy intact till death! Such hardliners don't confirm the existence of God and also don't rely on wisdom of Buddhism or Confucius too after being swayed by Communism that doesn't care for human sense and love but only money, force and power under the rule of dictatorship!

Due to lack of understanding and faith in love, wisdom and God, hardliners believe believers and nations as weak and aggressively invade and bring them under their hard rules not realizing that love, wisdom and God can’t be wiped out!

Sans Freedom and Democracy No Peace and Progress in World!

Extremist ideologies following dictatorship nations like China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran and so on make all wonder when their people have rights and liberty as in the well developed democratic countries of the world!

Looking to be modern in look but still in obsolete in mind, China has only two classes of people such as dictatorship military rulers and subordinate people whether they are doctors or engineers or all workers!

In the same way, Pakistan though has democratic govt. only has military dictatorship govt. to rule the people following fundamentalistic Islamic religion harnessing terrorists prowess by its intelligence to survive! Pitiably living people in dictatorship nations should rise ever against slavery to get freedom to progress!


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