The Unfair GST Exemption

The unfair Tax exemption to Education and healthcare providers is not realistic but only pampering not to tax education and health care facilities under new GST rules.

It is a wide-spread, kabooliwala-type and unpleasant experience for middle class and lower middle class citizens from being squeezed by corporate educational institutions and health care facilities in the form of fees and hospital bills.

Nothing is done in these institutions in the spirit of education and health care. When these institutions are being run as factories and money-earning entities, why should the government exempt them from taxing?

Is it in any way in the spirit of education when private educations are charging one lakh and more than one lakh for admission to LKG class?

How ridiculous it is? Then, why the government shuns from and "shies" away from taxing these money-making organizations ignoring the spirit of the profession? Is it because many elite individuals are running these "factories"?

It is in no way defensible to avoid these money squeezing education and health care institutions which are being run as any other business from taxation. These are no longer public service organizations which are run in the spirit of the nobleness associated with education and healthcare provisions.

Many middle class and lower middle citizens are squeezed of money to pay the exorbitant fees they have to pay for this essential and fundamental necessities and a human being cannot abstain from getting educated and being taken care of when in illness. Governments should not be hand in glove with corporate entities and must see the reality and tax them for the business they are doing with citizens' essential requirements.

Let the government get part of this "loot" as taxes and do something for the citizens with that money. Putting education and healthcare out of tax bracket is not in tune with the exploitation these institutions are indulging in and and this exemption more out of doing favor to these big business entities.

Let not the citizens be crushed under the heavy toll of fees being collected by educational and healthcare institutions. It is not wisdom to show favoritism when the institutions are not at all caring to adhere to the nobleness of the professions and are making money at the cost of middle and lower middle class citizens of India. Let them be taxed as any other business. Education and healthcare providing is no longer the noble professions they have been.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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