The Silent Majority

India is a land of the mighty amidst the teeming millions of poorest of the poor who are deprived of the basic rights. Take for instance Karnataka, the state known for IT Revolution, just a mere 10% of the population hold the scepter of power. The other section exists for a mere existence for the fulfillment of socio-economic and political ambitions of the former. 

Recent media hype about the anti-reservation protest by medical and engineering students is a well coordinated plan organized by well to do Nuevo rich and sons and daughters of technocrats and higher class section of the society. Let us take into account what percentage of OBC's and others like SC/ST students took part in this so called anti reservations campaign by Youth for Equality. 

The media is equally playing a partisan role in its coverage of the issue. It is no surprising that they are behind the rich and affluent students and their godfathers. After all it is the rich and the business savvy doctors and engineers who are their main source of advertisement revenue. Most of the mainstream media house exists because of them and it is obvious that they come to the rescue of their patrons.

What about that silent majority whose voice do not find recognition even in the smaller media? Unlike their counterpart they are not able to organize a pro-reservation campaign due to lack of economic and political power neither do they have the know-how. Many says that there are some 'very rich and strong' people within the OBC's and SC/ST, but how many of us really have the time to ponder over a while and see what the real picture is. It has always been the minorities that decide what is good for the larger weak section of the society.

It is high time that students and doctors who are against the reservation quota in higher and elite education institution to realize that higher education is also a basic fundamental right of all sections of the society. The government has the responsibility to see that social welfare must be imparted through providing equitable chance to those sections that cannot afford to make it to the higher echelon hierarchy by themselves. Instead of being a hurdle to the government decision to implement what the constitution rightfully granted, those who are against reservation should try to understand the real India and make way for the economically and backward sections of the society. 

If understanding of the 'real India' becomes too complex for anti-reservationists it must be noted that the suppressed people are 'silent majority' and one day as a consequence the nation will have to pay a heavy price for not taking care of their needs and fulfilling their aspirations. Most of these people who are against reservation have been brought up in cities and are likely to live and breathe their last breath in the cities itself. There is no hope that that they will ever understand the real picture of Indian society. It is therefore imperative that instead of being a stumbling block toward social justice, they should prepare congenial atmosphere for the government to perform its task efficiently 


More by :  Robert L. Sungte

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