Covid Death of Board Exam

Ultimately Covid sees death of board examinations. Millions of children's future rendered at stake. I am not a prescient and clairvoyant to predict what is there in store in future as after few years people will forget and sympathizers will evaporate. People will have impression that all got through the barrier surreptitiously. Who is what will take plethora of actions and procedure and that will subject the students to immense stress and uncertainty.

We have noticed during unlock times, children were accompanying their parents to marriage parties, religious functions and even movies. Why not examination hall? Can we play with the future of students? It's a criminal offence. Each year is of immense value to every child who are preparing for their future. We have bunched all good, bad and mediocre students together and thrown them to a future of uncertainty. We can conduct election, we can conduct Kumbh melam we can conduct IPL cricket matches but we can't conduct exams!

Why can't we declare planned lockdown and ensure safe passage for children to exam halls by arranging transport facilities to the needy? Exam is for one class or standard viz class 10 or 12 but we have schools having facilities for total 10 and 12 standards which translates into plenty of classrooms apart from libraries, laboratories etc. Why it is not possible to accommodate them keeping all physical distancing norms in vogue?

Basically we don't have will, albeit there are plenty of options. We have taken everything for granted. We have no concern for their careers but we are interested in headline management and falsely boast of taking care of their health, but at what cost?

Are the students happy? I feel only the students who are not sure of scoring well may be happy. Good and average students will always remain skeptical. As such education system and exam system in our country is nebulous as there are so many boards and so many types of evaluation systems. There is no uniform platform to judge a student of one state with others. In addition to this, the promiscuous qualification criteria being worked out by various states due to pandemic will add more to the incertitude.

Decision to cancel board exams will have long term bearing on the future of students, only time can access the extent of damage caused to their career by this pandemic coupled with arcane rules and procedure of government. Hence it is felt appropriate to revisit the decision wherein we can make a concerted effort to assure the future of student and not de-stressing the student at present in the name of pandemic and subjecting them to gargantuan stress in the years to come. Time lost cannot be regained by any means. It’s a loss perdurable.


More by :  Abhijit Sur

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