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Most of us are unaware of how and when the AM/PM convention in time has been introduced. But time has definitely come for revisiting the convention in keeping with the times. In fact, this is applicable for all types of conventions. World bodies like United Nations must hold periodic conventions to debate and change, if necessary, all types of conventions that affect human life. Time is such an important aspect of our lives that it is quite surprising that no world body has considered it necessary to ponder on the acceptability and adaptability of the timing conventions to an ever changing world.

Currently, we have the two mid points 12 Mid Night and 12 Noon as the cross over points between PM/AM and AM/PM. Consequently we have the new date starting at 12 Mid Night and reaching mid-day at 12 Noon. Barring those who are working on shifts, almost all human beings start their activities by 8 O'clock in the morning. This essentially rules out any productive work during the first 8 hours on all dates. The first 8 hours and last eight hours on all dates are spent on non-official matters. In a fast changing world, where time is money, is this acceptable and affordable? It is time we considered all the related aspects in detail. Consider some one who has got the sanction for a huge bank loan effective from a particular date. He has to wait till 8O'clock in the morning to get his money. Same is the case if he is expecting someone to return a huge sum on a particular date. If this is the case with individuals, one can imagine the case of multi-national companies dealing with billions of dollars. The unproductive hours at the start of all dates is holding up millions of dollars the world over. 

I would consider it much better if we have the date starting at 12 Noon instead of 12 Mid Night. In such a scenario, we have two dates on the same day and on each date we have the unproductive 16 hours shifted to the middle. For example, today is 7th August 2005 and after 12 Noon it will be 8th August 2005. On 8th August 2005, I have atleast 4-5 hours to work and also have a similar period next day till 12 Noon to continue with the same after 16 long hours of recess in between. If today morning, I promise someone to do something tomorrow, I can do that today afternoon or tomorrow morning. If money is to be transacted on a particular date, we can do it the same day or next day morning. It would be an ideal situation for business and personal affairs.

The only change that we need to make to effect this change is to shift the cross over point for AM/PM from 12 Noon to 12 Mid Night. All other aspects can remain the same. All dates would then start at 12 Noon and go till the next day 12 Noon. In a highly connected world, we are already working to the same atomic clock. With the existing set of time zones, we will have much more convenient timings on all dates to transact business. Most of the business hitches due the day-night differences between Asia and America can be surmounted by this simple change. Time has definitely come for considering such drastic changes with very simple ways to attain it. I wish someone powerful enough to take this idea further.          


More by :  J. Ajithkumar

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