Bio-political Strategy and Management of the Indian Power Politics

Indian Politics has been turned into a family affair since long back. It has been started just after the end of Nehru era and from his family. Due to the conflict of interest among leaders, some of the regional political parties with similar goals emerge. It begins to dominate and control the national politics and government. Thereafter, Indian democracy faces the problems of alliance and unstable government. Formation of government by a single party is now impossible.

Now Indian politics is prominent as family business. Political parties are under controlled of a particular family as founding chief of this particular party. It is like ancestral property. A new born of this political family grows to be a future leader and to become a portfolio of democratic government aiming to serve the nation. These political families never believe that a leader is born, but not made. A manager is made. It is evident that they have no such quality to hold any position. When one does not serve his/her neighborhood, how he/she would serve the nation.

Why they are dedicated to serve the nation. Is it really as self-less act and sacrifice to the nation? Why are they so much hungry of power and authority? If anybody examines the interest of these political families, he/she would be well-acquainted. These families have huge interest for their own because this business has been utilized to creating wealth and property at large. Their interest is to protect their wealth and to increase it more how far is possible by using their power and authority. Their cry for the development and betterment of the nation is vague. They are involved in rampant corruption. In their families, even a minor may be the owner of thousand crore. Democratic people of India witness it regularly. They use to make people foolish. We see that these political families are in various types of candles. These families are conceited/under investigation/under judicial trial. These political parties cultivate a culture of revenge against the counterpart when it has in power. So, they are afraid to lose power. People are spectators because they have the right to elect their representatives. But they have no right to pull down this corrupted one.

Will a dishonest and corrupted politician make his/her countrymen honest? So, their prime interest is to protect their wealth and generation of it more. Therefore, in every election time, they become very much active. Only this business is the way to meet their self-need and greed. Holding of power is their security and strength to their family dynasty. It is like addiction to them.

Rest of the democratic people of India would be just their toys. They may play with them according to their will. People’s problem is their assets of business. Due to this family culture, a true leader may not be raised his/her voice.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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