Embrace the Vulnerable


Social volcanoes within the majority community in India are becoming active once again. Though we have known them to be existent at all times, the coming phase may turn out to be a crucial one for the whole of Indian union. Molten lava has already come out in many parts of the union and majority adjective is at best a misnomer there. In the cent percent literate state of Kerala, which often pioneers the developments in India, the demographic profile is so fragile that a little more heat can make the majority edifice crumble in no time. Unless proper corrections are initiated to release the pent-up energies of social injustice and fool-proof fencing installed to resist the organised invaders, even external forces may not be necessary to bring down the eternal faith. And once that happens, the fall of neighbouring lands would be swift as a pack of cards kept on a sea shore. What Sage Parasuram regained from sea as land for a 'housing colony' for select few may return to the sea unable to withstand the social tsunamis unleashed by ideological depressions.

'Red Cross' is Villain

Most Indians are familiar with the 'red cross' sign which symbolised the concept of family planning for at least two or three generations of 'productive' youth in Independent India. It was almost a passion for many to participate in the country's development by reducing the growth of population. It is a fact that in the initial days all progressive elements participated in this noble campaign with utmost sincerity irrespective of the communities they belong to. But the situation started changing when certain external agencies smelled an opportunity to outwit the majority community by clever manipulation of the same policy. While a majority among the majority blindly believed (still believe) in two-child policy, the scheming harvesters had a different agenda in mind. 'Accidents' in bed and theological opposition to destruction of life provided convenient framework for augmenting the harvest of souls which was making steady progress. What followed was a complete betrayal of faith resulting in a skewed demographic profile. The recent observations and resolutions by a major leftist political party have completely destroyed whatever is left of the family planning hopes in India. The said party feels completely deceived about losing out on numbers in the arena of electoral politics. It would be an irony of fate if the final burial of the two-child norm in India is brought about by the irresponsible action of the twin diabolical forces represented by the colour and shape of the very symbol that stood for it.

Embrace the Vulnerable

On these d-days of disaster, the majority community has no alternative but to look for ways and means to hold the  Le Vulnerable' among them within the resilient contours of the eternal faith This can be done by only those who have such a wide stretch and acceptance. India today is blessed with many saints of international repute. Holy men and women from India have always enriched the whole world from time immemorial. Our swamis and sanyasins who can communicate well invariably capture the attention of the West where people are in perpetual hunger for peace of mind. The best thing to happen in India in the recent past is the emergence of Mata Amritanandamayi as the new Light of Asia. Her background, looks, qualities and capabilities not only confirm the tests of divinity but also answers the prayers of large sections of our society. At last, the poor and deprived in India have found an Indian Amma of our own colour who works for our deliverance. Her divinity and dedication has brought together a team of highly qualified and dedicated individuals who is working overtime to realise her dreams.  All that remains is the proper focussing of resources towards the Scheduled Castes and Tribes. We Indians, who retain at least 10% of all the gold ever mined, should have no excuses in finding the necessary wealth to fuel Operation Embraceto protect our folks from the hyenas and vultures. The privileged among us must shun luxury to provide basic comforts for the unprivileged. Till the time it is achieved, our swamis and sanyasins must reach out to the lowest sections of our society. Amma and Baba must go to the tribal lands, slums and workers' colonies to hold the poor in a protective embrace. If we wait for them to come in search of our saints, it might be too late and it might never happen. They would be hijacked or harvested on the way. 

Temple Solutions

What has happened cannot be undone. The long term solution to the problems of the majority community lies in the re-engineering of the concept of temples in our society. There should be more involvement of the vulnerable sections in the running of temples and there should be more temples to involve such people. Each and every one of the vulnerable must be involved in one way or another in the affairs of at least one temple. Temples must handle more of social & economical matters and temple rituals must become a means for it. No temple should be allowed to become rich when people around it are poor. Temples must become the centres for voluntary distribution of wealth in the society. We should put in place regulations preventing wastage of temple money in making golden crowns and golden flag masts. Instead, it must be used for empowering the poor and deprived who come to the temples regularly. If we can reactivate our temples, the cascading effect on overall society will be tremendous. Reforms initiated from temple premises have a terrific effect on common man and they can break down the barriers of castes and status in no time. We have seen this in Kerala duringVaikom Satyagraha and the subsequent Temple Entry Proclamations. Those who believe in the power of deities must have the welfare of the community first and foremost in their mind. It is time that we realised the simple fact that no picture can be drawn if the wall itself is crumbling. 


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