Our Children Are Not Safe

Continued from Satyameva Jayate: A Truly Cathartic Experience

The Second Episode - Satyameva Jayate

I think that ‘Satyameva Jayate’ is an apt answer to those who are never tired of pointing fingers at others. The second episode brought out another demon, very common in India, hidden amongst us. 

India is a pedophile’s heaven. There’s no law to prevent this crime. People don’t talk about it. Every one pretends as though nothing like child sexual abuse exists in this country. As the proverb goes, the danger won’t go if the pigeon shuts down its eyes. The cases are very common. The uncle, the social-worker, the tutor, the teacher, the principal, the grandfather, the neighbor- anyone can be a pedophile. The horror is that they have a charming, commanding personality. They attract children. They win the confidence of parents very quickly. The demon is rather sweet in appearance. However, what he does is not at all sweet. They physically abuse children; subject them to brutal physical pain; and mar their mentality forever.   

The show was a classic in its own right. The research shows  that 53% children suffer from child sexual abuse.  In our great country, every second child is a victim of child sexual abuse. No wonder, there’s so much negativity, cynicism and an overgrown instinct to pull others down. We don’t have normal children. How can we have normal adults? Suffering and pain are all too natural here. Victimization is the natural thing. 21% children suffer horrible cruelties, which are impossible to be articulated while 32% suffer ‘mildly’. The ‘milder’ crimes are kissing, touching at objectionable area, showing porn etc. Even the ‘milder’ ones are not at all ‘mild’ for me. 

We think that our children are safe in homes. And we are also very proud of our joint family system. A joint family is the ideal setting for a pedophile. Ironically, home and school, the two most common habitats for hapless kids are the most common places for the crime. For Anamika, her tormentor was her tutor who winning her parents’  confidence, exploited her when she was a mere six years’ old child. The parents never wanted to disturb the child in her studies. The pedophile ravaged her body for seven long years. Cindrella’s life was also that of a fairy tale till her childhood was destroyed. 
The point brought out by these cases is that in a society where even adults don’t speak on these issues, how we expect small children to protest. Children are scared. They do not understand as to what’s happening to them. The victims must understand that it’s not their fault that they have been victimized; therefore, no point in feeling guilty. The victims must speak so that other children don’t suffer.
The case of Harish Iyer was the most explicitly analyzed in the show. All praise for the brave victim who bared it all on the show. He suffered for eleven years. No one supported him; no one understood. He wept in the wilderness of his loneliness. The show was heart-rending! We have to be alert.  We have to be vocal. We have to believe our kids. Parents are the protectors. Every parent must fulfill this basic duty. The cases of Nazneen and Ganesh who are still suffering severe depression were brought to light. The whole world view of these victims gets topsy-turvy.  Basic blocks of a healthy mind, faith in humanity, belief in goodness are destroyed forever. Human lives are wasted. 

The best lines came from an expert who, when asked, ‘Should we respect our elders?’, replied, ‘No, we should not respect elders blindly. We should respect good behavior.’ If the behavior of an elder is not good, we must protest. There’s double victimization when such cases are referred as rape cases before victimized children. The parents must learn to listen. The criminal would say that it is a game that he’s playing with kids; would scare them into silence. In fact, silence is part of the crime. 

Dr. Rajesh Mitra, on the basis of his research, gave very revealing clues about the psychology of pedophiles. Pedophiles have no sense of regret. They don’t believe that they are doing anything wrong. They, in their perverted minds, are giving pleasure to children. There’s no sense of guilt. They study the environment of the child. They assess the child’s vulnerability and go about the crime in a planned manner. We cannot recognize the devils by their faces.  The onlt discerning behavioral pattern is an adult’s excessive interest in children. If we recall, we would pin point people in marriage ceremonies or family gatherings who are labeled as children’s choice, ‘Arre, voh to bachcho ke sath hi khelta rahata hai.’ Such people are dangerous. 

Parents must educate their children. Parents must take steps, believe their children, observe the people around their children, and confront the criminal directly. Being a parent is a responsibility. A fragile life is the care of her/his parents. Parents must protect their children. 

There are people who spontaneously support good efforts; there are people who keep looking at the loopholes, the gaps. Let’s be of the former type.  
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More by :  Prof. Shubha Tiwari

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Comment thanks for writing about this and keeping the flame alive.

we need to ensure that the issue doesnt die a young death.

harish iyer
18-Sep-2013 11:54 AM

Comment Thank you for the wonderful articles Professor. Your words have captured the essence of the show with all its intensity!

Glad we are having a show like this, and all these are being unveiled to common public! Hope this awareness would create the CHANGE we are looking forward for! :)
Satyameva Jayathe!

soumya krishnadas
18-May-2012 02:16 AM

Comment It was recently divulged in an interview with a Somali pirate held in captivity that the cause of piracy, considered such a heinous because unprovoked violation of maritime right of passage, was the over-fishing of Somali waters by foreigners, a form of piracy that justified the counteraction. The captive Somali pirate, and the whole piracy issue, now appeared in a new light.

In the article, the actions of paedophiles is likewise considered as abhorrent, and inexplicable; until we realise that their licence is based on the prevailing attitudes to sex in modern society: sex is considered fun; the only stipulation being you must be above a certain age to begin to enjoy yourself. Paedophiles are the first to adopt this 'fun' approach to children, extenuating their sinister 'moves' as something fun-loving adults indulge in. As in the case of the Somali pirate, the evils of society are being white-washed to bring into relief the evil of the paedophile; when it is sex in society that should be condemned out of its proper context and function, as an offence against morality. If society chooses to ignore morality and consider sex fun, what can stop the paedophile from making his own opportunities, and seeing them work as a sign of his being right in the context of that 'sex is fun' society?

15-May-2012 10:15 AM

Comment WOW For the above article and Satyamev Jayate on you tube....Beware People your crimes are getting known to the world!! Sharam karo!

14-May-2012 08:53 AM

Comment i totally support your lines and the courage you want to urge in the people ........
but not with the line : If we recall, we would pin point people in marriage ceremonies or family gatherings who are labeled as children’s choice, ‘Arre, voh to bachcho ke sath hi khelta rahata hai.’ Such people are dangerous. with this lines you are directly pin-pointing to close relatives also..........

14-May-2012 06:56 AM

Comment We are reminded of the clasic movie, 'Monsoon Wedding' by Meera Nair where Rajat Kapoor has played a pedophile. Children of working mothers are threatened by servants also. Domestic help often turns out to be the snake in the closet.

Madam, your effort to follow up the program is very commendable. It helps in spreading the word.

P. Panda
14-May-2012 01:17 AM

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