I love the name 'Boloji'. It at once asks you to say something, write something or speak up as it were. So the title of the website 'Boloji' not only is apposite, it is distinctively Indian.

Say something, say something, there is so much to say or write. Sequestered in our rooms we the middle class, the salaried govt. employees sometimes find nothing contentious. We are sedately happy with our lives, our salaries, looking forward to the next increment, planning our next Leave Travel Concession and discussing the latest books we have read.

But what about the in- egalitarianism in our societies?

What about the killings going on around us, political, non political or apolitical?

We don't have to look around the world, in our country we have enough such incidents which should make us squirm. On the 9th of July, in the city of Guwahati, nearby to where I live a most appalling incident took place - the word 'Appalling' is only a juxtaposition, it is not the 'truth'. Appalling is a mild expression in this context of abject grotesquerie.

A young lady, walked out of a bar, and she was physically mauled for over twenty minutes by a group of young men, about fifteen to twenty, who I am sure were metamorphosed into animals then. Or maybe something more bestial. But animals also have their feelings, though they might demonstrate them in unique ways. But this was not unique, it was animality at its worst or, best?

What was the reason? Because she had a drink? So, does that mean that she is open to molestation and sex? But that is supposedly what our prima donnas of that macabre incident thought. Have fun, she is 'available' in the most lurid way.

A journalist comes to the scene and clicks his companion, the camera. He has a 'story' to tell. All media men today wallow in their 'stories' right or wrong. So this is what our young man does, break the news, before it is broken! How vulgar we can get. In the meantime what was happening to this girl in front of bystanders will not figure in the realms of our fertile imaginative faculties. Everywhere this news is flashed, all over the country, what will happen now to this girl, or is happening, to her or to her parents?

The main 'animal' in this barbaric and atavistic tragedy, we are told is still absconding. What kind of laws shall we promulgate in future to stop such hellish acts? What will happen to her or her parents? What role should media persons play in future, instead of breaking stories, and hearts?

Boloji, bolo, bolo, bolo!


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Comment The mob attacks by the 'metamorphosed animals' on the young lady in Guwahati, reflect the rising tensions between the privileged and the jobless, lonely & the frustrated chavuinists. The 'lonely' and 'frustrated' male crowd of India is forever on increase due to the large imbalance in the gender ratio.

Roy D'costa
21-Jul-2012 18:39 PM

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