Global Warning From China

Voice of truth from the old & wise are often unheeded and shouted out by the unwise and crooked ones with vested interests. This is what happened to 'patriotic rebel' Mr. George Fernandes when he said in our august parliament that China is Enemy No.1 as far as India is concerned. He was stating this with the full knowledge and calculations as the Defence Minister of India. Yet the leftists and left-overs from the 'Hindi-Cheeni bhai bhai' era lost no time in condemning his statement. The hard core leftists of India, whose national interests are always suspect, continue to attack his stand and is coercing the wobbly government in power to get more friendly with the enemy. China is a demon which is being let loose by the careless international community and the consequences can be highly damaging when we consider their cunning past and future requirements.

People's Republic of China (PRC) is almost certain to replace United States of America (USA) as the world's biggest economy by the year 2015. It will be followed in the ladder by USA, India, Japan and Germany in that order. Economic power is fast replacing military might as the winning parameter for world power and PRC will soon start dictating its own terms in the new world order. China is a special country and it has several features that can bring about disastrous consequences for the world, especially its immediate neighbors. Perhaps the one and only way to survive a disaster is to become aware of it early enough and start preparing for its prevention or damage control. Chinese interests are definitely going to turn against India sooner or later, whatever we way look at it.

Hegemony & Fifth Columns

Someone rightly said that future wars will be fought for water and not for oil or gold. With the ill effects of global warming setting in much earlier than expected, it is definitely going to make matters worse. Snowing in Arabian Peninsula, unlimited number of cyclones and typhoons in America and unprecedented extent of snowing in China are going to make the strategy planners sit up in these parts of the world. Water for everyday life is as important as air and the most affected nations know their increasing requirements in the wake of global warming. Chinese strategists must be definitely looking for an entry into tropical areas with access to warmer seas. Their doubletalk about the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India is proof enough for this. They know that a democratic diversity like India is weak and its rulers (like Nehru) can be easily fooled.

In this background India can forget its 1962 experience only at its own peril. A much more stronger and unchallenged China can easily rip through Arunachal Pradesh and redraw its borders overnight. Then it is only West Bengal or Bangladesh that stands in its way to the Bay of Bengal. A vast majority of Maoists, Leninists, Marxists and what not, which are thriving in these parts of the world will make it easier for China to cut its glorious corridor to warm waters. No UN and no USA will come to the help of India at this juncture. Though Chinese themselves have given up Communism, it has been carefully cultivating the growth of leftist offshoots in many parts of the Asian sub-continent. All such apparently disparate groups will come together as the fifth column for the Chinese army when it wants to reach the bay. We must also bear in mind that Myanmar is much more close to China than to India.

World Policeman & Democracy

All those who can think independently about the future of this planet will agree on the need to have a responsible world leadership and world policeman. Of course we can always cherish and nurture our hopes for a just and equitable United Nations which bestows equal status for all world nations; but it will always remain a desirable target. Whenever there is a world crisis and we need some one to take decisions, the whole world looks up to UN. And its organizational mechanism has always risen to the occasion in arriving at some sound decisions. But when it comes to the difficult part of its implementation, it is always the strongest nation that can do something. During cold war era we had options, but it is not the case anymore. Like it or not, the world policeman is USA now. But it may not be the case forever.

There is a growing dislike for anything and everything American among various sections of world society for various reasons. This is bound to translate into all transactions and business between nations. The role of China becomes very important in this scenario. With its seemingly unbiased stand on almost all world issues, China is slowly and steadily pushing out USA in every sphere. Chinese rulers are utilizing its unique low cost production advantage to its fullest use in replacing USA as the preferred trading partner for all nations except its rivals. Sooner or later this is bound to reflect in the health of US economy and its position as a world policeman. A strong and resurgent China is bound to punch out USA from the world ring in not so distant future.

We have everything to lose in this scenario. No Indian and no Japanese will sleep peacefully after China anoints itself as the world policeman. The whole world must realize that it is better to have a democracy as world policeman rather than a pseudo-communist monolith. If the policeman is misbehaving there is at least a chance to correct it by voting out the incumbent leaders. But an undefined political setup like what exists in China can become dangerously robotic and inhuman. China has certain unique characteristics in terms of its race, religion, culture and nationalism. It will be another dose of Nazism, but of a much more frightening scale. Millions and millions of lives will be required to end the rule of a Chinese Hitler. It is not too late now, but only if we can heed to the voice of wise men and visionaries. 


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