The Ownership of Regions!

Our beautiful and dear country is in the grip of narrow-minded individuals whose sole purpose of life is to win elections by any method. The integrity and oneness of the nation is nothing to them. It is enough for them if they divide citizens and somehow acquire power. They are using caste, religion, region and ideology with impunity for this purpose. Even though they are causing animosities among citizens, no one is able to do anything about it.
We are allowing such fanatics and lunatics a field day and dictate terms. This is definitely a sorry state of affairs. No one seems to take the responsibility of emotionally integrating the citizens and hence nation and save them and the country from the selfish and dangerous divisions perpetuated by self-styled protectors of this culture, that language, this ideology, this region, that civilization, that sub-nationality and the like. We the impartial citizens are painfully and helplessly watching the ruining of the feeling of oneness among us, the Indians.
It is wonderful and strange that certain individuals “own“ certain castes, languages, regions, ideologies, cultures, religions and sections of society causing antagonism. These are their territories and one is threatened and thrown away in one’s own country. This is happening in the 21st century imposed by primitively “cultured” individuals. No one is able to put them in their place and show door to these self-proclaiming caste, region, religion, ideology, culture and language hijackers. Every one is fearing and is submitting to their “leadership“, to save their skins-political or other kind. It is neither civilization nor culture to gag fellow Indians. None of us is having any forum to fight and eradicate these evil-minded pests.
A country can not progress, if these types of individuals are allowed to be hurdles and obstacles in the path of development, integration and peaceful co-existence. It is really unfortunate that ownership of castes, regions, religions, ideologies and the like are allowed and also dynasties are prospering around them. This type of dividing the citizens has become a vested interest and in the name of protecting or helping such and such culture, language, caste antagonizing and causing harm to interests of rest of the citizens has become fashion and livelihood to many in our country.

The economic state of many citizens and intellectual dishonesty and poverty of these self-styled leaders whose horizon of development do not go beyond their kith and kin are blended and such “ownership” has become a lucrative business. Unless we defeat these businessmen and their family political empires the future of our great nation is at peril.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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