Let there be FDIs in Agriculture!

Agriculture and industry are two wings of economy to fly high into the sky. All other vocations are dependent on these. Why not the agriculture and industry also be made healthy in addition to attracting and solely dependent on FDIs?

Unfortunately in many states the funds allocated for irrigation and related benefit measures are eaten away by the looters.

Unless common voter realizes that just free-bees, money and liquor on the days of voting and the false promises of politicians that they are in politics only to eradicate poverty, do not help either the poor or the nation and the rest of the citizens.

Let agriculture also develop in tune with industries and generate money. Many agriculture based industries flourish; and why not we "corporatize" agriculture?

Let FDIs be also encouraged in agriculture.

India is basically an agriculture country. And a lot of subsidies are given to that sector. If we encourage corporate big wigs to also enter agriculture, the burden on the government will decrease.

But the politician is averse to citizens thinking to develop themselves. Then his primacy and importance will be diminishing. He cannot give false promises. And, continues promising to give free-bees too, so that he also can make money through them in addition to amassing money illegally by virtue of his proximity to authority and ruling establishment.

Very sad situation that citizens are not encouraged to work for their welfare and well-being themselves bereft of middlemen in the form and name of politicians.

At any cost agriculture also must be equally "pampered" as industries and corporate entities.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Agriculture in India must not be sold or rented to corporates, domestic or foreign. The corporates, more often than not, are short sighted, driven by greed, concerned ONLY to make profits, and if chance given they would even influence and pressurize govt to change policies in favor of them and against national and social interests.

Moreover, such an step will destroy the great Indian culture further as it happened in industrialized areas.

Good governance is the root solution, let's demand the same persistently and continuously.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
05-Sep-2013 08:44 AM

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