Let’s Germinate like Germany Did

President Asif Ali Zardari will continue to face a difficult, and at times war-like, situation through such media debates which rather look like trials. The participants in the debates usually are the beneficiary of the system that speaks volumes about an ever-untold truth that is about human relationships that are determined by economy and security. President Zardari is in a struggle to change the system. Since he means economy and security for all, and not for only a few hundred thousand elitist Pakistanis, he would continue to face resistance. 

What does security and economy here in Pakistan for everyone mean? Moreover, what if these two entities are not achieved justifiably with the reasons quite understandable even to an illiterate and what is not happening here for more than 63 years? Last but not the least, who will help us achieve these utmost requirements and how? 

Let’s have one of the pertinent examples say of Germany to find the answer. Germany acted rationally after experiencing almost total devastation caused by its expansionist policies during Second World War 63 years ago. Germans did not raise another army; it raised its economic structure through social democracy. And that enabled Germany make its citizens secure both socially and economically. 

To Germans security and economy of an individual is security of state itself. The people out there do not need thousands of judges and generals because a responsible bureaucracy, which is much smaller than ours, does its job amicably under the guidance of political government. Germens do not have to pay almost 10 billion US$ to keep only their not-awfully over-sized army and administration happy every year as we do here. Although their differences between expenditures and income may be in hundreds of US$ billion yet the differences are not mere due to their spending on their army and administration but on employed and unemployed citizens living therein. 

Germany makes her citizens secure both socially and economically and in turn the citizens show a paramount patriotism and protect the state also simply because the state does best possible justice with them. None can refute a recent example when world economic recession had just started off to effect Germany; it were the elites of Germany who asked their state publicly to tax them more than what their common citizens paid. In fact, almost all the citizens work, produce and pay taxes willingly and thus increase the income of the state to be spent back on them in various ways later in shape of social and economic security. 

To them and rightly so: security and economy of an individual is the security of state itself. The people do not need much of judges and generals because most of the securities’ related matters are settled by a small bureaucray there immediately leaving judges to oversee the bureaucratic performance.

On the other hand, why do we look like a crowd of livings which can rightly be called as combination of living dead? The history weather distorted or real reveals the truth for both the questions simultaneously. The last ‘Great Depression’ in America in 1930s accelerated the thinking of think tanks in an unprecedented forward direction both in political and economic terms in a sensible sequence of events we will come to know that US is interested in keeping Pakistan as one of its colonies to keep its political and economic domination from Burma (Myanmar) to Beirut to cover 60% of planet’s area and population for its super power status and India wants it as a country for its population and required prosperity. It is evident by the fact that there is nowhere peace in the area but a controlled chaos. The US is surviving with her sole super-power status and will continue to be so given her military, material and mental superiority. 

It carries a reason both for sellers and buyers of chaos and that is ‘God’ written on a US$ note as ‘In God we trust’. In this business, the US $ notes go back to where they come from either through the oil rich countries’ purchases of comforts of 21st century or through chaos buyer countries by selling their sovereignty and purchase comforts of 1365 AD or for arms to create and control conflicts both internal and external and related day to day survival in which we come at the top. In this way, we have been accumulating ignorance in social and economic security with irresistible and irreversible manner. 

How can we even survive if we continue to live under debts of almost one trillion US$ and economy of 148 billion US$ defence both internal and external of almost 10 billion US$ and revenue of 11 billion US$? Moreover, how can impoverishing 4.9% people of this ‘land of pure’ who are hell bent even to consume whatever is left in the name of ‘state-owned enterprises’ be stopped which relate to construction, transportation and services? Furthermore, how can 95% of our population, which is living below or on the poverty line by living on hourly, daily and monthly basis, be made the likes of Germans? Why have we lost pleasures even from families to festivals? The answers simply lie in correcting our foreign and fiscal equations, respectively, which are horribly unequal. 

Externally, the solutions are hidden simply in saying good bye forever to Americans and Arabs sponsored merchants of chaos or death first which were once called Mujahideen. It is because of the fact that now for US, from Java to Japan and from Tibet to Tiepe (Taiwan) people possesses incentives to invest in them or for them. On the other hand, we no more can trade with US through Taliban guerillas nor do ever can we do it through transportation gadgets, both military and civilian. 

Internally, it must be done either by strict regulation of the state through State Bank, SECP, PEMRA, NEPRA, OGRA and TCP which have been part and parcel of cartels or face selling-off available economy for the finances to cartels at the expense of federation itself. If state will surrender before the cartels then United States of Pakistan - a confederation or divided entities- would most likely be the result in the coming years. In this way, poverty and corruption rate of 100% will simply be multiplied by the departed units and nothing more or less will happen. Evolutionary devolution of powers to provinces is no more an option in this emergency like state of economy through amendments and nor do public private partnership can even make us poorer from the poorest degree. Both public and private sectors are getting impoverished other than the people. 

The only hope leaves here is that President Asif Ali Zardari might know all that much more than most of us do and he would contribute his maximum authority and intellect to turn the awful situation around simply because he might know what the political mathematics of this country or colony is all about. He belongs to and have deep knowledge of the societal strata of social mafias (feudals, Pirs, Makhdooms, tribal chiefs, Sardars and Waderas, Khans and Chaudharys) and economic mafias (corporate and industrialists connected inside and outside of the country). He might also know that the political mathematics here has always been littered with the horrible unequal equations and is due mostly to these social and economic mafias sustained and supported by civil-military bureaucracy. He might know that President Obama wants only a stable Afghanistanand not such a Pakistan but silenced through regional economic and political giant countries like China, Russia and India other than the concerned Europe. US is not to Afghanistan what India is to Pakistan because both India and Afghanistan are our geographic neighbours but US is a seven-seas-distant ‘naughty super power’.  


More by :  Prof. Muhammad Shoaib Akif

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