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NGOs, Subversive Activists and Foreign Funds- Anti-Nation Industry, edited by Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak, is a provocative book which exposes the political and anti-nation agenda of some very well-known NGOs and activists, and clearly reveals their foreign sponsorships, donors and funds, both hidden and open. It demonstrates and proves their double standards and their total absence of public accountability, and emphasizes the imperative public need for the Government of India to ensure that a vigorous mechanism is created in the larger public interest to effectively counter this Anti-Nation Industry of NGOs.

The last article in this book is by George Thundiparambil under the caption 'Closing Word: Who is afraid of the Hindu Nation?' In this article he refers to some of the well known NGOs like FOIL, ASHA, AID, ADP, ASATA, FOSA, CSE, SACA and PBN etc whose anti-national activities have been documented in this book as Instruments of Hate and Fratricide. To quote the incisive words of George Thundiparambil: 'For Indians who are aware of the Anti-Hindu agenda of Christian, Islamic and Communist organizations in India and abroad, it is neither shocking nor surprising that numerous NGOs have sprung up through out the country, who act as sole agents for these alien and hostile organizations. As we come to know from the few, but meticulously written articles of this book, most of these agents are mercenaries of alien masters, and that they are best described as Nehruvian Secularists. The Macaulayan pat on the shoulder for submissive behaviour has been loyally sustained and well-absorbed by Nehruvian Stalinism, which epithet describes the Nehruvian-Stalinist policy of sharing the loot among acolytes and relatives.'

Nehru was very ashamed of calling himself a Hindu. But he was very proud of declaring himself to John Galbraith, the US Ambassador in the early 1960's, as the last Englishman to rule over India! It was Nehru who laid the foundations of pernicious pseudo- secularism in India after Independence. He became the commercial and marketing manager for selling what he considered to be the two most secular products, Islam and Christianity in India. This anti-Hindu policy encouraged many Nehruvian pseudo- secularists and Hindu-bashers to overtly work for alien imperialist agencies that were flourishing in India even after our so called independence in 1947. In any other country such anti-national individuals would have been charged with the offence of treason punishable by or under law.

But under the Governments of Nehru, Indra Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Narasimha Rao and Dr.Manmohan Singh such traitorous behavior has been decorated/ rewarded with Government patronage, privilege and high positions in society. We see numerous, unscrupulous Indians like Harsh Mandar or Sandeep Panday or Aruna Roy or Nirmala Deshpande or Arundhathi Roy and many other captains in the Anti-Nation NGO Industry still prospering on dishonor. There are thousands of such characters out there with a different upbringing and educational background, but all have one thing in common? they are all Nehruvian secularists and Marxists working against Hindu India and the native traditions that brought them into being. George Thundiparambil asked the right question in this context: 'Is it only greed or an evil mindset cast by India's enemies?'

Thanks to the minority appeasement policy of the Government of India, under the supreme hegemony of the anti-Hindu Congress Party for 50 years after our independence, the imperialist powers of Christianity, Islam and Marxism, have succeeded in continuously expanding the domain of their power and influence in India. These foreign powers often get their illicit designs in India translated into action with consummate skill by buying an NGO or a willing- to- be- bought activist, with the full support of the Government of India. Such imperialist anti-Hindu forces and organizations have never experienced any shortage of custom-made anti-national co-operators like Harsh Manders or Sandeep Pandes.

George Thundiparambil cites the example of one Cedric Prakash, on assignment for the Vatican, but masquerading as a social worker in Gujarat, bending over backwards cheering and advocating for India's enemies, especially Pakistan, when he is not busy painting the Hindu civilization black and fully backed up by the Congress Party and the mafia of mass media. Let us hear the clinching words of George Thundipurambil in this context: 'Here, greed is the perk, where Christian and Islamic organizations combined with their Marxist cronies lead the traitors by their noses'.

To understand this situation better, let us go by their own allegories, which have significant indications. Let me summarize the conceptual frame work presented by George Thundiparambil with biting sarcasm. In the Christian tradition, the believing Christian is depicted or described as the sheep and the Muslim is the tiger. In Christianity the metaphor of sheep is developed further to make the clergy the shepherd dog or the hound of God juxtaposed against the lay sheep who include the already converted. The Christian metaphor includes within its fold those pagans and infidels who are potential converts ' these are looked upon as the 'missing' and the 'black sheep' who could be converted into obedient, sacrificial sheep in future.

George Thundiparambil says that in reality though, the hound of God is the wolf that infiltrates the herd of the sheep, and after taking control of it, finishes them off one at a time. Meanwhile, the tiger manages to remain unseen, but is always there hiding behind the bushes, always preying on the isolated sheep. George Thundiparambil sums it up all in these words: 'In the second indication the allegory of tiger is extended to their own ranks of victims. By systematic training and solid investment from abroad, the Christian sheep and the Islamic tigers are fed and fattened in such unnatural and aberrant circumstances, more or less like broiler chicken. So much so that satiating the desire for wealth becomes secondary to the reserved seat in a nowhere land, also known as Paradise or Houristan'.

Modern day CPI(M)and CPI Indian Marxist are viewed as the unscrupulous and vulgar hyenas chained to long transnational leashes, smacking their lips and waiting in the sidelines, while the more fierce carnivores (Christian wolves and Islamic tigers suffused with compassion) devour with delight the natural religionists. These carnivores do not mind the despicable hyenas. They might even make a few adjustments here and there, throwing scraps at them, as a potential ally /agent against the HINDU 'black sheep' becoming more and more resilient and even assertive.

A very typical aspect of Abrahamic religionist behavior (which Stalin imbibed from Lenin and Nehru copied from Stalin) is that awards and funding go only to the Hindu- bashers. The 'rewarding' serves as a finger print of the 'almighty God' of Christians and Muslims and wily anti-Hindu Marxists like Prakash Karat, Sitaram Yechuri, A B Bharathan, Raju and the like follow them from scripture to fanatic fervor.

Now the question can be asked: 'What do Christians and Muslims from abroad achieve by proxy Hindu bashing?'

George Thundiparambil gives a fitting answer to this question in a manner which ought to put all these known and sworn enemies of Hinduism and Hindus on the run. Here are his flashing words: 'Why are the Abrahamic religionists, Marxists and Nehruvian secularists collectively frightened of Hindu Nationalism? Why is political power for the Hindus a dreaded nightmare for Imperialist religionists and ideologies across the world? The answer is: A successful and powerful Hindu nation poses a religious, psychological and cultural challenge to the very existence of these ideologies and cultures, because the very rise of Hindus is a success of all things natural that these enemies have been striving to exterminate. As if these enemies are afraid of the success of NATURE itself.'

In short, the rise of Hindu Nationalism and Hindu economic and political power will only signal the failure of the monotheistic systems of Christianity and Islam that have been and still are striving to put down the Hindu and what the Hindu signifies. These wickedly monotheistic ideologies militate against the grain of human nature and reality itself. These brutal and violent ideologies arrogate to themselves the role of a plenipotentiary Government when they brazenly issue fatwas and pastoral letters from time to time in our own country in an authoritarian manner to gullible people. They are meant to override or subvert the rule of law of a nation.

These ideologies/ religions of Christianity and Islam often throw out signals to the effect that they don't respect the concepts of a nation and democracy. We have an Islam-embracing, Christianity-coveting and Hindu-hating CPI(M) led coalition Government in Kerala. I understand that with the willing co-operation of this anti - Hindu, if not barbarous Government, many Christian churches have not paid the State Government levies due on the immense plantations run by them on vast encroached lands belonging to the Government. The Christian and Islamic clergy are members of exclusive religious, non-Governmental and non-Democratic organizations. They are all functioning as paid agent of transnational institutions which have known anti-national, anti-democratic and fascist agendas.

For more than thousand years, Indian paganism has been at the receiving end of preying monotheisms. What have they taught us pagans excepting their gigantic fraud, deception and villainy? And, after independence, even with us pagans all in numerical majority, Nehruvian secularism has twisted and continues to twist us under minorityism. Our degraded pseudo- secular democracy is being used to appease these monotheisms, with the numerical pagan majority being held hostage to a numerical minority.      


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