Public Policy and Precautions

on Designing and Construction

Public policy and Precautions on Designing and Construction
of Capital and Major Cities in the Contemporary Context

Ideas and new thoughts rule the world; change the world and create a new world. New ideas and thoughts take roots from the political, social, economic and cultural transformations and they in turn change and create a new world. The process flows incessantly and it is the root cause for the human achievements and success as procreator.

We will now look at the new ideas and thoughts on designing and construction of capital and major cities in the contemporary context.

In the contemporary context, economic centralization at one place, that is, at Capital or Major cities is dangerous and harmful to the Nation and people. We will now attempt to find out the reasons for it. The destructive terrorism and militancy well-equipped with modern and latest technology targets and attacks and invades on economic centralization and causes irrecoverable loss of economic power and strength and human and other assets. If economic power and strength are collapsed it adversely affects all the resources and assets and creates panic, poverty and distress. It was and is always the ultimate objective and target of all the forms of terrorism in different ways. It keeps the people in constant fear depriving them of peaceful and harmonious living. The historical facts before our own eyes prove it. Then why should the economic power and strength be centralized at the capital and major Cities and give chance and scope for the terrorism? The multi-storied buildings at great height are also prone to terrorist and militant attacks. The contemporary times witnessed many such attacks and invasions. Then why should such gigantic multi-storied buildings be built?

The construction of Capital and Major big cities with economic centralizations create regional inequalities which in turn may lead to hatred and enmity between different classes and castes of people. These ultimately may give rise to militancy, terrorism, separatism and the like keeping people in constant insecurity and fear. This history and these circumstances are naked before our eyes! Then why should such economic Centralizations be built?

The economic Centralizations create a gigantic enemy for the people which is called the Environmental Pollution. We all know what is now happening at Delhi and other major cities! The people live there with fear covering their noses, ears and heads with pieces of cloth. What life it is! They feel psychologically imprisoned!

We will now step into another problem imposed by the nature! The nature raged at the severe pollution reacts in revenge and forces Tsunamis, cyclones, earth quakes and powerful winds and rains and such destructions. They invade and battle with and destroy the economic centralizations and gigantic buildings and other constructions causing immeasurable and irrecoverable losses of all assets. With scientific and technological forecasts, at best we can take only some precautionary steps, but we cannot prevent and stop them. Then, why capital and major cities with economic centralizations be constucted inviting calamities and losses? Knowing that fire burns fingers why should the fingers be put in the fire?

There is another calamity which is more disastrous than the calamities caused by the terrorism and militancy and the raged Nature. We may call it a social calamity.

The economic centralizations are the birth place for all types and kinds of crimes including prostitution. The crimes rise up and grow uncontrollable causing threat, fear and social distress and disaster. Not only women, even men cannot move freely even during day times!

The people are against such economic centralizations which make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Why cannot we stop or free such economic centralizations which are disastrous and calamitous by reforms of decentralization?

We will now speak on our Indian and new Andhra Pradesh context with regard to the aforementioned issues problems and calamities. The British in their vested and looting Economic interests and Political power divided 'Akhand Bhatat', that is the 'Bharat Continent's into parts and it was their imperialistic policy and action Strategy used everywhere in the world. They used the application of Government and Law on 'Utilitarian Principles' as prescribed by James Mill and also the doctrine of the Darwin-Survival of the Fittest- to achieve their Imperialistic objectives and targets. They ruled and looted India for about 200 years. After Independence the inevitable arose for India to protect the nationalism and national Unity of the 'Remaining Bharat.

The Indian intellectuals at the times of independence suggested some measures to avoid further separation of the nation to protect the national unity. The issue of separation of India as north India and south India was perhaps in their minds and suggested to make Hyderabad in the South India as second capital of India as a first step to arrest regional Inequalities. But nothing was done in that direction! Why? One party rule, One family rule, centralization of political power and wealth not allowing new ideas and thoughts for removal of regional inequalities, absolute silence of the south Indian political leaders in their own vested interests of political power and wealth are some the main reasons for -No action for removal of the Regional Inequalities.

Though late, it is inevitable to remove regional political, economic and social inequalities to protect and strengthen the national unity. It is also inevitable that the fruits of the development of our great democracy should be enjoyed equally by all the people of the nation to ensure peaceful and harmonious social living for all. Now it is the right time for all the political parties and leaders to join together and work united for removal of the regional Inequalities in the national interest and for the people

We will now speak with open mind and heart on some beginning steps in the direction of removal of the regional Inequalities and issues and problems of Centralization now in Vogue. If some steps are taken, the journey continues.

The advancement of science and technology with online contact facilities dismissed the hitherto existed ' Distance' between places and persons anywhere in the world. There is no question of ' Distance' for anything for anywhere in the world. We can sit near and talk face to face comfortably with any person anywhere in the world. The nation should use these technological advancements and facilities in making the national public policies and modernized and update their functioning to ensure better and peaceful social living equally for all.

At present all the Ministries of the Central Government, public sector corporations, private sector corporations and similarly many corporations and organizations are centralized at Delhi and around Delhi which is no longer needed and required. It is necessary to take up the process of 'Decentralizaton' such a way that each Ministry and Corporations and organizations can be moved to each 'State' in the Nation and installed to free the people from aforementioned calamities, problems and issues of Centralization and protect and strengthen the national unity by making a proper public policy. These steps also help in eradication of political pollution and corruption. They assure a sense of security of regional equality in the nation. If the central government's parliament sessions are held each time in each state it improves the values of true democracy and also the national Unity.

We now come to the issue of design and construction of the new Capital for new Andhra Pradesh on separation of Telangana State. It is a gigantic economic centralization with acquisition of about one lakh acres of fertile land destroying agriculture and the proud independent agricultural life of thousands of farmers. Nothing could be a substitute for their proud identity of farmers offering food to the people and domestic animals! They were deprived of their proud identity and life!

The economic power and strength of foreign investment on huge scale cannot be underestimated. It may in course of times, may lead to indirect foreignization and foreignization rule in the new Andhra Pradesh state!

We have already discussed about the possible disasters, calamities, political and social calamities, problems and issues of the economic centralizations and they were not taken into consideration at all in the design and construction of the new capital.

The new capital with such gigantic economic centralizations cannot be called the 'Peoples' Capital! We cannot find at least a single characteristic of 'PEOPLES Capital. Then, whose capital it is? The gigantic Economic Centralization can only answer it!

Then, what can be called a 'PEOPLES capital' in true sense? The 'PEOPLES' capital' just needs about 1500 acres of land and it can be constructed in the available Government land needing no acquisition of land from the farmers destroying their agriculture and lives.

All the ministries, corporations, organizations, educational institutes, medical institutes and hospitals need not be constructed at the New Capital leading to gigantic economic centralization. Each of them can be constructed in each district in the available Government land. It paves the way with the beginning steps for removal of the regional inequalities in course of times. The 'PEOPLES capital' in true sense makes the people to have peaceful and harmonious social living with sense of security and assured security in all the walks of the social living. The 'Peoples capital' is built with the needs and aspirations of the people.


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