Papa Rao Jayanthi


JAYANTHI PAPARAO (born in 1938 in Andhra Pradesh, India) writes for true democracy and egalitarian equality. He began writing in TELUGU in 1957. He, in TELUGU, wrote and published over a hundred Short Stories, a novel, five Research books of historical importance and a collection of literary articles. His Novel and Short Stories were translated into English, Hindi and Malayalam and published. His literary works were researched for M. Phil, Ph. D. and D. Litt. Degrees and published. He, in English, wrote and published a Novel with title-The Gift Packet-and a collection of 27 Short Stories. In the recent times, over ten Short Stories and over fifteen Literary Articles written by him were published in Refereed Journals of Literary Criticism and Creative writing.

He edited and published a Short Story Collection of a hundred Stories-Hundred Years-Hundred Writers-Hundred Short Stories-selecting One Story each year of One Writer from 1910 to 2009 in chronological order on the occasion of the Centenary of First Telugu Short Story published in 1910. (720 pages nearly in A-4 size. Hard Bound). He also edited and published two collections of Short Stories in Hindi and Two collections of literary essays written by well known writers. He has made his writings available to readers through his blog:

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