My mind engages in conversation during my daily morning walk. What are my functions? My functions are thoughts, feelings and desires! They are directed by my potential rational capacities! I control all the functions of the body! I interpret information from the outside world and give an expression and visible view of the essence of the information. Fine! Anything more?! Yes,Yes! Intelligence, creativity, emotions and memory are a few of the many things governed by me. I receive information through five senses- sight, smell, touch , taste and hearing and processes and stores some information in memories! Then, what about sixth sense?! It does something beyond what the five senses do! What does it mean?! It is imagination! It is intuition! It can not provide reliable physical facts! It is also one of my Natural powers! The creativity is quite different from Intuition! Just tell me one more thing, when you control and govern so much which words can not depict, why can not you control and govern yourself?! I know only one thing! I am a bundle of desires! I am a bundle of Secrecy! How can I control myself?! The desires born with me propel and make me function to fulfill them till the last moment of my death! The desires are the propelling force for my thoughts and feelings.


While my mind is in conversation, a friend of mine Q approached me, wished good morning and said " you know that I am your well wisher. I want to tell you a secret! Please do not say it anywhere and to any body! You believe and trust everyone! That is the problem with you! As your well wisher, I can not but tell you that! Our friend A is talking very bad of you! He tells everywhere that you have borrowed money from many persons and do not pay them back! It damages your social status! A day may come shortly that people are afraid of even talking to you! Beware of such friends! Do not believe and trust everyone! "

" Should I not trust you?! Everyone knows that I am well to do and no need for me to borrow! If at all any one speaks bad of me, I am confident that none believes his words! Why should I worry about it when I am aware of what I am!"

" That is where you are wrong! The propaganda can make a truth as an untruth and the real as unreal! Beware of such friends ! I have told you the secret! It is now for you to decide!"

" Thank you! Do not worry about me! "

His eyes shone brightly! He is happy and joyful! Why?! What did he do?! He spoke bad of A and made efforts to make me believe what he said! He finds pleasure in creating hatreds among the friends and people! It is a sign of mental disorder! My mind cautions" Do not believe his words!"

This is how the MIND works Automatically, Naturally, spontaneously and orderly.


I walked further over a hundred meters while my mind is in conversation. What is a feeling? What is an emotion? What is the difference between feeling and emotion? Yes, I got it! Both are human traits. What is a trait? We may call trait a distinguished character. Creativity is a human trait as the animals do not have the capacity of Creativity! Yes, I agree! But, birds weave nests! Ants build beautiful palaces! Birds fly in the sky! There are so many such creations! Such things are their basic and natural functions! They do it with their limited intelligence which can not be called Creativity! Inventions and use of solar energy, of atomic energy, building of human dwellings on other planets and such countless scientific and technological inventions are Creativity of humans! That is why Creativity is a human trait, a distinguished character! Further, Feelings are experienced consciously, while Emotions manifest in visible form. Both arise on the propelling force of Desire!

The conversation is going on. My friend, T, wished and stopped me saying" I saw that Q is talking to you! He talks bad of everyone now a days! I am sure that he talked to you something bad of someone!"

" Yes, you are right! He may be suffering from a mental disorder! Some mental disorders are not easily identifiable! You may also suffer from an unidentified mental disorder! I may too!" The feelings and emotions propelled by Desires are both Negative and Positive! This is how the Mind works Automatically, Naturally, Spontaneously and orderly!


I walked some small distance forward and my mind is in conversation! What is the difference between feeling and emotion? I have already told just now! Feelings are experienced consciously while Emotions manifest in visible form. What does Manifest mean? Appear or Indicate some signs. The emotions may be identified through its associated desires and actions. It indicates a physical state! Emotions are biological states associated with the nervous system!

My friend X suddenly stopped me and said in haste pointing his finger at a bus shelter" There is thick darkness! The bus shelter is under tall and huge trees! I saw a man and woman kissing! Not only me, many walkers saw it!"

" It is a very good morning for you all! You could see a live show in stead of seeing them in films!"

" It is a public place! How you are taking it so lightly!"

" They do not have a well furnished and decorated bed room! They could not control the Emotions! That is the Nature of Desires and Emotions!

" I too know what you are telling! "

" Yes, I agree that you know more! Here, the emotions of sex manifested by desire and action openly without any play or game of secrecy of sex! The humankind treats sex as a matter of great secrecy for various causes! It is for well being!"

" Then, what is the difference between man and animal?!"

" The animals strictly follow the code of sex participation! They have no secrets. They do it in a particular season! It is the code created by the Nature!"

" The human race also follows a code of sex! It is a social code of human culture and civilization! Man has the capacity of maintaining strict secrecy of sex! His mind has the Natural System of secrets! The strict secrecy of sex and also the social code of sex were created and brought into use by the ancient man with foresight for peaceful and harmonious social living as otherwise, human blood will flow before our eyes in rivers!"


I walked further for ten minutes fast while my mind is in conversation. What is conscious mind? I am a layman! I can not answer it, but I shall try to speak of my experiences! I walked further a more distance while my mind is in Conversation! Thoughts create awareness. Awareness is two kinds. The first one is knowing what I am and the second one is knowing what is happening around me. When I know what is happening around me, I think about it and respond to it. I respond to it means, I do what is needed. When I hear the alarm of the calling bell, I say instantly" I am coming sir!" and open the door and see who has come. If he is a friend,

I welcome him to come inside with cheerful smiles on my lips. If he is a beggar, I pay him five rupees at the gate and return in no time. I do so many things like this throughout the day till I go to bed and sleep. I do all this Firstly with awareness and Secondly automatically and spontaneously. The process mechanism, that is the mental system of Consciousness is regulated, disciplined and organized by itself Naturally to functioning automatically creating communication and response! Every thing occurs Consciously only and Nothing occurs Unconsciously as there is No formation of such system as the Unconsciousness in the mind!  are only two systems in the mind, one is system of Consciousness and the other is system of Secrecy! How communication and response are created are a matter and mechanism of the mind by itself Naturally and so the systems formed in it also function by themselves Naturally! The mind and the systems in it are formed by Nature! The formation of mind and the formation of the systems in it are of physical Nature and Not of Psychological Nature!

I walked for about a half an hour while my mind is in deep thought and my friend R stopped and awakened me saying" Do you know what you are doing?! You are lost yourself in deep thought! Be careful! You may meet an accident!" I thanked him and returned home Consciously. This is how the System of Consciousness and the System of Secretes function Automatically Naturally spontaneously and Orderly!


I am walking fast before sunrise and my mind is in conversation. What is deep thought? What is Meditation? What is the difference between them? Deep thought is Natural mental process. Meditation is human effort to gain control over mind. The mind warns"You may have some benefits from meditation and enjoy them, but you can not win control over me! You understand that there you are fooled! You take it as gaining control over me which is not possible for you! If you do meditation more and more with blind determination, your mind loses slowly and slowly it's Natural powers unawares of you ! You foolishly take it also as achieving control over me! Beware and Beware, you can not enslave me to you as the Desires come with your birth and die with your death only!"

My friend Z came in the opposite direction and wished me and I responded. He is coming from Yoga Mission. We went into conversation. I asked him some questions on his Meditation and he answered me" I am doing Meditation for the past 14 years. My desires and attractions are as before 14 years. I could not control them as I could not acquire control over my mind. That way it is a failure! But, it is a good exercise and helps for some discipline, some relief from stress and strain for some minutes, good health and above all some self- satisfaction. That way we enjoy some benefits!" I thanked him for his enlightenment and said" I agree with you. The mind which controls and governs body and its functions can not control itself! The desires are more powerful!" He nodded his head and we proceeded in our directions.

We hear about the politicians and International criminals who looted thousands of crores of public money, many professionals, many senior level officers, many such intellectual and rich class of people who mock and enjoy pleasure at the helplessness of the Investigating Agencies and the Law as aforesaid. Thus, there are two classes of criminals. One is the rich and Intellectual class as said before. The other is helpless and poor class of criminals who become prey to the Investigating Agencies and the Law. We see this with our own eyes!

The world of science and technology should invent a silent mental contact system through which the information of criminal offenses could be collected directly from their minds and used as evidence to punish them without delay and free the world from crimes. A great hope!

The system of Secrets play a vital role in human life. It is the repository of Emotions. The Emotions of great pleasure and happiness and the Emotions of severe melancholy are safely stored here in memory cells. It locks deeply the criminal offenses committed and protects him. One could bring all such stored Secrets whenever he needs to his memory with images, we may say it a recollection. There is much to know about it and investigations go on endlessly as it is a great source of varied information. It functions in cooperation with the System of Consciousness and also Independently.

After walking for some minutes, I entered a park and sat on a bench which is midst green plants. My mind is in conversation I do everything consciously only. I am a bundle of desires and secrets. I can not fulfill all my desires. The unfulfilled desires are many and many and endless. If I spend all my time thinking about the unfulfilled desires, who will do my regular functions and duties which earn food and other facilities to me and my family and responsibilities towards my children and other family members and the society?! What do I do?! I keep all such things in a separate system in such a way they do not come across my regular functions. Most of such desires are of secrecy none should know about them except me! I want to become prime minister of India! I want to have sexual pleasure with a particular girl! I want build a big palace for my residence! I have many such desires! How could I tell them to anyone?! If at all I tell anyone, he thinks that I am mad! There are such uncountable secrets I have! I keep them safely in a safe, that is the System of Secrets! Sometimes, I recollect them and search for ways and means to fulfill some of them! I do all this consciously. I have two systems in my mind. One is the System of Consciousness and the other is the system of Secrets, the safe locker of Secrets!

Two of my friends came and sat by my side. We talked about hike of the prices of vegetables and decided to purchase leaf curries only. We proceeded our ways.


I walked for some minutes and went into the park and sat on the grass midst green plants unseen by others. My mind is in conversation. what are desires? Man is born with desires, lives with desires till the last moment of his demise. It is the propelling force of life. Man is created by Nature and lives with the Nature. Why man should be liberated from desires?! Why man should kill his desires?! Killing desires means killing life! In the true spirit of Nature, it is a crime! Is it really possible to liberate from desires?! It is not possible as life is created of desires! If one says that he is liberated from desires, it is a self-deceit! It may deceive the outside world also! We come across such many professionals and also hear about their rape and sex affairs, grabbing of the lands and illegal accumulation of wealth deceiving the people in many magical methods! Then, where is liberation from Desires?! It is self-deceit also! If hard and strict mental practices are done, the Conscious Mind loses its Natural powers slowly and slowly unawares and it is taken as Liberation from desires! While living with the law of Nature with desires, man has the social responsibility to respect and live with Social Law! The fulfillment of your desires should not cause injury either to you or the outside world! That is social Law! Then, a question arises! Is restraint of desires possible? Yes, it is possible! The Conscious mind has the natural powers and mechanism to disciplining and regulating the Desires within the Nature's Law and Social Law! We live our lives this way only. Is it Not?


I walked for some minutes, entered the park and sat on the green grass behind the thick plants unseen by others. My mind is in conversation. Why man commits crimes? Man commits crimes consciously. He is aware of the consequences of the commitment of the crimes. Yet, man commits crimes. Why? The one word answer is DESIRES only, that is the DESIRES unfulfilled or unattainable! We have a good percentage of professional politicians, the highly intellectual law makers, who are facing the allegations of various crimes? Why did they commit crimes?! Did they not do it with full awareness?! Since they are law makers and highly intellectual, they safely keep them in the system of secrets and manage No evidence is available! They can hire great advocates who will manage that the allegations are not proved! We find many such criminals who live very happily and manage retain political power which is an added advantage! They mock and enjoy pleasure at the helplessness of the Investigation Agencies and the Law! All this is before the eyes of everyone.

The system of secrets protects the criminals!

I understand that the System of Desires, the System of Consciousness, the System of fulfillment and enjoyment of Desires, the System of secrets, the System of Recollection of stored Memories with Images and the System of Crimes of unfulfilled and unattainable Desires and secret storage of their secrets function automatically, naturally and orderly run the world of the human Minds which run the world of the human life and the world.


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