" Hi! Nannamma*, how are you, how is Tatagaru*?"

" Samgeeta, we both are doing fine! Well! Hope you are fine!"

" Yes, Nannamma! Well! I have understood how the texting culture distances one from the other, how it disconnects one from the other and thereby destroys all forms of lovely and loving relations. As you advised, I stopped all the forms of the written silent conversations and communications! I now have voice chat only with all my sisters and uncles and aunties! With you and Tatagaru, I have always voice chat only!"

" You know what is the difference between man and animal!"

" Yes, Nannamma! Man has brain with creative thinking power and skills! He talks and communicates and shares his thoughts and feelings with others!"

"Right! Brain with creative thinking power and skills is gifted to the man by the Nature! Animal is not gifted with such brain powers! Man, with that Nature's gift, struggled thousands and lakhs of years and created words, languages, speech, spoken talk and communication! He, thus created spoken voice communication! The animal lives are dumb!"

" Really great! "

" The spoken communication thus created, built many a forms of relationships such as man-woman relationship, family relationship, community relationship, social relationship, friendly relationship, traditional relationship, cultural relationship and univesal relationship and human relationship and many a such other relationships. Why?!"

" Truly great! These relationships provide security and safety so that people could live and enjoy their lovely life with peace and joy and with humanity! This is my understanding!"

" Well! Then, why should we kill such powerful and useful and live communication and use the dead silent conversation in our personal life which destroys the relationships?"

" I agree it is stupidity!'

" Why should we live dumb life like animals!? The silent conversation may be useful in administration, governance, business, trade, economic activities and many such activities! I would not like to speak about it! "

" Yes, Nannamma! Face to face spoken voice conversation represents human emotions! The written communication is dead of human emotions and is hurtful to human relations and human life!"

" Samgeeta, you have got it correctly! "

" Thank you, Nannamma for your valuable guidance! I shall share what all you said with my sisters, relatives and friends! Thank you once again!"


" Hi! Nannamma! I am fine and hope that you and Tatagaru are doing fine and well! "

" Yes, Sahiti ! We are well! "

" Nannamma, as you advised, I cook my own food and eat fresh and hot food! We all are doing it sincerely. We stopped eating processed and packed food and door delivery food! We feel happy and healthy and at the same time saving money!"

" It is not because of my telling, it is because of your doing! Doing good things give good results!"

" I feared that cooking will kill my study time! It is not so! It is an easy work! It is an art! I enjoy it as an entertainment! The lemon and mango pickles and curry and sambar powders which you prepared and gave us are very tasty and save our time. We follow a schedule for cooking!"

" Good! It is your positive thinking and attitude! Negative attitude creates stress and strain without any good results!"

" We, your five granddaughters whether we are in India or in Foreign countries cook our own Indian food and dishes and eat and follow your way of life! We are really happy! It has many advantages! Cook and eat fresh food, Keep good health, Save money, enjoy the art!

" I am proud of you all! Though you are all doing higher education in different Foreign countries, you are following our Indian culture which is ancient and time-tested and proved great all times in the world!"


Hi ! Nannamma! I am fine and well. How are you and Tatagaru?"
"Hi ! Suhasini! We are doing quite well. Congratulations and best wishes on your securing first rank in your post graduation, that too in a reputed foreign University! We enjoy your achievement and feel proud of it! What else we want!?"
" Nannamma! Send me sweets!"
" Kissing you! Kissing you! Kissing you!"
" Very sweet! Very sweet! Very sweet full of your sweet love!"
" I am enjoying your lovely moonlight happy smiles! They are like the shining moonlight smiles of the jasmine flowers!"
" I stole them from your lips on the very moment of my birth!"
" We observed lovely sweet rosy smiles on the very moment of your birth! That is why we have gifted you with the name of Suhasini !"
" I know, Nannamma! I know! I am an attested true copy of you!"
" Who told you! I do not agree! I am more beautiful than you!"
" Many told me! Tatagaru has attested the true copy with his own signature! What more you need! Tatagaru has certified that I am more beautiful than you!"
" It is true! I am very happy!"
" Nannamma, I am recommending your name to the senate of our University for award of two Honorary Doctorates in Science and Technology!"
" I have already a more honorable and more dignified Doctorate degree and Designation! Nothing else equals it! I am proud of it! If that is not there, there would not be any family institution!"
" It is true, Nannamma! I got it! Family Creator! Family Maker! Family Manager! Housewife!"
" What else I need! I am happy!"
" You richly deserve two Honorary Doctorates for your analysis of voice conversation and silent conversation! I am surprised at your keen observation of what is happening in our lives and society! We have stopped it and are asking our friends and relatives to put an end to silent conversation in our personal life! Great!"
" Mine is just a seen, heard and experienced knowledge! Nothing else!"
"Nannamma, suppose I am suffering from fever or some illness! I do not tell you! If I tell you will worry about it! It means that I am hiding the fact and truth! If it is a voice conversation or better a video conversation , you yourself will recognize and identify it and do something to be of relief to me from the problem! The emotions of the voice and the expressions of the face reveal the fact and truth! It is a simple example!"
" Whatever little I know, I know it from such simple examples only!"
" You have the capabilities of keen observation and analysis which are the grassroots of all Discoveries and Inventions! It is a joy and knowledge to talk to you!"

" Hi! Nannamma! I am fine! How do you and Tatagaru do?"
"Hi! Samkirtana! We both are healthy and happy! We do not have anything to worry! Our granddaughters are cause of our good heath and happiness!"
" You have led highly disciplined and planned life! We have borrowed a bit of it! We follow your sari dress code strictly and live your way of life, that is ideal Indian way of life! Nobody need ask about our identity! Our sari dress code and face with round Kumkuma Bottu, a piece of nose jewelry and earrings are sufficient for our Ideal Indian identity!"
" It is good! I am happy to hear it. We should live with our tradition and culture and make them live endlessly!"
" Nannamma, I agree with you. We should not kill them ourselves in the attractions of newness or modernity or fashions and without any purpose or objectivity or essentiality!"
" You are right! Nothing remains unchanged! I see that the new generation women wear saris on functions only! The college girls wear pants and shirts! Most of the women wear Punjabi dresses! I do not find fault with them! They are the needs and necessities of the contemporary living!"
" I agree with you, Nannamma, if I attend for interview for a high post in multinational companies in sari dress they do not select me! I have my own experience! Changes become compulsions also! We cannot forego our advancements and progress for the sake of tradition and culture!"
" Nannamma, you know very well that Indian Culture is built on timeless roots and foundations. We should not violate them, but should strengthen them. Do not harm or hurt anyone with your thought or word or body or action. Wish always that all should always live happy. Respect and honor everyone, every religion, every caste, every color, every gender and every class with egalitarian equality. Always attempt to do some good to the people and the society and make your life useful one. This is the breath and soul of Indian culture. This is what we should live and make the Indian culture live timeless and endless."
" I am very very glad to hear these good words from you!"
" We did not learn these things from any great books! We learnt it from Tatagaru and you only and from your way of living!"
" I tell you a surprising thing! Your grandfather's father went to an interview with Indian dhoti dress! He was not allowed to the interview!"
" Such things are there even today! I have my own experience!"
" Nannamma, I shall talk to you next Sunday!" 
" Wish you all the best, All the success, All the happiness!"
* * *
" Hi ! Nannamma! How are you? How is Tatagaru! I am quite fine!"
" Hi ! Samskriti ! We both are fine and well! Congratulations for your winning gold medal in your Post graduation degree! I feel proud of you!"
" It is all your guidance and blessings!"
" It is your sincere efforts and commitment, nothing else!"
" This time, when I come there, I will get you two pants and two shirts!"
" Welcome! When your grandfather wears pants and shirts, why should I not wear pants and shirts!? Why there should be gender discrimination in dress code!"
" I have recently purchased two pants and two shirts for me! You can use them!"
" What does it mean!?"
" It means your Samskriti grew one inch taller than you!"
" Then, it is very difficult to search a suitable boy for you!"
" Nannamma, why there should be gender discriminations in tallness also!? Hereafter I shall call Tata only in the place of Tatagaru! Why there should be gender discrimination in addressing between you and Tata!?"
" In the educated middle and upper classes, the man only earns and takes the full responsibility of the whole family, while the women are limited to house management only! The most difficult task is earning money! The man is respected for his earning and responsibilities! In our generations, we never took it as male dominance and superiority!"
Thank you, Nannamma! I have learnt a new thing today!"
" In agriculture and labour classes and in rural India, only singular number is used for both the genders! Both women and men work and earn money! If both earn, the equality arises! It is altogether a different culture"
" Nannamma, thank you for your enlightenment. Why do you love me more than others!?"
" We love all of you equally! You, being youngest, we love you more!"
" Thank you very much, Nannamma! I love you and Tata more than my parents since they also grew disciplined under your guidance and way of living! We all grew under your guidance and way of living! I want to say one more thing. The voice conversation with you assures me of your love, affection, encouragement, guidance and a strong and binding sense of belongingness and security!"
" Wish you all the best, all the success, all the happiness!"
(*Nannamma and Tatagaru are telugu words for grandmother and grandfather respectively)


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