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A Poetry of Unearthing the Pearls of Truth: Wanderer

Wanderer by Rajender Krishan
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I read the poetry of Wanderer by Rajender Krishan with interest and insight. I shall attempt to express my opinions.

The poetry speaks of three live things of Humans, namely Human Species, Human Being and Human Mind and attempts to bring them to light to reviewing them to know their current and contemporary positions and states. There is large wealth of literature on the evolution and development of those three human things, but and yet, much and many things remain unanswered and so the research and investigations go on. This poetry is a simple effort in that direction and it throws some truths to light based on his commonsense and observations for reviewing them in the contemporary times.

The three things of Humans, from the roots are Wanderers. I mention here a few relevant words taken from the wealth of literature.

1. Human Species: Humans are HOMO sapience. They are a species of highly intelligent PRIMATES which means great apes. Humans are PRIMATES, but the primates that humans closely resemble are the apes. The primate Sub- group is known as HOMINOIDS or HOMINOIDEA which means Super family. The chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and a few more and Humans are known as family of great apes and as super family. The molecular evidence suggests that Humans came into existence between 8 and 4 million years ago.

There is close genetic relationship between the humans and the great apes.

According to the theory of mind concept, humans acquire the capacity of language and simple cultures after about 4 years of age and some such similarities are found in some new world monkeys.

From the time of Homo erectus, that is upright man, Homo sapiens originated 315,000 years ago. They appeared and were recognized 1.8 million years ago. They became wanderers, had visited the whole of Africa and migrated to various continents and gradually colonized the entire planet of earth.

About 12,000 years ago, some of the Homo sapiens passed from a wandering lifestyle of hunting and gathering to sedentary farming, building villages and social life and cultures.

We, that is humans are born upright men and became wanderers and began wandering life for food and other needs.

We are Wanderers.

2. Homo erectus: Upright man: Contemporary Man: The upright man is born highly intelligent. He ended his wandering living and began farming, building villages, social living and cultures using his intelligent capacities about 12,000 years ago. The era of utilization of intelligence capacities began  and the journey of 'Investigate and Invent' started which lasts for ever endlessly as long as man lives on the planet of earth and also on other planets.

(A) Science and Technology : A new era began in 17 th century with the investigations and inventions of scientists, namely, Galileo, Isaac Newton, James Watt, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Luis Pasteur, Wilhelm Eduardo Weber, Ernest Rutherford, Sigmund Freud, Wright brothers, Alexander Fleming and Albert Einstein in different branches of science and technology. The inventions now reached the peak of building homes for humans on the other planets and at the same time installing Sun on the planet of earth.

(B) Origin of Society: The social scientists brought out many theories on the origin of Society, namely, Divine Right Theory, Force theory, Partriarchal and Matriarchal Theory, Social Contract Theory, but they did not win the acceptance. Evolutionary theory was largely accepted. Society is not a make, but a growth. Society exists solely in the minds of its members. It is a transformation from unorganized state to organized state in the process of natural and spontaneous growth incessantly. It is a spontaneous evolution.

Aristotle (B. C. 384- 322) said" Man by nature is a social animal" Society is taken as a web of social relationships. Beginning from Plato and Aristotle till date many scientists brought out many theories and literature with the objective of making social relationships harmonious and happy.

(C) Origin of Political State: Population, territory, government and sovereignty are the primary features of a political state. Political State transformed in the order of kinship, religion, war, and political consciousness. They led to the rise of oriental empires, city state, feudal states and nation states in the order.

Political consciousness among the people and National movements paved the way for democracies and as a result democracies began to be formed. Beginning from Plato's( B.C. 427- 347 ) Republic, many political theories and literature came to light useful for formation of democracies.

In the recent years, a new voice is heard "The eras of theories and doctrines ended. People's True democracies should be built with the objectives of equality and social justice, development and welfare, freedom and Human rights and cultural unity among all people without any discrimination"

With the development of air travel and other facilities and governmental liberalisations, the upright man became more and more wanderer for better education, better employment, better business and many such better things for better living and life.

We are Wanderers.

3. Human Mind: Human Mind is an instant wanderer in seconds or less than seconds time from one thought to another thought.

Human Mind is a home, a system for thoughts, feelings and desires. They are directed by potential natural capacities. It controls all the functions of the body. It interprets information received through the five senses from the outside world and an expression and visible view of the essence of the information. Intelligence, creativity, emotions and memory are a few of the many things governed by the mind. Emotions are propelling physical forces.

The desires born with the mind propel and make the mind function to fulfill them till the last moment of death. The desires are endless and die only with death of the man. The desires are the propelling forces for thoughts ,feelings and emotions which are both Negative and Positive. They make the mind an instant wanderer. The emotions are biological states associated with nervous systems.

There are only two systems in the mind, one is system of Cosciousness and the other is system of Secrecies and memories. There is No system of Unconsciousness or Subconsciousness in the mind. The mind performs all its functions through these two systems only. Everything occurs consciously only and Nothing unconsciously.

Mind is an instant wanderer. We are planned wanderers!

The poetry focuses on Dualities or Dualism of Human Mind and actions. We enjoy one of the duality while we suffer from the other of the duality. We do good things. We do bad things knowing that they are bad and harmful. We come across these issues in our daily living and life. We do not find answers easily. We know it happens. So, we employ and follow some social, ethical, legal and cultural established practices and make efforts to resist the mind from doing bad and harmful things. Keeping us, the common people aside, why did the great scientists who invented historical things for development and welfare of the people and for peaceful and happy social living invented also destructive weaponry and things?! It is a very big study of many sciences and very difficult to get answers. We may find a few causes for the Dualities.

(a) The Nature creates and destroys. So, the man and his mind created by Nature may inherit the nature of destruction or doing bad and harmful things. All moving and flying living beings created by Nature also have that nature in one or other way.

(b) we belong to the super family of great apes. There is close genetic relationship with the great apes which do destructive and harmful things.

(c) The system of mind and the systems in the mind are so created that they are both positive and negative. So, we do bad  and harmful things.

(d) Neorobiological disgust, superiority complexity, inferiority complexity, enjoyment of power over others, distrust, unsocial, unethical, illegal desires and temptations are common causes for doing bad and harmful things.

The poet, Rajender Krishan richly deserves to be congratulated for his poetry of unearthing the pearls of truth.

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