Veda Manager: An Appeal to All Indians


Contribution of India and Indians to the world body of knowledge is immeasurable. Vedic period in India's long history represents a highpoint in human knowledge at all times. Philosophers, thinkers, writers, leaders and historians the world over have acknowledged this unique contribution of India cutting across race, region and religion. India's claim for leadership in the field of knowledge has been unchallenged and remains intact even now. Chinese and Egyptian are the only two other civilisations that can claim as much antiquity as that of India's. But when Egyptians were busy building pyramids and Chinese the gunpowder, India's ancient rishis were composing Puranas, Epics, Vedas and Upanishads that remains unequalled even now. The pearls of wisdom that is engraved in each of these works of art are known to the whole world and there is no need to highlight it again.

In this twenty first century, which has been designated as the Century of Knowledge, Indians continue to maintain the lead. A bit of IT (Information Technology) is there in all Indians and it is almost impossible to flourish in IT without Indians. Indian companies like Infosys and Wipro are world famous and are charting unprecedented growth curves in board rooms. The contribution of Indians in the growth of global players like IBM, Intel, Microsoft etc., etc., has been acknowledged by their respective owners at various world forums. Mankind would not have been doing so many things with computers but for the existence of a country called India and a race of people from there. Despite poverty and difficulty, Indians have always cherished and nourished their thirst for knowledge. The current contribution in the field of IT has been possible only because of this uniqueness of our culture. It is time the rest of the world acknowledged this in a formal manner.  

Knowledge management is an emerging field in all industries. Each and every company is interested in documenting and retaining the knowledge it has accumulated by way of experience. Development and retention of specialised knowledge was always there in all industries by means of retaining the key human resources. But the tremendous demand for qualified personnel has upset the calculations of major employers. The need for retaining company knowledge irrespective of the personnel has assumed supreme importance. All the major companies in the world, especially in IT field, have a Knowledge Manager in their organisational hierarchy. It is only in the best traditions of cultural gratitude that the post is re-designated as 'Veda Manager' as a tribute to the contributions of India and Indians to knowledge (Veda).

I call upon all Indians the world over, especially those who are controlling the reigns of economic and social power, to make this happen. Indian companies like Infosys, Wipro and Satyem must take the initiative in re-designating their own Knowledge Managers. Indian employees of major companies like Microsoft, Intel, IBM etc., must inform their management collectively about this reasonable and legitimate demand of ours. We have contributed much more than our remuneration and we shall continue to do so thanks to our inherent thirst for knowledge. But this is a simple request that can change the way the world look at India and Indians. A 'Veda Manager' in each and every major company in the world is the best tribute to the cradle of human knowledge.         


More by :  J. Ajithkumar

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