It's Your Problem


It's your problem!

That's the Manmohan Singh government's response to those opposing the proposed increase in reservations for seats to educational institutions.

If I recall correctly that was the response to the middle class whimpering under the burden of never ending fuel hikes. Yet another hike is round the corner. Maybe we should seek solace that this is the response even to the President of India when he returns a bill to be reconsidered.

That is the response to the electorate every time the present administration bends over backwards to accommodate the demands of coalition partners who choose to dictate from outside, rather than take responsibility by being a part of the disorder.

This was the response while the prestigious seat of power, New Delhi, reels under power scarcity. While the common man sweats it out, the power corridors are air-conditioned 24X7.

That is the response when dengue makes a comeback every year, taking away lives of the poor and the underprivileged while the rich and powerful make jaunts to reputed hospitals in the US to seek medical treatment.

That is the response when yet another woman is raped and outraged in Delhi, battling for the tag of the rape capital of the world. Does anyone care that women don't feel secure to walk unescorted in a city where they are not safe even in public places.

That is the response when yet another high profile accused is acquitted because the witnesses all of a sudden begin displaying symptoms of amnesia.

That is the response when the levels of obscenity, sleaze and vulgarity on prime time television put a decent x-rated film to shame. On the other hand, the Censor Board is occupied trying to conclude whether the Da Vinci Code hurts the feelings of a particular religious community.

That was the response when recent elections in Tamil Nadu saw the two major parties battle for votes on sops and more sops, all paid for by the state exchequer of course. So televisions crossed swords with bicycles while the centre looked away.

That was the reaction when Mrs. Gandhi dumped a multi-crore election bill onto the poor tax payers of India by announcing that she will seek justice from the people of Rae Bareilly, after she was found guilty of holding an office of profit.

That was the reaction when Mrs. Gandhi also declared that she had no car of her own and expected us to believe her!

That was the response when Rahul Baba humbly announced he is "not ready" to become the Prime Minister. Not yet, that is.

That is the response from both the state and central administrations when every year scores of farmers in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa commit suicide, unable to bear the burden of debt, drought and hunger.

That was the response when Buta Singh in his capacity as Governor decided to impose a second round of elections onto the state of Bihar because no party of Madam's choice could gather enough seats. That was the response when the courts passed strictures on the honorable Governor's decision and yet the man in question refused to resign.

That was the response when Mega Mumbai virtually capsized under last year's torrential rains. And there might just be an encore this year with rains already affecting large parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.

Unfortunately Mr. Singh is right. Consider the time lost due to interruptions and adjournments in the last parliament session. It cost us approximately Rs. 40 crore to maintain Mr. Clean and Incorporated in Lok Sabha.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I must graciously accept that for once, Mr. Singh is right. It is our problem - after all we voted this bunch into power!        


More by :  Usha Kakkar

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