Will we Cross the Barrier to Enact Uniform Civil code


According to the changes of circumstance and situation due to modernization in everything everywhere, Common Civil Code is absolutely necessary not only for the integrity of the nation but also for the identity of the people as Indians only and not as N. Indians or S. Indians; Gujaratis or Bengalis or Hindians or Tamilians; Hindus or Muslims or Christians; and not even as Brahmins or Dalits anywhere in the world!

In spite of communalization and politicization of the issue, time has come for the enactment of Uniform Civil Code as required by the Indian Constitution irrespective of the religious and personal laws for the integrity and identity of all the people of India.

  1. For doing so, consensus of all the communities has to be arrived at in order to avoid imposition of law.
  2. Prior to that Reforms for all the Communities have to be made by their people as far as their Religious and Personal Laws are concerned.
  3. Above all, education has to be given to both the sexes of all the Communities to bring about uniformity for the sake of integrity and identity of all the people of India.

In reality what is taught in the school is untaught at home because of casteism, fanatical religious dogmatism, linguistic chauvinism and regional secessionism that are preventing national integrity, identity of the Indian people and the social developments in India.

So, the educated people should be made the leaders and guides for the people and not the religious or linguistic die-hards of various political parties who are responsible not only for depriving the people of the knowledge of the international language, English and the opportunities for developments available everywhere because of that, but also not developing or reorganizing even the Sanskrit language in order to make it a national official language of India even after 60 years of Independence!

Except India and Turkey, which are Secular Countries, every State of the world has a National Religion of its own in the world excluding the Communist Countries like China and North Korea. But, whether it is religious or secular, the law of the land of every country is being followed by its people.

Even in India, the Criminal Procedure Code and the Civil Procedure Code are the same for all the people in spite of all kinds of diversities in language, race, religion, region and culture. When this is so, why can't Uniform Civil Code also be enacted to make effective Article 44 of Indian Constitution?    


More by :  T. A. Ramesh

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