What UN Reform could be suitable for the New World Order?


Reforming and empowerment of the UNO still remain as a dream. Without reforms this world body cannot function effectively and powerfully to solve world problems that cannot be solved otherwise by any other means. So, this is the main work that has to be given importance by all the nations of the world because of proliferation of nuclear weapons spreading everywhere and international terrorism going out of control because of the unilateral actions taken by the Super Power, USA and other coalition partners in Afghanistan and Iraq without much success according to their expectation.

For the past six decades after the World War II, UNO is not reformed so far. Also according to the changes of the world, even international law has not been effectively amended to suitably deal with the world issues. As a result, UNO is not able to play a central or vital role in the affairs of the world, but merely functions like a discussion club.

Defects of UNO

  1. All the nations are considered to be equal in the United Nations Organization. But in practice, the advanced countries are still dominating over the developing and weak countries of the world. Though helpless, the UNO is functioning unmindful of this practice.

  2. The veto power of the permanent five member nations is hampering the implementation of important decisions taken by the majority of the nations.

  3. Because it is not economically and militarily empowered, UNO is not able to
    1. enforce law on any nation in the world, 
    2. prevent or solve Israeli-Palestine conflicts even after many years in the Middle East, and 
    3. alleviate poverty; provide good governance by democracy, education to eliminate ignorance, and drinking water and sanitation to maintain the hygiene of the people paving the way for the socio-economic development of the African countries.

  4. Also, due to this defect, UNO is not able to implement the objectives for the development of the world towards unity, peace, prosperity and progress desired by many nations of the world. That is why, many issues like disarmament and destruction of WMD, NPT, CTBT and international terrorism are not effectively dealt with by passing suitable resolutions in the UNO.

Remedy for the Problems of UNO

  1. In the changed world scenario after the cold war and the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the expansion of the UN Security Council with the inclusion of new nations such as Brazil, South Africa, Germany, India, Indonesia and Japan as permanent members along with the already existing permanent five member countries is a necessity now to make it more democratic and representative of the world in order to effectively deal with the problems of the world today and face the challenges of tomorrow in the 21st century.

  2. The veto power should be abolished. It should be made imperative that the approval of two-thirds majority of the council members is necessary to decide about any issue that comes to the UNO.

  3. For running the affairs of the UNO, funds should be contributed by all the nations of the world by way of collecting tax from their peoples or by other means possible such as through trade, tourism, exports, etc.

  4. A world army should be established by recruiting soldiers from all the nations of the world and this world army should be used to expel the army that occupies the territory of other country, keep peace after cease-fire is declared anywhere and help or assist other countries in the times of disaster due to natural calamities etc.

  5.  A world police force should also be formed by recruiting police personnel from all the nations of the world; and if any issue comes for justice, they should be used to enforce law in any country of the world as per the decree passed by the international court of justice.

  6. By passing suitable resolution nuclear weapons should be removed from all the nations of the world and kept in the store of the UNO with proper security so that they may be used for destroying asteroids in order to avoid their collision with the Earth resulting in largest disaster in the future.

  7. By maintaining peace, ameliorative works such as alleviation of poverty, spread of education to all the parts of the world, providing jobs to all, developing works such as investing funds in industrial, agricultural and fishing industries and other connected works should be geared up utilizing the cooperation of all the nations so that the economic needs of UNO can be fulfilled by itself in the future.

Finally, in this way the world unity can be achieved to facilitate the formation of One World Government for running the affairs of the world in peace, security and stability in order to make developments in various fields, achieve prosperity for the whole world and make progress of humankind possible as was desired or dreamt by the noble individuals of the world.     


More by :  T. A. Ramesh

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