Will the War against Terrorism become Successful?


There is no end to war against terrorism because it has no boundaries in the world. But without putting an end to terrorism, there is no peace, stability and progress in the world. International terrorism has become a big threat to the civilized world. There is a unanimous approval by all the nations of the world for the fight against terrorism so that the dream of world union or one world could be achieved. Even in the international meetings of developed and developing nations it has been declared that terrorism is standing as an impediment to developmental activities and so, it is decided to exert international pressure over adamant nations supporting directly or indirectly terrorism of all kinds in order to bring a permanent end to terrorism in the world. 

Terrorism as a New Form of War

Many extremist groups use terrorism as the instrument of policy to achieve their objectives in the world. Of them, the Al Qaeda organization under the leadership of Osama bin Laden, after its terrorist hijacking of two Air Buses and attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York to rubbles on the 11th Sept. 2001 has been branded as the most dangerous terrorist outfit in the world; and the global war on terrorism has been started under the leadership of the US President, George W. Bush there after. But terrorism was there, is there and perhaps will be there. For many years terrorism is going on in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, Central, West and South East Asian countries. After the Sept. 11th attack only, the European Union and the USA came to know what kind of a formidable proportion terrorism was capable of taking and harming lives and properties in the world. Then the west realized that terrorism was a new form of war which had to be dealt with equally in a possibly new form by the participation of all nations in the world in unanimity.

Unipolar World 

After the Cold War, the erstwhile States of the Soviet Union dismantled and formed themselves into new nations. The only remaining Super Power, USA is imaging itself to be the hyper power of the unipolar world today, which is dangerous to itself and the world in the future. The wars USA is talking about and the plan of execution even without the approval of the UNO to solve the problems of the world cannot be always justified or approved by all as correct for everything. This kind of attitude is not in tune with the interests of France, Germany, Russia, China and India. Hence there is a bright chance for the formation of Multipolar World in the future.

Cow Boy way to End Terrorism 

The US President's speeches like 'those who are with us are against terrorism and those are not are supporters of terrorism' are like the utterances of a cow boy with the gun in hand before fighting to settle scores with his enemies. But terrorist attacks in Kashmir, Chechnya, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Spain and other places are also like the Sept. 11 attacks and are countered by the respective nations continuously for years together without an end because of lack of unified support from the international community to settle it once and for all. Only after the US has pulled the trigger, time has come to end permanently terrorism wherever it is in the world. That is why there is unanimous support from many nations of the world for the USA's plan of global war against terrorism so that the civilized nations can preserve and safeguard their achievements in many fields for the betterment of the world today and tomorrow.

History Repeats

Even in the changed world scenario, USA is having friendly ties with the nations, whether they have dictatorship rule or democratic rule, in order to maintain (Cold War) Balance of Power in the world just because they are strategically placed in the advantageous position to it. Even after getting good experience from the Vietnam War, American approach against Guerrilla War or terrorist war has not yet changed. As in Iraq, under the approval of the UN Security Council resolution 1373, USA with UK and others raided Taliban men in Afghanistan, defeated and over threw their government but could not locate or capture Osama bin Laden, the chief of Al Qaeda terrorist organization hiding in some caves there. New democratic government was also installed in Afghanistan, but the where about of Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect of Sept. 11 terrorist attack could not be detected. Terrorists are best at hide and seek game; before them the use of any sophisticated weapons or modern army meets only with failure. In this respect history repeats itself many times; yet big powers fail to understand the lesson and accordingly follow new methods or techniques to deal with such international crime doers. Therefore fixed formula of military type of war cannot be a panacea for psychological or cold or real wars.

Wrong US Approach

The understanding of America about other nations' problems and the way to solve them seem to be wrong on many occasions. But, if other nations follow the same method, USA, UK, EU and others oppose that with one voice at first and opinions of each one differ later on. The reason is that the situations and the mindsets of Asian nations, especially, are not the same as the ones in the west. For example, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan can be quoted, where US had unsuccessfully waged wars, because the objectives of wars had not been accomplished there. The unanimous approval for the counter attacks against terrorists and squeezing financial supports to them is to bring the perpetrators before justice for trial and punishment, and thereby render justice and restore peace and order in the world. The way to achieve this objective should be proper, fair and justified. That is the expectation of the civilized nations in the global war against terrorism now. 

Axis of Evil

It is clear that the organizations and nations aiding, supporting and harboring terrorists are against the civilized world and are considered as the enemies of the world humanity. So, it has been unanimously decided by all that enemies of humanity have to be dealt with firmly so that the developments, achievements and progress of civilized nations can be saved against destruction. But the US President has even prepared a list under the title, Axis of Evil classifying Iran, Iraq, Libya and North Korea as rogue nations, because they are capable of manufacturing Nuclear weapons, even using them in the future wars; and because they cannot be controlled by their people and by any other nation in the world. Hence, unless a change is brought about in the leadership of such nations, they would remain as big threats to peace and stability of the world. However, how far it was acceptable by other nations, if US went on saying that the next target of war against terrorism after Afghanistan was Iraq in order to oust Saddam Hussein, who went on delivering speeches with provocative slogans to such an extent that third World War between Muslims and Christians perhaps would come, which nobody can say for sure now! 

Supports and Opposition to Dictators

On the one hand, USA tried to oust Saddam Hussein of Iraq because he was against USA and on the other hand, USA tries to boost Pervez Musharraf because he is supporting USA. But both of them are military dictators. Afraid of attacks Pakistan opted for the coalition against terrorism and escaped its rout in the hunt for terrorists; and in return got the favors like debt waiver, aid for its economic recovery, etc. from the USA. General Musharraf after becoming the self made President has increased all kinds of power to his post for staying in power for five more years by making amendments in the Constitution of Pakistan to the extent of removing Prime Minister, other ministers from power and even dissolving the parliament if he feels necessary. In short, General Musharraf has almost become the dangerous dictator much more powerful than other dictators in the world. But how far it is digestible to America, which has the Vision 21st Century of erasing terrorism from the world, eradicating world poverty, boosting the economy of poor nations and establishing democratic governments in non-democratic States providing freedom and human rights to all the people there, nobody knows! Merely because Pakistan is adjacent to Afghanistan and also the erstwhile cold war strategic point advantages to it, America has joined hands with Pakistan in order to avail itself of the easy access it has to hunt down the terrorists there without much difficulty for its grand plan of anti-terrorist operation in the world.

Intelligent Anti-terrorist Operation

The anti-terrorist operation of the world coalition partners does not end with the Afghan war. It has jobs to do in Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other parts of the world as well. More than that the biggest danger before the world community is the Nuclear Weapons unfortunately falling into the hands of the terrorists, who, if it happens, could certainly use them without any thought of holocaust, unimaginable by anyone, or in that eventuality, the whole world could go under the control of the terrorists, which would make the world a hell! So, the plan of attack against terrorists and execution should be based on intelligent, accurate facts and that too everything has to be done at a quicker pace before the terrorists take the upper hand of the affairs. Also, USA should be careful to avoid controversial steps, but concentrate only on concrete steps in this global war against terrorism.

International Terrorism 

There are various kinds of terrorism.

1. There are terrorists fighting for freedom. 
2. There are terrorists fighting for separate nationhood. 
3. There are terrorists fighting for the cause of Jihad (Holy war).

The terrorist activities are a continuing serial story in Kashmir, which is going on under the first category of terrorism. Under the second category, the Tamil Tigers calling themselves as LTTE are fighting for separate Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka. Under the third category, terrorists are fighting for the cause of Jihad in Central Asia, Chechnya, Xinjiang province of China, East Timor in Indonesia, etc. Ethnic terrorism and religious terrorism are causing havoc continuously in some nations of the world. Islamic terrorism is not confined to one nation, but takes place in many nations; and so, Islamic terrorism is called as International Terrorism, causing concern to the smooth functioning of governments in the civilized nations. That is why, the final stage has come now to end terrorism so to say after the Sept. 11th attacks. Hence intelligence information regarding the details of terrorists all over the world are analyzed by the strategic intellectuals of the powerful nations of the world and plans are being chalked out in order to execute them according to a suitable programme with the cooperation and coordination of all nations in order to put an end to International Terrorism once and for all in the world.

Terrorist Activities

First, for more than 20 years Liberation Tamil Tigers have been fighting a terrorist war against Sri Lankan army pressing for their demand of establishing separate Tamil Nation in the Northern part of Sri Lanka without success. Realizing the futility of their pursuit so, they have now opted for peace talks with the Sri Lankan government because of a heavy loss of properties and lives of innocent civilians so far. But success depends upon the cooperation of the two parties under the Sri Lankan Constitution. Second, after the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Afghanistan and the dismantling of Soviet Union, terrorism spawned in Central Asia, West Asia, Southern Europe, North Africa, South East Asia and South America. Recently Chechnyan rebels were crushed by the strong Russian army. Terrorist troubles are going on now and then in Spain, East Timor and Colombia. Now separatist movement is going on increasingly in the Xinjiang province of China, which wants to keep Tibet and even Taiwan within its hold. So, after the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on the 11th September 2001, American War on International Terrorism was welcomed by all. But success in this war against terrorism depends upon the full cooperation of all nations in the world and how long this will go on also nobody can say for sure now. 

Solution to Terrorism 

Many people died in the American war against terrorism in Afghanistan. The Jihadi terrorists ran to the West and North of Afghanistan. Many escaped to Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. War is over in Afghanistan. Those, who have abandoned terrorism, know nothing but Jihad. They are trained in the madrassas of Pakistan only for Jihad. So, the Islamic Jihadis working with the Talibans may have gone to the Central Asian countries, Pakistan occupied Kashmir or even to Chechnya, Xinjiang and East Timor to do holy wars for the Islamic causes there. Hence, terrorism cannot be stopped in the world, unless the Islamic youths are given good education, training in some jobs and employed in good jobs for their survival. That could be the only way to minimize terrorist menaces and in the long run contain terrorism in the world.     


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