Yellowing Taliban

In the soccer game of international relations, the yellow card has been shown many times. As usual we will wait till the red card comes up all of a sudden and then there will be no respite. The whole world, especially India and Japan, is going to bear the brunt of a monstrous and mad dragon that will be unleashed after several warnings. Day by day, the over ambitious yellow dragon namely People's Republic of China (PRC) is growing into an unstable state of gigantic proportions in every sense. Its growth rate and resource requirements will leave its leaders with no option but to outgrow its present borders. It is like a tiny puppy being brought up in a puny cage that went into an unrealistic growth rate. Though we were given enough and more warnings about its ominous portents, the onlookers never bothered to change its chain nor its cage. It is now only a matter of time before the inevitable happens.

Buddhists are the least provocative and aggressive of humans. In fact it was this unique trait of Buddhism that weakened all the states it dominated and fell easily before the onward march of imperial forces. Afghanistan is just one such and blasting of the Bamyan Buddhas in the recent past was a highly symbolic one. Yet Tibet, one of the last surviving strongholds of Buddhism, was the first target of PRC in modern times. The exiled Tibetan ruler, our saintly Dalai Lama has been languishing in Indian soil for the past 60 years. He was honoured with several international prizes (including Nobel) and rubs his shoulders with all the world leaders, but still nobody dares to act for his return to his own homeland. In reality, what is the difference between Tibetans in India and Palestinians all over the Gulf? But the whole world is afraid of the economic and now military might of the Chinese to utter a word.

Growing Twins

PRC and Taliban are two of the dreaded names in the international scene today. Both entities are made up of human beings who are almost robotic in their behavior. Born and brought up in societies that abhor freedom and cloister minds, these adherents are highly disciplined and are more prone to obey first and think (if at all) later. Even after extensive bombardment by full contingents of US and NATO forces, Taliban has been growing from strength to strength. There is every reason to believe that PRC is behind this unusual and unexplained growth of such a dreaded force. Perhaps Taliban is already one of the numerous components of penetrating forces that PRC mandarins have mobilized. Do not be surprised if Taliban returns to power with full backing of PRC and some of the GCC countries that supported it earlier. It might as well be a mutated Taliban with a yellowish tint.

A mutated Taliban can carry out quite a lot of dirty works for PRC. With its religious stamp it can bleed India million times more in Kashmir. Then it can access their brethren remotely in Bangladesh and devastate whatever Bengal that is left with India. Keeping India tied down with its own internal problems is what PRC wants to get more time to prepare for the next onslaught on India. They have already prepared the grounds ready in Pakistan and Nepal for the final push into Indian heartlands. International standing of PRC has been on the rise and it is only one or two decades away from the top slot. Their recent challenge to replace American dollar as the world currency and a recent veto on an ADB loan to India (part of which is to be used in Arunachal Pradesh) are indications of what is in store. These are nothing but yellow cards which Indian authorities are refusing to take note.

Red Crescents

There is no doubt that the symbols of Red Cross and Red Crescent represent the best of human intentions at times of distress. But the two words have much more connotations than what they individually mean. They represent the deadly permutation and combination of the three prominent isms that dominate the world today. If Red Cross was on the ascent a decade back, now it is sunrise time for Red Crescent. Papal activism and liberation theology accelerated the spread of Red Cross philosophy across the globe at one time. But the death of old Pope and unending saga of court cases against the sexual escapades of Catholic clergy all over the world has brought it to a sudden end. Its place is now occupied by the new theology of Red Crescent fuelled by the richness of oil and gas.

PRC is in very good trading terms with all the oil rich sheikhdoms raring to tighten their grips on the world order by a deadly combination of fuel and jihad. These Sheikhs have very few followers in PRC and PRC knows that it will never be a threat to them. This scenario has given one more weapon to PRC in its arsenal against its rivals like India and Japan. For the time being it is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the parties to forge an alliance for weakening democracies like India from within by utilizing the legal avenues like elections, protests and strikes. It can also be energized to provide infrastructural support for the blast series all over India every two or three months. With minimum expenditure, PRC is achieving maximum by weakening the secular fabric of Indian society.

One of the American think tanks had recently predicted a PRC attack on India before 2020. Though Americans may have their own reasons to frighten India into their own traps, such studies can never be ignored. The simple fact that no terrorist attacks take place in PRC and the growth of Taliban from strength to strength are reason enough to believe in the strengthening yellow shades of Taliban. A democratic country like India can survive a growing collusion among Mullahs and Mandarins only if we get a patriotic and nationalist government to rule India. And only a strong alliance between India, USA, Israel and Japan can guarantee the existence of freedom and democracy as the concepts for the civilized world. If the current general elections do not throw up such a strong rule for India, the damages can be far reaching. 


More by :  J. Ajithkumar

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