Losing Grounds

India and Indians are losing Indianness at a much faster rate in the past sixty years than at any other time in the past. We stood our grounds against all types of imperialism ranging from Greeks, Romans, Mughals, Islamists and Europeans in the never ending series of invasions. But we have never done so badly against the new versions of these evil forces than in recent times viz. since our liberation from the British. True Indians are losing their grip on numerical majority, power and real estate in almost all parts of India. At all times we could count on Sanatana Dharma which stood like a solid rock of infinite dimensions to provide us with the necessary motivation and inspiration. Be it Alexander, Akbar or Macaulay, the overpowering enigma of Sanatana Dharma always managed to tie them down with its inclusiveness. There was nothing much they could do with their arsenal. From such heights of impenetrable defense during periods of subjugation, the situation has fallen to pathetic depths during the subsequent period as a liberated and separated as a secular Hindu nation.

The situation is deteriorating at a fast pace now. All the lofty ideals of building a truly secular and democratic republic of India has almost evaporated fully. The dreamy architect's vision of a land of equality in every sense has given way to forces of skewed secularism and fascist ideologies. Western and Arab imperialism are vying with one another to conquer the soul of our entire nation. Religious fascists are going full steam to convert as many as possible to take over the country (mis)using our flawed electoral system. The electoral verdicts do not reflect our majority's opinion but the majority opinion of those who can vote. Religious fascist forces are attempting a coup d'tat by galvanizing as many religious converts as possible by luring or forcibly converting them. If the disease was limited to Christianity earlier, the world's fastest growing religion is not far behind in their latest games in India. Both are engaged in a race to run over Indian nation and soil.

Gaining Grounds

Followers of the two organized world religions are literally gaining ground in India in all spheres of life. If missionary work is in full swing in Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Orissa, the entire coastal and border areas are reeling under Jihadi forces of enormous dimensions. A lot of international planning and money are going into these operations, and both the competing forces are becoming more and more confident of overrunning India in the 21st century. Other Europeans forces had tried out almost all techniques to destroy our nation from outside before the British unleashed their ultimate weapon of divide and rule as a last resort. As a part of it, they tried out different types of geographical, cultural and religious divides to achieve their objective. Yet when they were forced to retreat, they were literally shocked to see India still with a majority of Hindus carrying the whole nation as one even after their 'most unkindest' cut of dividing the country on religious lines. Intensive missionary work for aggressive proselytization aimed at capturing power and weakening India is their latest attempt. If we analyze their performance in the last sixty years, it has been nothing but a tremendous success.

Story of the second aggressor is quite different. Arab aggression was at its zenith when they overran the Persian empire in the seventh century. Even then they could not even dream of a similar success over India. Where the Arabs failed, their Mughal cousins could make some inroads. But the status remained very much the same even after about seven centuries of Muslim rule until the British displaced them. Merciless Mughal emperors could not dent the core of Sanatana Dharma and many of them even struggled to avoid a complete surrender before its unparalleled logic and glory. Unlike Iran where they could achieve cent percent annihilation of the native religion, India was like a black hole that would absorb them fully. It was a very sad story of their sway over India when it ended up with division of the country on religious lines. Resurrection in the form of Arab imperialism is of recent origin which has been triggered by the intention of cash rich oil nations to complete what their predecessor could not. Aggressive religious conversion of plane loads of Nepalese and poor Indians working in the Gulf is only one of their tools to penetrate into Indian heartlands. The world-wide success of Jihadi terrorism is giving them immense opportunity and hope of overrunning India. They have literally gained so much grounds in several states like Kerala.

Holding Grounds

Official policies of liberated India in shunning anything and everything related to our own Dharma has disoriented at least three generations of Indians who are completely confused about Indianness. Irrespective of their religion, all Indians who constituted our nation in 1947 had a much clearer vision about India. Simply put it was Indian first and religion next. Freedom, true secularism and equality were part and parcel of their dreams about an India that was to be made. But vote-bank politics has shattered all those lofty ideals. Subsequent generations have thrown up groups of Indians each with their own ideas about nation building. Nobody in India is now thinking in terms of their national identity first and religious identity next. All the so-called minority groups are breaking away from the national mainstream and trying to look alike and think alike their international cousins than national brothers. Under the guise of secularism each group is building up their own institutions which take orders from masters abroad.

Holding on to whatever is left of a truly secular and egalitarian nation is the least that can be done now. We have reached a state of moribund existence with regard to our religious beliefs. In liberated India everyone expected a complete revival of Sanatana Dharma to its past glory after weeding out its dark shades of untouchability and casteism. Many of us even expected a revival of the streak of continuous reformation and improvement that was always an integral part of our Dharma. But the misguided policies of the first few governments have spoiled everything. More than others, it goes to the discredit of several Hindu leaders for their suicidal efforts in disallowing Sanskrit learning and not initiating proper research & development of India's own epics and scriptures. It is a shame that we could not put together even an authentic history about ancient India instead of teaching our children the British sponsored bogus theories of Aryan migration.

It is still not too late to retrieve all our lost grounds. All of us have a stake in Indian soil and we must do our bit to achieve this. We can never imagine securing an India of our own if we allow our enemies outside and inside to take over our lands legally or otherwise. As a bare minimum, each individual must hold on to whatever is left of his own properties and as a policy it must not be sold to anyone who is a suspect. European and Arab agencies are pumping in billions of dollars through their surrogates to buy up properties in India. As an example, at least 25% of Kerala's prime properties have changed hands in the last one decade and most of it is in the hands of those with Gulf connections. And a vast proportion is already with the various Christian denominations under foreign administration and with no control of their own laity in India. If we can start holding on to whatever is left with us, there is definitely a chance for our Dharma to flourish once again and regain all lost grounds.


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