Ayodhya of Ram

Few Indians have realized the truth that the present High Court verdict is regarding a civil law suit involving three parties about the ownership of a piece of land. It is only natural for the concerned judges to think of legitimate solutions strictly based on the law of the land, facts presented in the court and the legal precedents in such cases. The present verdict needs to be viewed only in such a context.

With the immense possibilities of appeals and counter appeals, the civil suit will take another 60 years to reach any conclusion, if at all. And even if there are no further appeals, the current division of 2.7 acres of land into three equal parts can never provide enough space for any major monument to come up. The entire land can be either left barren or all three parties can get together and grant it to one of them (or another outsider) to construct a single grand structure. Though attractive, chances of the latter option are almost negligible in the present prevailing air of suspicion and mistrust. We cannot expect those who support ‘invaders’ and ‘converters’ to compromise with the natural owners of the land.
But even if a grand Ram’s temple does not come up at Ayodhya, the relevance of Ram and Ayodhya shall remain unchallenged and undiminished forever among Indians, nee the entire humanity. Sanatana Dharma remains the oldest religious path identified by mankind and Lord Ram remains the first ideal human being who prompted the then evolving homo sapiens to think in terms of an ultimate reality (named as God) that lies further in the path of human evolution. The concept of incarnation (avatar) of God in the form of humans was prompted by none other than Lord Ram, though many earlier avatars have been recognized later on. Those who ridicule Lord Ram as a myth are only feigning blind under the influence of inferior ideologies who cannot challenge Sanatana Dharma either in terms of its robust content or its ever vibrant rationality. The poor duplicates know that over 5000 years of uninterrupted and unchallenged heritage is too overwhelming when compared to their own mere 2000 and 1500 years. Deception and ridicule have always been the chosen tools of the less evolved when confronted with such challenges.
Eternal Ram
Importance of Lord Ram in the lives of Indians for the period till the arrival of foreign invaders needs no evidence for any student of Indian history. Perhaps that is exactly why the immediate descendents of the first invader (Baber) chose to confront Lord Ram by targeting Ayodhya. Forcibly erasing all the monuments related to local heroes is always a priority item for invaders to weaken the invaded. But Lord Ram was already a hero in the minds of all Indians living and yet to be born. The herd of skewed historians who doubt the reality of Ram and propose an Aryan Ram being unacceptable to a Dravidian South India need only to visit Sri Lanka and places like Rameswaram, Jadayumangalam etc., which lie in the south of India. Sensible and scientific among Indian historians can easily accept the reality of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Vedas, Epics, Upanishads etc., when each and every district of the Indian geography contains proof of India’s past as depicted in Vedic literature. Ordinary Indians do not need anymore proof for the existence of an eternal Ram in our midst.  
India is no doubt a confluence of unlimited number of cultures, religions, tribes, opinions and even nationalities. But there are a few super threads that run through the entire fabric of Indianness – the so-called Hindutva which has been accepted by even the Supreme Court of India. The most ideal human Lord Ram and complete human Lord Krishna are integral components of what is Hindutva. The entire humanity cannot even think of a more ideal human being than Lord Ram and more complete human being than Lord Krishna. Our epics Ramayana and Mahabharata may be highly exaggerated stories about such superior humans who are correctly designated as incarnations of the ultimate reality. But the fact still remains that we cannot think of more ideal or complete forms of human behavior even now. Message to mankind from the words and deeds of Lord Ram remain unsurpassed in terms of its content and motivation. Men trying to become Rams and nations striving for Ramrajya are still part of ultimate idealism that our universe can still imagine.
Ubiquitous Ayodhya
It is a welcome relief that the skewed historians are not questioning the geographical authenticity of Ayodhya though they side with our enemies about the existence of Ram. These historians who have no doubt at all about the various sons of God and prophets in other parts of the world have always been casting doubts about the authenticity of Ram and Krishna. According to them the entire Indian history prior to Baber’s invasion is mythology and is somewhat clear only when it comes to the migration of Aryans from central Asia. Crooked historians like Thapar and Paniker could find no other way to deny India and Indians the credit for their unparalleled glory during the Vedic period. But their dirty tricks are no more working and the whole world has accepted the falsehood of the Aryan Migration Theory. For the young historians who have genuine doubts about Ram, Krishna, Ramayana and Mahabharata, just one all-India tour and a quick trip to the neighbouring countries are enough to clear their doubts. One of the dirtiest historical conspiracies of dividing Indians into Aryans and Dravidians will also become crystal clear to them.       
Ayodhya literally refers to a land without war and it would be foolish for anyone to look for one outside India. It could never have existed nor could it ever exist in the Middle East, Africa, Europe or the Americas. Even hypothetically, it could have existed only in a land ruled by highly evolved rulers like Lord Ram and Lord Krishna where people enjoy freedom of thought, expression and action. Among people who are not tied down to a single ideology or book or hero. There must be no restrictions on criticizing the ruler or even the God, there must be freedom to question practices and there must be unlimited freedom to challenge religious beliefs. Learned men must write commentaries on the sacred books and rewrite them if required to suit contemporary times. The one and only ideology or religious belief that has allowed its followers to do so is Sanatana Dharma. An Ayodhya can exist only in such an environment and the whole of India is an Ayodhya belonging to an eternal Ram.
The truth of Ram and Ayodhya are thus very clear to Indians. The whole geographical entity called India belongs to Lord Ram and it is irrelevant whether a Ram temple can finally come up in a place called Ayodhya in modern times. Crores of people worship Lord Ram at millions of places. Addition of one more temple will not make any difference to the reverence and esteem of Lord Ram to Indians. But the attempt of some vested interests to position a barbarian invader like Baber against a divine incarnation like Lord Ram can be termed only as absurd. All invaders are our enemies and if someone claims that it belongs to Baber, then it is the first plot that should be taken over under the Enemy’s Property Act, 1968. Thousands of acres of our land are under enemy’s possession in Kashmir, but how can we allow an enemy territory right in the middle of India? That should be the concern and spirit of all Indians.     


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