Criminalization of Politics is Threat to Nation


The Apex Court judgement to check corruption among public servant is a welcome step. No law should provide protective shield to the corrupt public official and the court has rightly held that no prior sanction of competent authority would be required to prosecute them.

With this order, 93 MPs and 10 ministers in Manmohan Singh's ministry are under the scanner on various criminal charges. This is appalling.

Criminalization of politics has negative impact on the democracy of the country. It is ironical that the executive and legislatures who make and implement policies and guidelines for the development are themselves acting as stumbling block in the development of the nation.

The role of supreme court becomes very important here.

The Apex Court as custodian of constitution should take all necessary steps to strengthen democracy in the country. The legislature and executive have been complaining about the supreme court's intervention on their domain, but it becomes imperative in such kind of unwanted situation. This issue has fuelled the ongoing debate between judicial activism and balance of power. But the S.C should intervene when the people's representative misuse the privilege provided to them    


More by :  Bijay Shankar Patel

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