Interesting Times: Dilchasp Din Aane Wale Hain

A new regime has signaled its ascendancy. Shree Narendra Modi led NDA government promises to be precursor of happy days “Achchhe Din Aanewale Hain”. The promise may or may not be fulfilled, but this much is certain that the coming days would be interesting. New idioms and phraseology would be required to narrate the discourse of the new regime.

Clear indications of the emergence of this setting were apparent as the election process unfolded. In an article published in The Times of India Shree Swagato Ganguly likened India with a computer. Taking the analogy forward he said Nehuvian consensus has been the software of this computer up till now. There have been few upgrades of this software in due course of time such as Dynasty and caste based reservations, courtesy Indira Gandhi and V.P. Singh respectively. Atal Behari Vajpei did not tamper with this software. It served him excellently.

The present idea of India is shaped and nurtured by Nehuvian consensus. Nehru was a democrat and socialist. He pleaded for universal franchise at a time when this was not the accepted path for the newly liberated third world countries. As a consequence India became a unique democratic republic with most of its people illiterate. The diversity of India is accorded unflinching and unreserved respect and recognition in Nehruvian consensus. India has faced a number of secessionist insurgencies since independence. It has been able to contain them by and large while other countries have undergone fragmentation. This idea may be put to strain during the new regime.

One or more terms of a stable government under the leadership of Modi may resolve the mystique around Nehruvian consensus.. There is apprehension that the rise of Modi would bring disaster to the present idea of India. His idea of India is monochromatic. It accords respect to uniformity instead of diversity The ecosystem of ideas built assiduously over year faces threat. We are particularly sensitive and possessive about our ecosystem of ideas, particularly because most of our neighboring countries have been deprived of this luxury.

The decisive aspect about the Modi Government would be whether it, by turning its back on positive features of the present model, such as political freedom and equality of all the citizens etc.it creates fresh problems for the country. Majoritarian or dictatorial centre would not be able to hold this complex and diverse country.

Tail Piece - Rajiv Desai, media adviser of Cogress observed, “Madam, Your policy has worked. People have become rich and therefore aspirational. Therefore you lost”


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