Education and Not Indoctrination

is our Desperate Need

Science has delivered uncountable comforts to mankind, not only that, it is a great social equalizer also and has helped the humanity to break the millennia old chained social connections. No individual is superior now on the basis of race, religion and region. Whosoever excels in knowledge can enter into the world of his choice. It was not possible earlier because differentiation and its worst forms such as apartheid, caste system and slavery were being practised puritanically. The science-induced civility has influenced the psyche of nations also. Hence, assimilation or annihilation of small nations is no more a possibility. 

Subjugation, however, still continues, and the poverty of knowledge is the only reason behind it. The victims instead of learning and improving their economies are engaged in confrontation from within and without. Who are to be blamed more, literate outsiders or indifferent and indoctrinated insiders? 

We are told that we have reserves of most precious metal, Uranium, to all kinds of minerals like gold, copper, coal, salt, natural gas, crops etc., etc. But on the ground we see that Uranium could not bring us prosperity but poverty by siphoning off state resources which could have been used on health and education. We see the jewellers keep on waiting for customers inside their shops watching sadly on a crowd on artificial jewellery shops outside. Salt can just give taste to the foods due to containing the least required nutrient called as Sodium Chloride both in quantity and quality. Talking about so called 185 billion tons of Thar coal reserves makes me saddest since it would require hundreds of millions years under intense heat and pressure of the 'land of pure' to become combustible at required level. Most of the natural gas has been given off by the vehicles and stoves, against the stock, back to the Mother Nature in the form ofcarbon dioxide and water vapors which both have capacity to add to the catastrophe called as global warming being solar heat trapping substances. The recent devastating floods were the first sign of anger of the Mother Nature. Gas load-shedding is another common story with all of us now. 

Even for a normal growth of crops like cotton and wheat, we need inputs like water, fertilizers and pesticides. With decreasing output, farmers can never match the demand due to ever-increasing mouths to feed here at 3% population growth rate among already 200 million mouths. 

So, minerals, cotton and crops do not do miracles to GDP unless chains of value additions are not attached which require technology. Technology requires a strong base of knowledge what education can give us that only. In this way, we may not only increase our GDP but also decrease our GSP (Gross Sexual Product-people). Why does from a primary drop-out to a PhD talk about what we do not have and what if we have, can make no difference at all? Why does from Mullahs to Manhattan-dwelling modern educated Pakistani prove to be indoctrinated and not educated at the end? It is merely due to the fact that not only in a Madrissah but also from poor government schools to prosperous grammar schools we are indoctrinated both orally and in text. 

The devolution of concurrent list, in the recent constitutional amendment, also requires the devolution of subjects of health and education to the provinces which had been under the cruel and callous control of federal educational bureaucracy. This devolution would never weaken the 'nationhood' further if provinces are directed to keep the required curricula and contents both from Primate Biology to Pakistan Studies. Since, the federal administration is the most fearful entity now so this kind of devolution is the remotest possibility or even a probability. The absence of education and abundance of indoctrination will cripple us from the core since it will breed ignorance and the ignorance will continue to bleed us physically and economically what to talk of intellectually.  


More by :  Prof. Muhammad Shoaib Akif

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