Target of Terrorism

USA, Israel, India and their citizens have been declared as the targets by almost all the terrorist organizations in the world. The proclaimed reasons for such extreme animosity are USA for its attacks on Iraq & Afghanistan that killed thousands of innocent civilians and Israel for its never-ending conflict with Palestinians. But what for heaven's sake is India and Indians included in this target list? Is it for maintaining its legal, moral and territorial rights over Kashmir? It cannot be true. Even the few disgruntled Kashmiris have given up their desire to be a part of Pakistan. Nobody would like to divorce an able bodied, handsome and sincere partner for a crooked, handicapped and untrustworthy one. Then why is India and Indians still figuring prominently in the list of targets of all terrorist organizations? There must be a strong and compelling, but unstated, reason. 

India in its 10,000 odd years of history has never been described as an aggressor in any war. No Indian emperor or king has ever physically crossed the overall borders of India to attack and conquer any neighboring country or civilization. And no Indian terrorists have created 9/11 and 26/11 in other parts of the world till date. But the prime target of all terrorist organizations is India and Indians. With all their planning and sophistication, the combined might of international terrorism could make only one 9/11 happen. America's Homeland Security and Pentagon have successfully thwarted all subsequent attempts within America. Israel as always remains very difficult to penetrate. India continues to be the favorite training ground and racing track on which the terrorists are breaking their own 'records' almost every month. But why is it so? The reason for India's failed response is because we have not yet identified and accepted the true target of this terrorism. Their true target in India is not its people and wealth, but India's own essence i.e. Sanatana Dharma (or Hinduism in common parlance). 

Incredible India

India in all its diversity is truly incredible. And it has always been incredible in its working and dealings as a nation and state. No other country in the world would have voluntarily admitted so many refugees, fugitives and more importantly so many isms with open arms into its territory. It has also been at the receiving end with maximum number of invasions, looting and re-invasions. The incredible nature of India comes in here.

Inspite of all these voluntary acceptances and forced invasions the essence of India remains intact. India continues to be the fountain head of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal one among all the religions. Eight hundred long years of Muslim rule and two hundred years of European (essentially Christian) rule has not succeeded in diminishing the spirit of our religion. It is still continuing to flourish and stands way above its competing ideologies in an environment of ever expanding contours of scientific knowledge. Its supremacy is so overwhelming that its major competitors are spending billions of dollars for pricking holes into Sanatana Dharma than in reviewing and reforming their own outdated isms. 

One of the latest theories put forth by the enemies of Sanatana Dharma is that it is not a religion like other organized ones, but just a way of life. But the truth remains that it is the only religion known to mankind. Any religion should lay out a complete roadmap for each and every individual to realize himself or herself in their lifetime. If not, it should provide a rational explanation for their failure and explain the next stage. For this there should be a methodology for every aspect of life.

Which is the religion that has explained the logical cycle of births and deaths (karma), ways of living your lives (yoga and Ayurveda), ways of knowing & preparing for future (jyotish) and ways of identifying with the world around you (Advaita)?

The only answer is Sanatana Dharma. With its unique features like Sanskrit, Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga, Dance & Music, Vastu, Jyotish, Ayurveda, Arthasastra, Kamasastra etc.,  it is way above the other Lilliputian religions. And that is exactly what the sponsors of terrorism want to destroy forever and bring in their half-cooked religious theories for subjugation of a majority by a minority. 

Increasing Enemies

Like in all isms and all nations there are more enemies for Sanatana Dharmawithin India than outside. It has been true at all times. The intensity of opposition to any ideology is directly proportionate to its own soundness and integrity.

While all enemies of the Dharma miserably failed to convince their short-lived followers, many of the reformers with good intention have succeeded in making their own positive contributions. The case of Lord Mahavir, Lord Buddha and Guru Nanak provide convincing evidence for this. But throughout history the solid foundations of Sanatana Dharma, perhaps best laid out in a single text in Bhagavad-Gita Gita, have remained intact. Sworn enemies represented by Romans and Mughals, who could make substantial loots from India and Indians, have miserably failed when it came to their ideological battle with Sanatana Dharma. Emperor Alexander repeatedly failed in annexing Indian territories, but had he succeeded I am sure he would have ultimately fallen to the incomparable logic and argument of Sanatana Dharma. The history of the whole world would have much better in that case.

Situation has changed drastically since then. Aborigines in all continents have undergone intellectual evolution and have formulated their own theories about life and existence. Clever and ambitious among them have put forth ideologies which are incomplete and irrational, but satisfying their political ambitions. Aggressive propagation by ruling emperors (and not convinced volunteers) in the initial phase of all the three prominent ideologies (Christianity, Islam and Communism) is proof enough for this. But for forced conversion none of the three isms would have got more than a million followers each. The sane faces of Christian missionaries, Sufi saints and socialist leaders came in much later. And finally it is now terrorism all over. With their newfound money and power, each of these contesting isms are forging unholy alliances with each other in their futile attempt to destroy the only truthful, rational, all-encompassing and truly secular religion in its land of origin.

While the final victory of Sanatana Dharma against the evil intentions of these terrorists is without any doubt and obvious, the State of India's fight against terrorism will not be fruitful unless its rulers admit and accept the truth about the real target of terrorists. It is indeed a bit difficult for the democratically elected rulers in world's largest democracy (with universal franchise) to accept such unpleasant truths because of its vote-bank implications at home. But the delay in doing so would be much more costly and disastrous. Enemies can be easily destroyed if we know the real reasons for their animosity. And it is absolutely certain when we know that their reasons are motivated, frivolous and unachievable. As it always happens, enemies of the absolute truth shall dig their own graves and will 'celebrate' their 9/11 and 26/11 in their own cemeteries.    


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