Will North Korea and South Korea Unify

into One Korea?

One Korea

The unification of North Korea and South Korea into one Korea is also in the offing for quite a time!  North Korea wants to have a seat for unified Korea in the UNO.  But South Korea wants one seat only if the unification is possible; otherwise one seat each for North Korea and South Korea.  So, the process of Korean unification is still going on….!

Communist North Korea

Peoples of the same race and language are divided and living in separate regions due to mere ideological differences.  The example for this case is Korea functioning as North Korea and South Korea under the communist dictatorship rule and capitalistic democracy respectively.  Even after the cold war, though communism and socialism have failed and dismantled everywhere in the world, North Korea is functioning as a communist State along with China and Cuba, the other communist countries of the world.  Because of the nuclear programmes of North Korea it is considered to be a great threat to peace in South East Asia and the world as well. 

Evil Force

It has come to the world notice that Pakistan has transported nuclear technology to North Korea and in return North Korea has supplied missiles to Pakistan.  As per the US assessment North Korea is one of the forces of evil along with Iraq, Iran and Libya as they seem to ignore international law and order and also unpredictable and unreliable as far as world peace and security are concerned. 

ASEAN Conference

After the South East Asian Nations conference on cooperation and coordination against international terrorism and socio-economic developments in the region with the support of USA, India, China and Japan, North Korea also has started to have normalised relationships with USA and Japan.  But it was felt that how far this would  go on and get materialised would be North Korea’s responsibility.  However, its immediate concern could be as to how to reunite North Korea and South Korea into one Korea, which is the long cherished desire of their peoples and the international community in the larger interest of the world unity in the future.       

Nuclear Militarization Impediment to Unification

 On observation it looks that the only nation that dogmatically sticking to communist manifesto with sophisticated weapons is North Korea.  Even though communism has failed and nuclear proliferation is against world peace and its existence, North Korea still believes to keep itself strong in the conventional way of strategy in South Asia, which is standing as a great impediment in its normalisation process towards other nations.  That is why unification of North and South Koreas still remains to be a dream! 

Recently North Korea has sent out the international monitoring agents of its nuclear energy enriching plant there.  America reacted that sanctions should be imposed on North Korea.  For that North Korea has withdrawn its Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signed by it earlier.  Then it has said that if a sanction is imposed on North Korea, it is a declaration of war on it by USA. So, America is trying to pacify it and diplomatically taking efforts to resolve North Korean problem in a peaceful way.  


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Comment It would be wonderful if North and South Korea can unite like Germany

P V Rajeev
27-Apr-2013 20:37 PM

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