Michael Jackson's Quest for Paradise Lost

The passing of Michael Jackson played out like a Shakespearean tragedy and was a timely reflection on how not being true to self ends in an early demise. Michael had no shortage of expert advice from doctors, religious ministers, expert coaches, and gurus, however, none helped to save him from his delusions. Great stars have come and gone too soon because of thoughts lacking wisdom, detached from their true self of naturalness and one must question how valid is expert advice?

Michael was a victim of his circumstances own making, within his fame and fortune...The circumstances emanate from self-delusory, egotistical images that existed outside his exceptional, God given talent. The false images he built up in his brain, projected from ignorance of truth, made him do all the erroneous actions that brought about his early demise. Right up to his death, he never realized he was a victim of his narcissistic brains dominance over his heart and everything he held dear, within his intrinsic values of life.

He was faithful to his fame image transmitted by his ego/intellect, but treacherous to his valid hearts intelligent contentment. His talent was his saving grace but it was not able to steer him in an authentic direction. This is a woeful tale to reveal and is an alarm bell that should go off in every person's mind that is not living true to themselves.

The seven questions that Michael needed to answer, to be true to himself was:

  • Is the need for fame and fortune more significant than the importance of personal health and peaceful contentment?

  • Was he a slave of other peoples advice, so much so, that he could no longer locate the difference between expert opinions (which are just opinions) and the truth of each point in his life, which requires trustworthy, affirmative actions?

  • Did he consume too many medications that may upset the biological chemical balance of his mind and body? Did taking medication become so habitual that he lost control in trying to change his lifestyle?

  • Did his famous lifestyle and media, influence his decision making in every area of everyday living? Did his thoughts soak up all the toxic sensational hype that the media feel they need to project?

  • Did his belief system help or hinder his true enjoyment of life, so much so, that being correct in other people's eyes was more important than living in serene genuineness?

  • Did he feel stress and try to mask it with medication and advice that does not solve the cause of the distress?

  • Most significantly, did he ever define who it was, inside his head that was making his decisions for him?

If Michael Jackson could have answered these questions in an authentic manner, no doubt he would be alive today, happily living with his family and friends. Sadly, he was inflicted with a disease of the egos conditioned, strict correctness, which eventually affected his hearts and other organs.

It led to his early passing, now tragically being played out on the world-wide stage. Alas, he was totally unaware that, the invisible disease in the brain, that has no medical definition or recognition, is brought about by the toxic way of thinking, which has been adopted, as real, in place of authentic intelligence and wisdom, encompassing love & joy. A strong ego may believe their business/social agenda is very important, however, it is no match for natural truths, which make the heart tick amicably on time.

Michael fooled himself most of his life by his famed self-image, into thinking he was true to himself. In the end his heart had to break the news, in a terminal, dramatic manner, how unsound and mistaken he lived out his final years on earth.

Michael certainly wove many intricate webs of self deception into believing in its own reality. He tried to find his lost childhood's paradise but never could... He enjoyed fairy stories and nursery rhymes ... As with Humpty Dumpty's shattering fall from grace, all the doctors, all the religions, all the expert guru's, all the spiritual coaches, all the media did not know how to put Michael Jackson's true groove together again, in his moments of need ... Simply because the intellectual brain cannot discern, Truth ... from ... Beliefs.

In the final analysis it is vital to understand; neither naturalness nor spirituality can be learned. It comes naturally at birth and all we can do to get back to the naturalness is to strip the conditioned, memorized new normality from our minds. Michael understood he was meant to live in paradise, sadly he never found it and one of the greatest, God given talents, finally, has found its true self and now rests in peaceful slumber.

"This above all...
to thine own self be true,
And it must follow,
as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.
Farewell; my blessing season this in thee!"

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