Tripolar World

Mishaps or diseases are the ways of Nature for extermination of individuals. And world wars provide the same vehicle for destruction of an existing world order. In the absence of diseases and accidents, there will be too many people around. And without world wars the much needed periodic assessment and correction required in the case of isms will be absent. The highly imaginative and resourceful among humans are always in search of newer ideologies for betterment of humanity. Various socio-economic and religious options available in front of us are nothing but intellectual efforts of such people aimed at providing systematic frameworks for happy and healthy lives. And those who come to believe in each of them make up the contesting platoons that culminate in world wars. Now it is more than 50 years since the previous world war. Time is ripe enough for the next one. 

Several ideologies have blossomed and assimilated followers in the last 50 years. The walls that used to separate social, economic and religious ideologies are fast disappearing. Each one of these ideological genres has conquered their ways into one another. Liberation Theology, Islamic Banking, Talibanism etc., are nothing but attempts by religions to conquer and control all aspects of our lives. Very soon our freedom to opt for vastly different ideologies in different realms of our lives will be curtailed. This is much different from olden days when we had option to be a Hindu or Muslim or Christian and yet profess Capitalism or Communism or Socialism. Success or failure of such attempts in ideological monopoly will depend on the credibility and support for the poles that represent them. In the tripolar world that is fast emerging, we need to be very careful while making our choice. And each one of us needs to make our choice very clear to our governments before the battle lines are drawn for the Third World War. 

Pole Right

In today's world the right pole is clearly and firmly under the leadership of USA. Its legendary liberalism that was weakening its leadership qualities has fast disappeared after the mortal jolt on 9/11. America's war on terrorism is nothing but an enduring statement about its intentions to lead the world from the very front in the path of freedom, democracy and capitalism. It has got most of Europe in its fold but one can never be sure about it when the time comes for a final choice. Europeans have always been a confused and wavering lot regarding ideologies and more so regarding religious ones. Nothing has grown in their soil and everything has come to them from their colonies in Asia and Africa. From being a prime stronghold of the most organized religion it is now reeling under the onslaught of its cousin religion with its might of oil wealth. Arab businessmen and playboys have conquered even the ruling palaces of Europe. It is worth noting that all the wealthy Arabs are more interested in their investments in Europe than in their own countries.

But USA has no choice after the trailer show on 9/11. Any compromise with its internal security and ideological position will take the country to its end. Given its advantageous position in technology and military strength, USA has legitimately inherited the leadership of all those who desire freedom, democracy and liberal thoughts in this world. The onus of such a leadership is much more than that of a single nation and its citizens. A vast majority of all those who are educated and emancipated (from religious bigotry) in the entire world are looking up to USA irrespective of their geography and current ideological moorings. If USA fails in its responsibility, all the wonderful shades of liberal democratic thoughts that are blossoming in the minds of all liberal human beings will be shattered for ever. And that will be a great blow to the entire mankind for all times to come.

Poles Left

The vast space left when USSR fell has now been taken by two pseudo-leftist powers namely Russian Federation and People's Republic of China. Though Russian Federation has officially abandoned Communism, remnants of the utopian past are still active and waiting for a chance to attempt the failed experiment once again. Haunting illusions about a glorious past and the huge stockpile of nuclear facilities are once again pushing the weak federation into a polar leader. Arch US baiters like Chavez and Castro are propping up the diffident leaders of a fragile setup as world leaders for their own purposes. These misguided leaders of puny nations who are relatively free from terrorist attacks of religious militants are only weakening the fight of entire mankind for freedom of thought and liberty for existence. Their selfish misadventures will prove very costly for their own countries in the long run. The terrorists have already misunderstood these nations as their friends and safe havens for them. And once they settle in, the consequence may prove disastrous.

The new polar star on the left horizon is none other than China. It has been a steady growth and their current position is no doubt achieved through dedication and hard work. As a nation, China has several advantages and its leaders have utilized all such peculiarities to its fullest potential to reach where they are today. Be it the advantages of a single race, religion and language or the pseudo-label of communism or the lack of civil liberties or the low cost of production thanks to rampant use of cheap labor in the form of political prisoners, Chinese leadership who are ruling with an iron fist have achieved an enviable status for the nation in the fastest time in human history. But there is a genuine apprehension among the international community that the Chinese bubble will burst soon and it will cause much damage before it will. 

In the tripolar world that is emerging, the choice for India is crystal clear. Democratic and secular countries can side only with the right pole. Unlike our wasted decades with USSR under the banner of non-alignment, India must take its legitimate position as a leader nation in the right block. Though Indians possess all potential to become world leaders, India as a nation can never achieve that position in its present form. We have much more enemies within us than in the world outside. A multi-religious country can never become a world leader with a democratic and secular form of government in its formative years. This is cent percent true if all the world religions with their worldwide hierarchies and cross border brotherhoods are present and that too in substantial numbers. While siding with the right pole, India would be best advised to insist on specific guarantees from its partners in US and Europe against any support for any form of religious conversion in India.  


More by :  J. Ajithkumar

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